…Happily Ever After…and then?

2 Sep

Here we are! I am writing a blog…hmmm where to start???

Well, Mark and I got married a couple of months ago and our intention for at least the last year was to move abroad after the wedding to work and live overseas in Europe so we could see the world and travel a bit before things got really serious. In the last few days of our honeymoon we received some pretty big news about Mark’s work and, I suppose, the structure going forward. This made us sit up and think that maybe our hopes to head to Europe were on the backburner indefinitely.

We got back to Sydney and were told that the propect of moving away looked quite grim, so it was back to business as usual and the massive spring in our step from the wedding and honeymoon high was slightly shock absorbed, but nevertheless we soldier on and wait for time to pass and others’ decisions to help us make choices about what our future holds.

Just as Mark was decided on what path he would take for his and our future, a spanner was thrown in the works at the eleventh hour….a possible opportunity to work overseas for 12 months. Of course we jumped at the chance. It started out as Paris for 12 months, then turned to Finland for 3 and then Paris, then it turned to Finland for longer, then Germany, then Paris; and now has finally settled on Germany for 6 months, then Paris for the rest of 2012.

The last month has been a lot of pulling in a number of directions and a lot of yoyo-ing as to what the hell is in store for us, and my favourite, none of which is really in my power or control. Something I am not very good at relinquishing. So…the documents get put forward and for 2.5 weeks we are waiting on the 4-6 week approval process. We are now down to close to the 1-3 week mark until we will know for sure, but once we find out, if it’s a yes, then we are going full steam ahead and the move will happen all very quickly.

At the moment I am sitting at home with Mark on the couch listening to German audio lessons and repeating a million times over the same word….ok the word was just “Danke” and he’s said “Donuts”….can take the boy out of the Central Coast but not the Central Coast out of the boy! Love it.

So we have some decisions – do we pack, do we not? Do we book a dog travel company, do we not? Do we both leave at the same time, or does he go first to set up for a couple of weeks? Do I give notice at my work, do I not? Do we organise a farewell, do we not? Do I stop in Vietnam on the way, do I not – that’s another story!

I’m going to say we won’t find out until the 3 week mark just to set myself up for the longest time possible and anything sooner is a bonus – Here’s to another week in Limbo and the future of the unknown…there’s probably some lesson I’m meant to learn from this but I really want to know so I can sort my shit out!

Till next time….. xx

One Response to “…Happily Ever After…and then?”

  1. Nealie Barker September 2, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Hey babe, I feel your frustration and excitement. You’re a planner that’s for sure. If it helps I have discovered that everything comes together in the end. Perhaps you could focus on writing a list of all the things you would need to swing into action and organise if you got the green light? Then it would just be a matter of going bam bam bam over a few days. You could write another list of all the fun stuff you’d like to do in sydney before you leave and start doing them right away! ! I really hope it comes off for you guys. I reckon you should make it work no matter what. We wish we’d stayed longer before having kids. Miss you guys….would live an excuse to come to europe! ! Xx

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