Oh it’s Ohhhhn!

7 Sep

WOO HOO…hahahahaha….OMG! Just some of the sounds and words that flew out of my mouth when we received the news yesterday that our Visa was Granted for Europe.

Markie forwarded me an email  yesterday that was from the office in Germany letting us know the work permit had gone through. Could not believe it! We didn’t expect it to come through so soon but…fab! Now the fun and games begin.

I virtually skipped home last night where we cracked a bottle of champagne, and I got fairly sloshed after 1 glass…kept going of course – sunk 3 and then was well and trully slurring, only to follow it up with some more wine at dinner. It’s a celebration bitches!!!

After dinner and some slight sobering up, Mark and I talked through how we are going to make everything work, the timings of it all, and all the activities and order of priority as to what needs to be done before we take off in 2.5 weeks! Yep…bloody soon. All responsibilities have been divied up and we are tunnel-visioning our way through it all.

I am running on 3 hours sleep today (if that) and have a feeling I may need to go over the 2 a day coffee limit. Very very exciting times but it has quickly gone from a still, motionless day to hurricane Irene in a few hours.

BG (Before Germany) To do List – Day 1 Activities:
Sell the car, Get international drivers license, Book the dog transport company, Get Czech citizenzship – well start it, Cancel gym membership, Cancel utilities, Lock in Munich apartment…ummmmmm

Head starting to spin out of control – better leave it there.

Till next time…..xx

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