Busier Than a One Legged Man in an Arse Kicking Competition

13 Sep

This is a tough one to start and I am completely rooted from the past few days shenanigans! Thank God I have the most amazing husband that is level headed and stands up for me and my family, as besides the stress of relocating our entire lives and belongings to a foreign country with 2 weeks notice, we have had another little “issew” that has reared its ugly head that we have had to deal with. Hopefully that is all done and dusted now and the focus is back on the move.

In one week, we have succesfully:
-Given notice at our rental
-Serviced, Detailed, Advertised and Received offers on sale of car
-Started Packing
-Gotten close to submitting Czech citizenship papers – includes chasing down docs, getting them translated, filling in forms -all written in Czech (of which I can’t read, write or speak)
-Booked flights
-Cancelled all utilities and memberships
-Gotten international drivers license
-Sorted the pup out with all his flights
-Booked accommodation on arrival
-Continued the search for permanent apartment in Munich
-Caught up and said goodbye to a few friends
-Continued working full time

This next week is going to be a hugely busy one as well as we have lots of packing and relocating stuff, but also lots of social stuff…where there’s a will, there’s a way right?! We’ll be fine, albeit a little burnt out by the time we actually jump on the plane, but when we land it will be Hello Milan and Portofino, for a few days before catching the train up to Munich to settle in for the start of winter.

We are up against one minor challenge, the fact we do not yet have a place to live. The ones we seem to find are either not in close enough proximity to the city or train station; they are too expensive; they are too small; or they are not available until November. It is getting a little close for comfort now and it would really great if this would just get sorted, but with Oktoberfest, it’s next to impossible.

I can normally organise my thought (s), but with loads to get through at work, all the stuff that needs to get done for the move, and with the little ad hoc activities thrown in to the mix, i’m just a bit of a scatter brain.

The excitement is Definitely still there, but it’s Operation Munchen and we’re in GO mode. 11 days until we sit in our Emirates plane and it’s
“Auf Wiedersehen”

Till next time…..xx

One Response to “Busier Than a One Legged Man in an Arse Kicking Competition”

  1. Mumma R September 15, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    This is when prayer is needed….I’m on the job !! luv Mumma R

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