The Final Countdown

20 Sep

It is really starting to hit home now. We’ve had the farewell party, we’ve said final goodbyes to a few people, I’ve got my work farewell dinner on tonight….and our place looks like Ground Zero.

Work should probably be winding down, but it really isn’t and there is still a bit to get done before I finish up on Friday. The upside is that it is passing the time quickly which means Saturday night will appear to come even quicker than anticipated.

So our big stress from my last post was that we didn’t yet have an apartment. Well, that got sorted on Thursday and we have found a pretty kickass furnished place 600m north of Munich Centre and just near the English Gardens. I am looking forward to living there and strolling into the city within 5 minutes.

We also sold my car on Wednesday. It went up online for sale on Saturday and about 30 enquiries and 20 offers later we sold it for the amount we wanted to an impulse buyer – perfect!

So now there are only some really minor things to do – get the mail redirected from our current rental, book the excess baggage company, get a blood test for the pup, dismantle the furniture and whack it in storage and then clean the place.

Mumma R (Mark’s Mum) is up visiting at the moment, and I’m feeling a bit ashamed about the fact we had take out on plastic plates last night for dinner but nonetheless it’s great having her up here to stay with us so we can say goodbye, celebrate her birthday which was last week, and so she can help clean the house…hehe – Love you Kaz!! We’ve also got Mark’s sister coming to visit for a couple of days which will be lovely to spend some time with Nealie before we head off as well. I can’t wait for our dinners this week – out at restaurants, not at home on plastic plates.

We have had our last full weekend in Sydney now which was jam packed full of fun. Thank you to everyone who came to the sheaf on Saturday – there were SOOO many people there, most of them we didn’t know but it was great to know how popular we are. A lot were Irish as well which was nice to see we have fans from all over the world. On a more serious note though – thanks to everyone who made it – it was lovely seeing you and being able to catchup and say goodbye. A big shout out to Cafe Roma as well who let us draw some wonderful pictures of “man bits” all over the table when we went for a feed.

So we are off in 4 days and I’m confident we are in good shape and have everything covered.

The next time I write we will likely be half cut with full bellies after celebrating Markie’s 33rd birthday with lunch at Hotel Splendido in Portofino…oh life’s tough!

Till next time…..xx

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