Leaving on a Jet Plane

28 Sep

Right! I just wrote an entire post of over 1000 words and the computer just shit itself when I went to save it. Not in the best frame of mind right now but I was thinking it was kind of long and that I should probably edit it….the computer took it upon itself so it seems.

Mark’s mum was up from Tassie so we could have a chance to spend some time with one another before we left and also as a birthday present to her -although she ended up being a present for us in the form of a cleaning fairy whilst we packed up our lives and moved out of our rental in Sydney.

I was at work up until Wednesday, then worked from home Thursday putting together some guides and then Friday early morning finished them off. In hindsight, probably should have had the entire week off work in order to have gotten everything done, but we managed. I dropped the laptop in to work on Friday afternoon and it didn’t really hit home as to what I was doing until a couple of days ago….my mind was in a state of madness and really wasn’t absorbing anything for the few days leading up to our departure.

On Wednesday,Nealie, Mark’s sister, arrived from NZ and spent the day with Mark and his mum. That night we had a bit of a family dinner up at Macleay St. Bistro as a birthday dinner for Karen. Thursday everyone was over at our place and cleaning, packing, sorting etc to try and get the place in order to move all the furniture in to storage on Friday. The cupboards were cleared as well as the fridge and there was a stack of stuff that was put into the vortex outside. It’s funny that the people who seem to come and rummage through your stuff have the balls to knock on the door and ask for some extra parts, instructions on how to use it, or passwords to get into the laptops. The free stuff doesn’t come with customer service kids – take it and work it out!

Anyway Thursday night after some hard yards were put in, we went out for an amazing dinner at China Doll and had probably our last Asian Infusion meal for a while, of that calibre I’m sure anyway. It was a lovely evening and a much needed break from the work that was done and still needed doing.

Friday morning made for an early rise and we got stuck right back into it. Timie came over and leant us his muscles for a few hours and the boys got all the furniture into the storage unit, a few of the rooms got cleaned well enough to be licked – while the rest got done on Saturday, and most of the boxes were put into storage, the post got redirected, the bags got packed – both those we took on the plane and the excess baggage.  A family farewell was thrown in in the afternoon, as well as our last supper to our beautiful friends’ place for some yummy pork, bean and chorizo stew which we were constantly reminded of the next day, and some vino to help unwind.

The only thing left in the place on Friday night was the mattress that Mark and I slept on for our final night in Sydney. Saturday there were still odds and ends, rushing to and from the East, handing in keys, dropping off Rocco to his new home for 2 weeks, transferring the mattress to storage and rearranging the unit to fit everything in, setting up and teaching my mum how to use the new tv, sorting out excess baggage lists and tags, and then barely fitting in a goodbye hug to our mothers. Not how we wanted it to happen, but time wasn’t on our side.

Thanks to Dave, we arrived at the airport in a comfy van and were greeted by the man himself. It was lovely to say one last goodbye and sit down for a drink and have a chat before going through the gates. Of course, as always I got frisked, and felt up on the way out and we didn’t have any time to hang around before we boarded the plane. We were so exhausted that after our meal and smashing 3 G&Ts within 20 minutes we passed out and wasted away a few hours of our 14 hour flight to Dubai. There we had a couple of hours to relax and grab a bite to eat before jumping on our connection flight to Milan of 7 hours.

Nothing too exciting happened on the plane – it was a bit painful in economy which was our choice as we decided to give up Business Class tickets in order to get more money towards a rental property in Munich and Paris – the 18 months of comfort outweighted the 48 hours.

We arrived in Milan and got through customs really quite quickly but the baggage staff must have been on their 3 hour lunch time siesta as it seemed to take forever to get our bags from the plane. Then it was an adventure in itself getting all our luggage to our hire car as despite being able to easily move the bike bags and box through the airport, we came up to roughly 6 doors on our way, none of which fit them through. Each time we came to one it was unload, pull through the door individually, reload. We weren’t in any hurry thank goodness but it was a little bit painful.

Finally everything was loaded into the car, with no room to spare and after a few smashes of his left arm into the door, Markie finally got the hang of the stick shift on the right of the car with the wheel on the left, and driving on the right….after a week of madness, several cold and flu tablets and a 24 hour haul to the opposite side of the world. The guy listening to his ipod in his wayfarers and our robotic Italian speaking GPS entertained us and got us arriving safely at our hotel in Milan where we crashed out hard for a couple of hours. It was a struggle but we managed to drag our jetlagged arses out to dinner for a carb heavy meal before making our way into our food coma before leaving the table. Off we went to bed for a solid knockout sleep and woke up to a hunt for a cappuccino, and chocolate cornetto…oh… and a parking fine.

I’ll write more about our Italian adventures on the train on the way to Munchen on Saturday.

Till next time…..xx

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