Bobbity Boopi

1 Oct

We are now on our questionable 1st class train carriage to Munchen after a relatively early start to the day  and some strategic arrangements in getting all the bags and bikes to Milan train station from the hotel…but we made it!

What a fabulous week in Italy! We had such a great time and not sure how much we really relaxed, as in did absolutely nothing, but we were in spectacular surroundings and got to see everything we wanted to. We also got to practice our Italian by watching Family Guy episodes- the title of this blog would have to be the phrase we used most throughout this trip and it seemed to fit in to every situation we were in quite nicely.

After our first night in Milan we headed on the consistently inconsistent speed limited freeway to Santa Margherita, Genova. That was one drive that was not boring! The many windy roads, tunnels, and terrible drivers to watch out for made it very interesting as did the beautiful landscape. We arrived in just over 2 hours and got situated in our very Miami Vice style hotel.

Our first day we had a walk around and located a bicycle pump so we could pump up our tyres and go for a ride. We found one in this little hardware store …I’ll continue on this a bit further on. The first night, Monday, we had dinner at a horrifically lit restaurant near the water with zero ambience but after a few wines we dimmed our own lights.

Tuesday was Markie’s birthday and we headed to Portofino for lunch at Hotel Splendido which had the most superb view. We had a really lovely lunch and the service was second to none. After having some wine and getting a bit shiny, we decided to drive it off and sober up with some tight corners and climbs up one of this year’s Giro stages to Passo del Bocco. Our main goal, as something uplifting to do on one’s birthday, was to find the death site of Wouter  Weylandt, and we struck gold. By that stage it was quite dark and to see all the Jerseys hanging up on the rock at the site was a little eerie.

This bike pump we bought was the most irritating thing on the trip – besides my 6 in-hotel-room toe stubbing incidents (idiot!). From the moment Markie got it, no matter what he did, those tyres would not hold the air so we took it back to the guy at the shop the next day who sat down and pumped one up in seconds. Home we went to try again, still to no avail. “Questo pompo non funzione corretamente” after two days turned into “questo pompo is a f***ing piece of shit!” Two days after purchase in went the gas canisters and we did a nice 40 minute ride to Portofino then back to Rapallo where I got hit by a car and my back wheel was killed. I was fine. TAXI!

Thursday we headed to Cinque Terre by train and got off at Monterosso, the first of the very picturesque five villages. We had a little wander around, grabbed some lunch and then hired a kayak and paddled to the second village of Vernazza. Mark and I paddling alone could manage to keep straight, but we would have to make THE worst paddling team as we just went in circles. Our smartarse low blow remarks to one another made for an amusing splash back to Monterosso shore.

We woke on Friday and packed everything up in our hotel pretty quickly and got back on the road to Milan where we were to spend the night. Markie had to drop the car back to the airport so I stayed in town and sorted out our train ticket to Munich and also booked a ticket for the bike. I decided to walk to the centre as we didn’t have a chance before. It is one massive beautiful outside shopping mall….and that’s probably all there is to Milan. I met back up with Markie and brought him to town to have a look and we both agreed that unless you have cash to burn, this probably isn’t the city for you. We were also, by this stage, a bit over Italian food so we went for some Chinese for dinner where we proceeded to get pissed once again over a bottle of wine between us. Either our bodies are still messed up, or the alcohol content in the wine in Italy is of a higher percentage of that in Aus as most nights we were there we hilariously stumbled back to our hotel room.

All in all a wonderful 2nd honeymoon, many little adventures and perfect weather. We are now 3 hours into our train ride to
Munchen and have another 4.5 to go where we will make our way to our new apartment for the next 6 months, get the keys and settle in. So excited! New life…bring it on!

Till next time….xx

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