Sprechen sie Englisch???

8 Oct

My last post I left off with over half way left on our train trip from Milan to Munich. The ride was spectacular – going through Austria and the Alps – the landscape was fantastic. We arrived hungry and thirsty, thanks to the train restaurant being broken down, but were presented with vomiting and absolutely trolleyed Oktoberfestians on the platform in Munich which quickly diminshed our appetite.

We were really lucky in getting a nice big Mercedes van taxi straight away when we got outside amongst the huge crowd who were merrily on their way to, or stumbling back from Oktoberfest. In we went with our Borat-looking driver who had seen me “wanking” (waving, I think he meant) and delivered us to our new apartment, but not without getting out of the car in a traffic jam first and ordering “the idiots to move their asses.” The owner of our Lehel apartment was there to greet us in his very bright purple polo shirt, and to show us around the place. He was really lovely and eager to get the paperwork out of the way and have a chat.

First port of call – some grub as we were starving. We strolled around the corner from our new place in to this square which has about 7 restaurants and a few cafes and thought we’d sit down and have something to eat. Obviously we hadn’t eaten Italian cuisine in at least 15 hours so we decided to sit down for a pizza. After we stuffed our faces with a whole pizza each, we decided to take the little bikes that came along with the apartment for a ride around the area and the English Gardens which is Munich’s answer to New York’s Central Park and has such a fun vibe. Some surfers in a river grabbed our attention as there were about 200 spectactors viewing these guys take on a stationary wave one after the other…very very cool to see in the middle of the city!

We had our first cooked meal that night which was a German version of a chorizo Minestrone dish I normally do – it ended up being a cabanossi minestrone. Hey, tom8to, tomarto! We were pretty buggered from a very early morning and were in bed around 9:30pm in our new bed which is propt up on a stage – which makes for interesting midnight trips to the bathroom but i’m sure after a few stacks we’ll learn.

Sunday we thought we’d take on Oktoberfest since it is against the law here on Sundays or public holidays for any shops to be open – but we didn’t find this out before travelling all over the city to try and do a grocery shop. At least we started getting familiar with the public transport system here – which can I just say is unbelievable. After being here a week and almost getting the train everyday – the maximum amount of time we have had to wait is 3 minutes for a train. Can’t use that excuse for being late for work -not that I have to worry about that, but for future reference.

Oktoberfest was insane. What I had imagined would be just one big park full of tents with long communal tables and lots of beer, bratwurst and waitresses boobs was in actual fact a really really big theme park with a few beer halls here and there and every girl in Germany’s boobs. Mark and I got a Jager bomb – done slightly differently here- more Jager, less bomb – and we earnt 2 tokens. We found that one needed 32 tokens to get on to a ride – which explains why everyone was so completely and utterly smashed and then throwing up after the unforgiving topsy turvy rides that were there.

There was a public holiday here on Monday, like at home but here they celebrate the Day of German Unity which commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990, when the goal of a unity of Germany that originated in the middle of the 19th century, was fulfilled. Due to this, again the shops were closed so we went for a long bike ride and some pork knuckle at a beer garden. Oink Oink…so good! Tuesday we had to go to “the authority” and get our residency and Markie’s work permit so he could start his project.

Off Markie went to work early on Wednesday morning and I took myself to the gym….I could smell the pork, pizza, indian, mexican, chinese and all the alcohol I had consumed over the past week and a half that I was sweating out. Ah it felt so good just to smash out a workout, although the other patrons probably weren’t so appreciative. I also tried to locate some vegemite at the “Australian Shop” an hour walk from our place – so was not impressed when I arrived and it had become a hardware store. No vegemite there! I did pick up a new bed for Rocco on the way though so it wasn’t a complete failure and on my way home I got picked up on the train by the ticket controller for not having the correct ticket and almost copped a fine. That was one instance my lack of comprehension of the language came in handy so I got off the hook.

Markie was at work again on Thursday and I showed myself around town and did a bit more walking and getting a bit lost and finding my way back. I found an unreal market in Viktualienmarkt which was huge and has some really great food specialty stalls and stands. That night Markie got home and we sat down for a quick dinner before jumping on the train to pick up our world travelled dog, Rocco. By the time we had walked from Cargo, to the vet, to customs and back to the vet a couple of hours had passed but we had a “live dog” as marked on the paperwork. Thank God, otherwise that would have been an expensive exercise for a not “live dog.” The poor little boy was in this crate and his bed was absolutely sataurated from urine and water alike. He has since developed a lot of sores on all his legs which we are now treating, but besides his being quite stinky, which affected us more than him, he was a pretty happy little dude. He is still coming to terms with all the changes that he has been through these past few weeks, but he is slowly getting back to usual Rockstar that we know and love.

We are now a complete family, all our excess baggage that arrived yesterday has been unpacked and put away, the fridge is full and the most important thing…the Nespresso machine is in working order. Thank the Lord for that as you can’t seem to get a decent cup of coffee anywhere here.

Mark has a full week of travel and work next week so the pup and I will no doubt have some outdoor and indoor adventures, as well as getting a few more administrative aspects of the move completed and submitted. I think we might need another week or two before we are completely  settled in our new home and surroundings; and quite a few more before the language side of things becomes a bit more second nature, but we’re on our way.

Bis zum nächsten Mal. (Till next time)…..xx

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