Das Füchen Cöld Beginnt

16 Oct

Another week, another 10 degree drop! I know it’s only Autumn & there’s still a way to go, but we are currently at lows of -1. The clothes layering is working a treat and it seems you only need to really rug up when outside as once indoors you end up ripping everything off because of the heating. While the sun is still out we’re still loving getting around on our little putt along bikes – I even did it euro style last night and rode 8km in 4 inch heels.

When I signed off last I mentioned we had a full fridge, which didn’t come all that easily might I add. The first shop I did took over 3 hours as I had to get my head around the shops layout, what the different items were named and comparing prices. I have since done another full shop and have slightly improved, but I still struggle with knowing where everything is located. The item I had the most confusion with was the milk. The full fat seems to still have 3.5% and after pacing the fridge a number of times to try to be sure I was getting the right type I became even more confused when I found some Dickmilch. I was pretty sure Mark wouldn’t be into it and I’ve already got too much to handle so I gave that one a miss for the moment. There were some other products that resulted in immature giggles that you can have a look at.

Last weekend was pretty lazy. On Sunday we went to the English Gardens with Rocco and all got coated up. The pup was not impressed with his new jacket and was adamant he was not going out looking like that. Once he realised he was getting nowhere with the stubbornness he finally caught up to us and enjoyed the outing. He was still struggling with his dermatitis he got on his travels so he was not in the happiest place – all is fixed now after a trip to the vet and some antibiotics, thank goodness. That night we headed to the Löwenbräu for some dinner where I got a kickass Pork Knuckle with a massive amount of crackling, some sauerkraut and this revolting potato dumpling thing they do here in Bavaria. The pork and cabbage were delicious as was Markie’s sausage platter, not to mention the apple strudel at the end. We came out of the whole experience warm, stuffed and content with the price. We will definitely be visiting there again soon.

Mark completed his first full week at work and with a 3.5hr commute each day, he seems to be getting more used to it and mentioned it’s starting to feel a little shorter. Hopefully it will continue to get better for him and he can get some work done throughout so the time starts to disappear. He did attempt a 104km ride home from work on Friday but after a few months of really quite minimal riding and being faced with unfamiliar roads, a mighty strong headwind, bloody cold conditions and no shoulder to ride in, he got about 54kms of the way and then jumped on a train home. Pretty good effort though I think!

This week for me was quite a full one – even though I’m not working the days seem to pass so quickly. I’m up at 6am to make Markie bfast and send him on his way, but then go back to bed for a couple of hours. Lazy bitch I know! Anyway, I think I will try and stay up with him from now on and hit the gym early to get it out of the way. I am still struggling to get my residency here because of our Indonesian marriage certificate and needing to get an Apostille for it, which apparently Indonesia won’t issue so there are some hurdles I have to get over  and it is taking a bit of time and energy. I have now contacted enough people and read enough information to know what my next steps are in order to get this done so i’ll be on to it this week.

I aslo found a basketball league for Mark to join – now I need to find a team that doesn’t have too many players, and is decent. On Thursday I signed up for an intensive German course which begins at the end of the month. 4 days a week, for 3 hours for 4 weeks at this stage but we’ll see at the end. When I signed up I got asked to take some small tests so that they could see my level – I fell in to A1. Sounds good, right?! I discovered that’s the worst…nice way of putting it though. I felt special for a second and then realised that I was…but not in the good sense.

Friday morning I had a tennis lesson as I was told that in order to work out if the club had any players of my standard to hit with I needed a lesson. I went into it thinking I would be out of pocket 30 euro as that’s what I apparently misread on the information sheet I was given. After being told by a mediocre coach to change my grips after 20 years (I’d say mostly successful ones) and to shift my bodyweight sideways, I could no longer hold my tongue and started correcting his corrections. After beating him in points and then getting charged 57 euro, I felt pretty sick. Despite being a similar price back in Sydney – that was for a good lesson, which I made sure to tell him. All in all it was great to hit the ball as it has been a while but still, felt quite violated.

We have now had a few social gatherings and are finding our feet which is a nice feeling as it can feel quite isolating just being on your own and not knowing anyone, or even where to start. We had drinks with one of our neighbours on Friday night, Marion and her son, who are really lovely and were very hospitable. We stayed there for about 4 hours and Markie got through about 2 litres of beer in that time so was quite jolly when we got home. Of course he backed it up last night when we met up with one of my sisters first friends from pre-school and went over to their place for dinner with her, her husband, and her mum who was down visiting from Berlin. It was such a great night, and to meet up with people that know your history is also really comforting and cuts out the getting to know you part. The two boys got on like a house on fire and discovered they have similar pasts so also had an instant connection.

At 3am this morning Mark was sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands and was “never drinking again,” until we rocked up to Ned Kelly’s bar to watch the rugby and down went 2 beers at 10am. Today has been a pretty low key day since we got home from watching the Wallabies get smashed and there have been a few cheeky naps throughout to try and correct our pretty ordinary mental and physical states. I think we are finally back on top and staying in for the night to get ready for another full week ahead.

Till next time…..xx

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