Got a Dollar Brudda?

23 Oct

Mark and I have not long been home from our little outing for the weekend.  We’ve had a couple of quiet weekends now so we thought we best get out and see something outside of the city. We headed out around lunch time today after watching the All Blacks take Victory of the 2011 Rugby World Cup  – what a game, and great win for the Kiwis!

The destination for today was the Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, about a 120km drive from our home, and it was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s magical fairytale castle. This place was spectacular and it’s surroundings so so beautiful. We had to take Rocco, and once he got over barking at the horses taking people on  rides, we began our steep walk up to check out the castle, along with a tonne of other tourists…but still, such an amazing sight.

We’ve been lucky enough to get a car for the weekends, which Mark’s colleagues don’t use as they fly back to their respective countries, so it’s a big win as we can get out and about in comfort and get around at our leisure. It’s true what they say about the Autobahn….there is no speed limit. Even though Mark was driving at one point at 180km/hr there were cars coming up behind us like we were standing still – I think the lack of rules around the speed limit actually makes you have to think about the conditions and how safe it is to actually go a certain speed. Most of the way we were sitting at 130km/hr which is pretty respectable and because of the ability one has to choose how fast they drive, it probably makes you less likely to try and drive like a hoon.

I forgot to mention that last weekend we went to the Deutsche Museum on Saturday. One thing that we noticed is that unlike back home, the exhibits don’t have any ropes or barriers stopping you from really having a good look at everything. Here, you could climb inside the planes and walk through, and even the old boats and submarines. Actually – while we were there we saw Diversity – the old wooden ship that was spoken about in the movie Anchorman. That was a pretty cool museum and after being there for a couple of hours we still had not nearly seen everything, so I think another visit in the future is in order.

Markie had a little bit of a rough week at work last week as he’s struggling with his lack of knowledge of the German language. Even though it is an English speaking project there are a lot of German nationals on it, and naturally so, they speak to one another in their mother tongue and share some jokes, which poor Markie feels a bit excluded from. All of you that know him know that he is a very social character and so this is not a position he has ever found himself in before. Even though I am going to start a course next Monday for 4 weeks, Mark won’t get the chance to because his work takes up too many hours so we are going to have to try some different methods for him to learn the language and start being able to communicate. It’s going to be a challenge, but one well worth it as after finding ourselves in a situation at a mattress shop this weekend, and also on phone calls at home, it is just really frustrating not to be able to communicate and to understand and be understood.

So yes – we went to a mattress shop on the weekend as my sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit this week for a few days. Our first guests, and because we only have one bedroom we needed to get something so we could accommodate them. Hopefully they are the start of many – so for all those who want to come and hang out – you now have something to sleep on 🙂  I haven’t yet thought about what I’ll do with them, so I need to do some investigating, but we will go to the BMW Museum near Olympic Park next weekend which should be pretty cool.

It’s been many years since we’ve had this, I think the last time was probably when we were kids, but this week the Tooth Fairy paid us a visit. Mark has had some issues with his teeth and he tends to get small bits of his teeth come out when he’s chewing etc but he has no feeling where his teeth are concerned so it’s not painful for him. Anyway, usually he throws them out, but this week he kept them and just as well, as our little flying friend came and left a note. You can see in the pictures attached – I don’t think she was too impressed – probably felt she’d wasted her time as it was not a complete tooth. Oh well – gives us a chance to get the rest of it out with some pork crackling, or honeycomb I suppose.

Rocco is getting his 7am weekday morning walks and it is really getting quite cold, (-2) but we walk fast so he seems to be doing fine. One thing I have noticed here though, is the walking sticks a lot of people seem to use. Now, I totally get it if you’re going hiking and you use these sticks to help you pull your arse up the mountain, but what’s with them on the flat ground?! Seriously people, you need to harden the f*ck up and have some confidence that whatever small amount of muscle exists in your bum and legs will be able to pull you through a couple of km’s on the flat ground. Just thought I would share with you yet another thing I get to ponder about in my hugely busy days at the moment.

As I just mentioned it’s below freezing at points throughout the day and after a few very unsuccessful clothes shopping attempts,it’s gotten to the point where I really do need to get some more items for my wardrobe. I was able to be in denial back in Sydney when it was winter but I really can’t try and play that trick on myself here. So tomorrow, I am going to go shopping in Marienplatz so that I can appear somewhat respectable walking around Munich as the trackie pants homeless look is really starting to depress me, and after having coins thrown at me when I was tying my shoelace the other day, it seems it’s a necessity.

I have a busy couple of days ahead with continuing to sort my residency out, getting some clothes, doing the weekly grocery shop without a car, thoroughly cleaning the house, keeping up the exercise routine, and making an authentic German Black Forest Cake before our guests arrive on Wednesday. Woo hoo…can’t wait to have some more people to play with. I’ll think of some cool things we can do which I can tell you all about.

Till next time…..xx

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