One Month Down

31 Oct

It has now been over 24 hours since we dropped our guests at the airport and returned home where we were back to being 3. It was so lovely having my sister, Tori, and my brother-in-law, Michael, here. Tors ended up staying with us for 5 days and Michael took off on adventure for a few days in the middle to visit the Alps for some hiking and photography with his friend who also lives in Munich, so we got my sister all to ourselves.

The beginning of the week started out a bit mad as I was trying to locate a new wardrobe in Marienplatz and had allotted roughly an hour and half to do so as I had full intentions of vacuuming and mopping the place in preparation for Tori and Michael’s arrival. Due to Monday being grocery shop day, there didn’t leave much time for my Sadie the Cleaning Lady alter ego to come out and play especially after the retail therapy session continued for 3.5 hours. The upside was that I got everything I needed to get me through the winter here, apart from shoes, so it was a successful mission.

Tuesday consisted of the usual daily dog walk and gym session in the morning before I got to work with cleaning the place and making it respectable. Once I finished that I started on my 6 hour Black Forest Cake making stint. Since this was my first attempt and I had chosen to use the most intricate recipe I could find, I really had to make sure I got each component right- so I took my time and after each was finished, I assembled it and I was quite impressed if I do say so myself. When we got to trying it I was happy with the flavours but I do have some minor improvements to make on the sponge for next time.

Tors and Michael arrived on Wednesday evening and we spent the night catching up and laying pretty low. On Thursday we did some touristy activities-English Gardens, Viktualienmarkt (fresh food markets), then visited a beautiful church where we unsuccessfully tried to get access to the top for a panoramic view of the City and the Alps after checking out it’s magnificence inside. Tors and I found out the next day that our attempt to climb to the top was unsuccessful as we had gone to the wrong church…oops.We did get  a view from the top on Friday however when we climbed up the extremely narrow and difficult dual way stairwell to the top of St Peters which was really cool.

I’d have to say we experienced the highlight of the past 5 weeks this weekend when we headed to BMW Welt. It was out of this “welt”. We walked into the showroom of all the current models and the appeal wasn’t just the great looking cars but the layout, how the cars were presented and the displays of all the different components of each car. After we had finished admiring the current vehicles we headed to the Museum which was just spectacular. There were all the past models of each of the cars and motorbikes and the progression of each model. Some of them were just sex on wheels….especially the new 2011 BMW 328 concept car – OMG-HOT!!!! Once we were able to drag ourselves away we wandered into the jam packed city and had a walk around.

Just in case the carbs from the Black Forest cake 3 days in a row and the delicious pork and vegetable roast that Markie cooked on Friday night weren’t enough, we headed to the bräuhaus on the next block from our place for dinner on Saturday night for a serious winter meal with LOTS of potatoes only to be followed up by two desserts which Tors and I made ourselves sick on. We had an apple donut type dish  and then a kind of apple bread and butter pudding/scramble – both with ice cream …holy hell they were unreal. Rather dangerous to have discovered this place literally less than 2 minutes walk from our apartment.

Sunday we woke up with of course it being breakfast and time to eat again. We lined up brunch with Tori’s first friend from pre-school, Bronnie, whom Markie and I spent a boozy Saturday night with a couple of weeks ago. We went to Brenner, a big cafe 7 minutes walk from our place with good coffee and tasty food, where we just chilled  out and chatted for a few hours. Michael arrived from his hiking where we got the opportunity to see some of the pretty special pictures he took whilst away. A yummy Indian dinner was devoured before we took off for the airport to see them both set off back to London.

Markie and I saw the weekend out with a snuggled up movie marathon of The Whistleblower and Crazy, Stupid Love – both good movies although very different -and then took our daylight saved selves off to bed. Now it’s only a 10 hour time difference from Sydney to let you all know. Today Markie worked from home as tomorrow is a public holiday where a drive to Austria to check out our potential winter ski field is on the cards.

I hope everyone enjoys Melbourne Cup Day – slack off, get pissed and place some bets. Best of luck!!!

Till next time…..xx

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