“Beverly Hills in the middle of Europe”

14 Nov

The title of my blog this week would have to be the quote of our stay so far I think. Last night Mark and I babysat for some friends while they hit the town for a bit of a date night and group get together. Our trip home around 1am was very colourful indeed. It was probably that time of the night but my God ever single person was completely trolleyed. Hauptbahnhof (central station) was packed and it was like a scene straight out of Old School – the front yard of a frat house. There were so many great contenders and it was hard to pick the winner between  the girl coughing and spitting between her feet with her head in her hands; the guy slouched at the bottom of the elevator refusing to move even with cops ordering him to or; the group of 3 1000% alcohol-stenched foreigners sitting on our bench trying to philosophise about God knows what and finally settled on”Yeah, Munich sucks. It’s like a big Beverly hills in the middle of Europe.” I’m sorry, come again?! It was the longest 18mins of our life waiting for that train but a rather amusing one.

Today we decided to explore more of Beverly Hills – minus the fake tan, heat, abundance of plastic surgery, and the movie stars – to get to see what we are surrounded by. We have seen a bit so far but we’ve had a few busy weekends as well and there is just so much history here that it might take a bit longer to have it all sussed out. Anyway, we jumped on our little bikes and Markie took me on a tour of Munich. We attempted to get Rocco in the basket on the back of Mark’s bike, and I don’t think he hated it, but not sure he loved it, and his solid litte bum almost broke the basket, so we canned that idea much to his disappointment that he wasnt joining us on our adventure.

First we headed to the Bayerisch National Museum. What we were really after was some World War 2 and Nazi history seeing as though that was all started here in Munich. As soon as we walked in to the Bayerisch museum we were faced with a massive sculpture/exhibit/thing of Jesus on the cross hanging from the ceiling….and there was plenty more of that sort of thing in roughly 18 of the 20 rooms we visited. There was one pretty cool room which had all armor and swords etc but it was not quite the exhibition we were expecting so we moved through it all quite rapidly.

Next stop – the Hofgarten. This is a garden in the center of Munich which started being built in 1613 as an Italian style Renaissance Garden. In the center there is a pavillion that was built for the goddess, Diana (who, you ask…me too?!) Anyway, there is a path that leads to each of the 8 arches of the pavillion from the outside of the gardens and it really is very beautiful. So we stopped there for a few piccies and then sat down at the beer garden next to it for some Apple cake, a beer for Markie and hot chocolate for me.

On our way to the next stop – the Nymphenburg Palace we had our attention caught by this really cool group of musicians playing some jazz music – there was a white baby grand piano, a saxaphone, a xylophone, a double bass, and some box thing that sounded like cymbals. Mark added a wind instrument but he didn’t get selected to join them. We were stopped there for a while just listening to them have a jam and then it was off the the Palace. The Nymphenburg Palace was pretty cool – we had to ride a few km’s to get there in the cold wind but soon we won’t be able to do that so we’re making the most of it while we can. The Nymph – cos I can – is a Baroque Palace which was the main summer residence for the rulers of Bavaria and is now, along with it’s park, one of the most famous sights in Munich. The park is bisected by this long man-made canal which runs straight through the middle of the grounds, from the palace to the marble cascade which is decorated with stone figures of Greek gods.

As we were losing light and were getting bloody cold, we headed to the cafe within the gardens for some Gluhwein (hot red wine) to warm up. This is apparently the drink of all drinks here in the winter time and is quite alcoholic. After one glass Mark and I stood up a little bit shiny but quickly sobered up after jumping on our bikes to ride back home.

The Deutschkurs is going well. I got 87% on my test – and have another tomorrow which I’m hoping to do a bit better in although there’s a lot more content I need to look over. I did, however, get a Czech language beginner book in the mail on Friday from my Uncle in Prague saying that I can start on that soon, since I’m not working….another practical joke…I might actually attempt it though.

We’ve got another week and weekend in Munich coming up and a couple of things we’ve been invited to. We have got a trip to London at the end of the month to stay with Tori and Michael, and then all flights and accommodation to Amsterdam for December have been booked. We had to move quite quickly on this one, as whilst in Prague last week my cousin told me that the specialty coffee shops were being cracked down on and the law is changing at the start of next year, forcing them to tighten their belts in relation to their baked goods…have to have that experience whilst we’re here. Good thing we didn’t attempt it in Bali or we could be in trouble.

Ok…I will leave it there whilst you wrap up Day 1 of the work week and hope the weekend comes around nice and quickly again for you without any hurdles to get over before you get there.

Till next time…..xx

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