Bier Und Schweine

20 Nov

We’ve just gotten in from a little day bike trip around Munich. We were going to head to Dachau, a historical concentration camp about 20km from Munich centre but after a sleep in we left our run a little late. So while I was being served a very yummy breakfast in bed by my beautiful husband, I did some research on some places we could go today.

On the list:
1. Angel of Peace Statue:
First stop just near our place and we made it. Seen it many times but never stopped to have a good look.

2. Bier & Oktoberfest Museum
Could have been cool if it wasn’t closed- it’s Sunday, should have known better.

3. St Peters church lookout
I’d been up with my sister the other week but Markie hadn’t yet. It was a nice clear day for the lovely scenery and very amusing watching the unfit people try and make it up the stairs.

4. Asamkirche
A church built by the Asam brothers in the 1700’s for private use but complaints by citizens resulted in it being forced to open to the public. It’s meant to be beautiful inside but after St Peters we stopped for lunch at the famous Hofbräuhaus (not originally on the list) and stayed there for some pork knuckle and 1 litre glass of beer & shandy for a couple of hours.

5. Müller´sches Volksbad
An indoor swimming pool and sauna in an Art Nouveau building which we arrived at a little shiny but nothing a swim didn’t straighten out. After walking around the complex in circles we finally “Entschuldigung’d” our way to being shown where the lockers were. Glad we saw it but probably won’t go again. As Aussies we’re a bit spoilt for choice on swimming locations and this didn’t really compare. The sauna and baths were full and we couldn’t get in so maybe we’ll go back for a peek at those – could be more than a peek after what we’ve heard about Sauna’s and Germany though.

So 3 out of 5 places isn’t bad. It means we’ve still got some things in the bag for another weekend.

This past week has been quite a frustrating one with my residency, which I still haven’t got. Luckily my current visa was able to be extended for 3 months which gives me more time to sort out my residency. The issue is our marriage certificate and getting it legalised. No matter how many emails I send each day, I can’t seem to get anywhere getting the Indos to do this for me. So we’ve worked out our options and hopefully we won’t need to use them, but it could mean another wedding for Markie and myself – just a quickie Vegas style one though.

In my Deutschkurs test last week I got 140/141…pretty happy with that and this week I used quite a bit of German when out and about so it’s been good. I think the audio books, the course and the yellow post-it notes around our apartment stuck to every item is helping it all sink in. I’m coming up to my last week of the course and then I guess I will continue with the audio books. Now I know most of the rules I just need to expand on my verbs and vocab and keep practising.

Markie stayed out at Marktoberdorf (where he works) one night last week as they had some team bonding dinner, and from all reports he was really happy. He got to know some of his colleagues a bit better and they shared many laughs and beers so it was a success. He’s feeling a lot more comfortable with it all now and will likely stay out there every couple of weeks to break up the bloody early mornings and spend some out-of-office time with his co-workers.

On Friday night we were taken to the eclectic part of town to an art exhibition which our neighbours invited us to. It was…interesting…and it was at this house/block which has only artists living in it. Apparently there was a guy that used to own it and his dying wish was for it to be let out to artists cheaply so they could live and work there. Each year the artists living there put on a little exhibition. The area, we decided, was the Darlinghurst equivalent and had quite a few bars and clubs and cool looking restaurants so after we saw all the artworks we had some dinner at a Thai restaurant which was a nice change and something we haven’t had in a while.

Last weekend we tried taking Rocco out on the bike without much success, so… we thought we’d try harder this weekend. We got him in the bike basket and had ridden up the street when all of a sudden he decided to leap out and commando roll on to and around the road. The tough cookie didn’t cry but on the contrary seemed quite impressed with his own acrobatic prowess. Markie didn’t let that minor incident determine his coming with us either…so he got tied to the basket with his leash and collar and out he came with us to Virualienmarkt and Marienplatz. I think after the initial “WTF?” he settled down and enjoyed being out and about amongst it all.

Well, that just about sums up our past week. We’re heading to London for the next one to go and hang out with Mr and Mrs Middleton for a couple of days. I think we might eat some bangers and mash, have some scones with jam and cream, ride the tube, visit Harrods, get on a double decker bus, make a call from a red telephone booth, see Big Ben, go to the Palace,  and cross the street with 3 other people, Beatles-style outside Abbey Road Studios. Nothing too cliché!

Hope you all enjoy the week of hot and rainy days ahead!

Till next time…..xx

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