Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rules the waves!

28 Nov

We’ve had a bit of a week full of endings this week. The first and most prominent ending was my being on the same side of the world as my sister; then following that in no particular order: the ending of my German Course; the  ending of any sign of warmth in Europe; the ending of Vegemite; the ending (fingers crossed) of the blasted emails for marriage certificate legalisation; and the ending of Markie getting the early train home.

The week started out a really successful one with the news of Mark getting a promotion at work and becoming team lead after less than 2 months. I’m so proud that he is doing so well and has made them realise that he kicks ass at what he does. A big plus, but also a bit of a minus as the greater role means greater responsibility and greater time requirements so he’s lucky to get home before 8:30pm after leaving home each day at 6:30am…long day.

We saw the first sign of snow this week as well. It wasn’t a lot, just really light but it was pretty cool to see it start falling. Hopefully we will get a white Christmas although there is no guarantee so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for that. Along with the snow, comes the fact that it is really bloody freezing outside. It’s not too windy which is a plus but there is an additional clothing layer (#7) now required that was not necessary 2 weeks ago. I was out for my walk with Rocco and took my hand out of my glove to change a song on my iPod  – it was out for less than a minute but it took 10 to get feeling back into it with some one hand clapping and shaking manoeuvres. I also had to wipe a bit of dribble dripping from the left side of my mouth which was numb towards the end of the walk, so you can see how well my body is handling it so far.

Deutschkurs is now done – which gives me an additional 4 hours in my day. I’m looking forward to getting some of my event course assignments done and trying to get Ali Hodges Events off the ground soon as well, and planning more getaways, so lots of time to dedicate to those few things in the upcoming weeks. I’m looking forward to it, but that said I am going to need to keep up the German lingo or i’ll forget it.

I also found success last week with the legalisation of my marriage certificate so it is now in the post on it’s way to Indonesia and hopefully I will have it back in a couple of weeks with a nice little stamp on it as my reward for putting up with 2 months of crap. I’m not through it yet so I won’t hold my breath but it’s promising. I also was able to swindle my way to a 6 months extension, taking me to July here in Munich, which may just be enough.

The ending of Vegemite….a sad, sad day 😦  We are at the bottom of our little jar our neighbours gave us and whilst in London, I picked up 2 jars to bring home with us. So excited! As we went through customs and baggage check, a red flag was raised to the security and my bag got searched and swiped. I completely forgot about the 100ml rule with the hand luggage and our jars of Vegemite got shown the bottom of the garbage bin. So close, yet so far away.

The most important ending though came this weekend with a final jaunt with my sister in London, before her and Michael take off in December to be Nomad’s for…however long the Universe (or they) decides. Markie and I flew over to see them late on Friday evening. Our already late 9:55pm departure got pushed back to 11:40pm with us landing in London at 12:40am (as they are an hour behind) but after the train trip and the taxi ride to my sisters place, we didn’t actually arrive at our destination until 4am Munich time – meaning almost 24 hours of being awake. Rooted, we crashed out hard for just over 7 hours.

Feeling more human on  Saturday morning, we lounged around a bit in the morning and had some breakfast and a coffee and then headed into the city for a serious sightseeing session. Tors and Michael had mapped it all out for us and made sure we saw plenty of sights in the short time we were there.  First we headed to London Bridge, and the London Eye, then over to Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, through to Buckingham Palace and to Starbucks to warm up as the wind was mighty chilly. After some defrosting and thinking it was 10pm at 4:30pm as it gets dark very early, we had a quick look in Fortnum and Mason, then a walk to Piccadilly Circus and down Oxford Street where we saw all the amazing Christmas Lights, then slowly made our way to dinner to this yummy Japanese place – Albino, or something like this. After dinner we continued to more sights and went to Covent Garden, Leicester Square which was more like Renovation Square, and lastly Trafalgar Square before heading home. Sunday we made our way to Hyde Park, Harrods, Marble Arch, and a lovely English afternoon tea at Grosvenor House before going to Victoria to get the train back to the airport for our flight home.

My brother-in-law, Michael, is a bit of a photography nut. He has developed (no pun intended… ok I totally planned that!) quite the hobby and loves purchasing new lenses, learning new tricks of the trade and honing his skills. Unfortunately because of his being behind the lens, he never gets to be in front of it, but his enthusiasm for capturing each and every moment, quite literally, throughout the weekend made it possible for us to come away with some pretty kick ass pictures from the time we were there…some of which I’ve attached to the blog. Quick plug  –  – if you’re wanting to check out some of his stuff.

I’d say a very successful weekend, given we were only out and about for about 15 hours and part of that was warming up in coffee shops and having a bit of a chit chat. I don’t know when I’ll get to see my sister again at the moment, but I’m sure once they’ve settled in to their adventure there will be some time to plan the next visit. Markie and I will likely head back to London in the future – maybe during the week as the weekend proved to be a bit of a battle for the simplest tasks due to there being so many people out and about, so a bit of a leisurely visit next time maybe, and also to make sure we get a break from being mutes and go somewhere we can speak English.

This week there isn’t too much on the agenda, but I’ll try and organise something, and we’re staying home, as in Munich, for the weekend. There is plenty of Christmas spirit now with the Christmas markets having begun, and we’ve got a few more sights on our list so I’ll have some news to report on next week.

Don’t forget to buy your Advent Calendars this week and begin your chocolate countdown to Christmas. I’ll join you and start on my Pretzel calendar.

Till next time…..xx

One Response to “Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rules the waves!”

  1. Bronnie November 29, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    Don’t worry Ali we have several Vegemite travel tubes here in Munich which you and Mark can enjoy!
    Xx your fellow Aussies in Munich

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