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5 Dec

I apologise in advance for not the most exciting blog this week, due to the fact that we didn’t have the most exciting week.

We are having our first rainy day since we got here, where up until now we had probably only had about 2 hours worth of that dreadful wet mess…. pretty impressive for 2 months so I’ll cut the city some slack and give it this one day. I have used this opportunity to smash myself on the bike trainer this morning – something I have to keep up as we have our sights set on conquering the Raid Pyrenean next year in France. This is a 710km bike ride across 18 cols (mountain passes) through the French Pyrenees with 11,000 meters of ascent and a time limit of 100 hours. It can be ridden any time from June to the end of September and most of the climbs are part of the Tour de France so we figure we will watch the pro’s go through to see how it’s done and then we will attempt it. Should be a blast!

Last week I dedicated a fair amount of time to organising upcoming trips, ones already partly arranged and others at the not-yet-started-planning stage. We are off to Amsterdam this weekend coming and I have a pretty cool schedule planned. This will be our first trip out of Munich since we’ve been here where it will just be Mark and I, so it’s a bit of a date weekend! Besides organising this trip though, I have had to dedicate some serious time to trying to lock down ski accommodation in February when we have Timie coming to visit for a few weeks. Due to the popularity of the Austrian Alps in the winter, this is not an easy feat, then, you add on top the fact I need to translate all the websites, and the time ticks over pretty quickly. I am putting it on the magic blog that we aren’t having much luck with this and hope things will look up.

I’ve found that every time I write about any hurdles in our way on the blog, the next week it gets sorted. Before we got here we had trouble finding an apartment, so I whinged – we got one. After weeks and weeks of trying to sort out the marriage certificate legalisation, I stated it on here and the next week I got some traction; and LAST week I said we were out of vegemite – to the rescue came our friend Bronnie that same day with 2 travel tubes. So…it’s the magic blog! Now I am hoping it isn’t like saying your wish aloud when you blow the candles out on your birthday cake and it not coming true. Only time will tell I suppose.

Mark had his project Christmas Party on Thursday evening last week so he stayed out near his work that night. From the sounds of things, it was rather large and there were many mixing of drinks and spirits occurring. Mark red-carded himself and apparently moon walked out of there to Michael Jackson and continued to his room, cleverly back dooring it as the Schnapps came out. Good call and it was confirmed the next day when those who did stay were struggling to make it through Friday. We have his company Christmas party next week which will be here in Munich so I’m looking forward to finally meeting the people he works with so I can start putting some faces to names.

This weekend we headed out to Tollwood, which is at the same park  in Theresienwiese as the Oktoberfest. At the moment there is a big Christmas Market taking place which will continue until Weihnachten (Christmas Eve) and some of the attractions include international food stands,  jewellery, ceramics, toys, clothing etc. Tollwood campaigns together with the exhibitors to increase the offer of fair traded goods so it’s a great little market. The weekend was probably not the best time to visit as it was packed with people shoulder to shoulder, and I don’t do so well with crowds, but we did get some scrumptious crepes with banana, nutella and coconut. Yum!

We also drove to Dachau where on March 22, 1933, a few weeks after Adolf Hitler had been appointed Reich Chancellor, a concentration camp for political prisoners was set up -which then expanded to whoever they could get their hands on really. It was in operation until 1945 and in this 12 years over 200,000 people from all over Europe were imprisoned in this camp, amongst others. The hell ended in 1945 when the American troops liberated the survivors. Whilst we were at this memorial site we wandered through the museum and read most of the information, and there was a lot, but it took you through year by year and told the story and explained all that happened there. It was really interesting and after 2.5 hours in the museum, we walked around and saw the old crematorium, gas chamber, and the prisoners barracks. It was a bit morbid and a strange feeling to be standing where all this happened, but very interesting to find out all about this horrific time.

So we are still brushing up on our new city’s history, with yet a lot more to discover. Our evenings are taken up by sitting on the couch watching several episodes a night of Grey’s Anatomy, which we are both thoroughly enjoying, and I’m wondering why I put it off until now. The up side is that we have another 6 seasons until we catch up so whilst there’s a lull in our other series, we can continue to keep busy.

Ok I’ll let you all get back to your day as I feel this is going down hill, but make sure you come back next week as I think it’s going to be a good one.

Stay classy San Diego and thanks for stopping by!

Till next time…..xx

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  1. Neals December 5, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

    get markie to download the new series “homeland”….it’s a winner! only 1 season so far. thinking of you guys!!!! xxxxx

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