In The Wars

10 Jan

2012: 2    Ali: 0

Right….so far I am losing this year but I have 11 months and 2.5 weeks to come out on top which I intend on doing.

Last week Markie stayed at home to work as most people on his project were away still and rather than travelling a pointless 4 hours a day to sit in an office alone, it worked out to be the best option. The weather was pretty miserable and what should have been lots and lots of snow was instead, lots and lots of rain. Anyway, we arrived at the weekend with some serious cabin fever and hadn’t accomplished much else, apart from me getting a cold yet again – this is where 2012 scored it’s first point.

We did, however, have a weekend in Berlin planned for this one just gone so Friday afternoon we went to the airport and took off on our 1 hour flight. Once we arrived we got a cab to our lovely boutique hotel and our quaint little room. The weather was the same as it was in Munich but we went for a walk around West Berlin to see it at night and all the streets lit up and trees with fairy lights which was gorgeous. We ended up finding a great coffee place as well on our travels which I had researched online as well, so happy days there. We didnt intend on doing any retail therapy but the weather called for not much else so Markie got into the spirit and did a bit of a fashion show for me and we left with 2 pairs of pants. Dinner on the way home was a Spanish tapas and steakhouse restaurant so we chorizo’d it up and got some red meat in our belly’s before heading back to the hotel.

I am quite partial to a long hot shower especially with some force behind the jets, and the shower in our hotel really put me in my happy place. Not only was there one nice powerful showerhead, but there were another 2 on the side walls blasting water at each arm…now that’s the best three-way I can imagine…ok close to! Day 1 done and a relatively early night was had ready for our adventure  filled Saturday and Sunday.

Both days the weather was the same – cold, windy, raining so our plan to rent some bikes and ride around didn’t happen and we settled with the subway and some walking. Saturday we went to Brandenburg Gate, then walked to Potsdamer Platz where more clothes shopping was accomplished by my better half, then to the Bundestag (Parliament House) where we had reserved a slot to go into the dome and have a bit of a tour, and then made our way to Gendarmenmarkt and to the Ritter Sport ShokoWelt (would have been my version of heaven but there were too many people waiting for their custom-made chocolate block), and then to Checkpoint Charlie, in the US Sector and the best known crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War, and into the museum right by it. Quite a successful day and we accomplished all we’d wanted to.

Sunday we had a nice sleep in as we had a late flight back to Munich so I rolled out of bed and back to my happy place before checking out and having breaky at the great coffee place we found. First things first, off to the East to Alexanderplatz which didnt have much going on, then to the DDR museum which was/is an interactive museum which shows how those in the East lived during the Cold War. We then headed to the East Side Gallery – a 1.3km open air gallery of the Berlin Wall consisting of 105 paintings from artists all over the world. Whilst walking along it, it pissed down raining so we headed back nearby our hotel for some afternoon tea and then hung around for an early dinner.

Despite the weather, which did make it difficult to have a good time, it was great to learn so much of what happened and see it all in person. To be standing in such places of history was unbelievable and to think of everything the people went through was really sad and made you ponder.

Now back in Munich with Mark having returned to work and my Monday started off quite productive with the plan for it to stay that way. That was until a little 5 minute bike ride to the city to grab some food to cook for dinner turned into an arse over tit moment while turning a corner on the wet cobblestones and a slip on the tram tracks which then turned into 2.5 hours of seeing a doctor, riding an ambulance, getting xrays, finding out my arm is broken and needs an operation and then rehab, getting a cast and some painkillers and meeting Markie to go home. And it was right there that 2012 scored again.

This weeks plans – try to get dressed on my own, ask randoms to help me open the front door when I return home from being out as it is a toughy and requires the strength of both arms, have some painkiller cocktails, have operation and begin rehab. Meanwhile, Marks injured his back and shoulder and can’t turn his head so the Hoggies household is quite the agile one at the moment.

I sincerely hope 2012 is off to a better start for you lot!

Till next time…..xx

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