Out The Other Side

17 Jan

The Repair

Last week could be seen as both eventful and non-eventful… My olecranon fracture put a bit of a hindrance of any fun plans and I was just pumped to be able to dress myself….the simple things.

After finding out from the hospital on Monday night that I needed an operation on my elbow due to the fact that the fractured bone parts were too far away from one another for them to reconnect and heal on their own, and also that there may have been some ligament, tendon and muscle damage as this is the area they all attach, I went home with my arm in a half cast where it stayed until Thursday, the day of my operation.

As I mentioned in my last blog, our front door is big and heavy and needs one hand to pull the door towards you and the other to turn the key, but with one hand, and the left one at that, this is not possible so I only went out of the house when absolutely necessary and asked passers by for help when I needed to get back inside. I usually cook every night as well which also was not possible so I found some restaurants that do home delivery for the next couple of days.

I was back in the hospital on Wednesday to meet the anestheseologist and determine how I would be put under, what it would feel like, if I had any allergies etc etc…I just told him to knock me out real good. After 4 hours of waiting around for my insurance to be signed off, and being admitted and shown my room to be, then the meeting I made my way home on the train keeping my injured wing protected and got in the door without a problem from the contraption Mark made for me -rope around the door, step into it, lean back and turn the key…ta-dah!

Our neighbour practises healing touch and had suggested I come to her before the op. I am probably not one who strongly believes in this kind of thing but I had dodged her a few times when she’d offered when I had a cold and I didn’t know how I was going to get out of it again so I went along and tried to keep an open mind. I finally relaxed and fell asleep after the first half hour where I was wondering/worrying if she could sense that I thought it was all a crock of shit. As far as putting fear of the surgery out of my mind as it was partially intended…it didn’t work as that night I didn’t have a great sleep as I realised it was kind of a big deal having surgery.

Bright and early on Thursday I was in the hospital and at 10am “they” came to get me…”it’s time!” I spoke to one guy in the pre-op room and looked at all the machines and asked about what each beep and cord and line was for and then I gulped down a tablet (thank you Mr. Anestheseologist) and inhaled with the biggest in breaths Ive ever done, some sleeping gas…next thing I was woken up being told the surgery was over and in need of a big glass of water. Then I slept off the drugs for the rest of the day. Markie came and saw me and I was a massive space cadet but got my appetite back after not eating all day and shoved down a good nutritious pizza. Back to sleep and a night full of drugs on the drip for me…hmmmm…rainbows and unicorns.

The next few days were boring as all hell and with the combination of pain and fading nausea I tried to sleep as much as I could and watch many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. When in Rome… I had my saint of a husband come twice a day at lunch and dinner time and bring me some nice meals so I didn’t have to endure the toast with processed meats they loved to deliver. I was going out of my mind from boredom and the fact Berrill in the bed next to me who was 94, muttered, cried, whimpered, whinged, sounded like she was munching on gravel at meal times with an open mouth and snored so freakin loudly, that come Sunday I checked myself out and back home to my two beautiful boys. Happy times.

The road to recovery includes 6 physio sessions to try and move my arm…there is a chance I may never completely be able to straighten my arm again which I will ensure will not be the case for me; and then my neighbour has offered healing touch every second day – might as well use the time to catch some zzz’s; supposedly I can’t lift anything in my right hand for 6 weeks -not even a coffee cup; and then in 12 weeks it should be good to go where I can bear some weight on it and hopefully have full mobility again. My elephantitis arm is starting to look a little more like a hand and arm again, and yesterday I managed to vacuum to top floor of our apartment left handed, and also pulled off Maple Glazed Baked Salmon with Spinach and Rice for dinner with one hand which I was pumped about.

Might be heading to the snow this weekend for Markie while I twiddle my thumbs…oh wait, nope can’t do that. I’ll figure it out as I won’t want to stay at home any more I have a feeling. So back to basics for a while, hoping I can completely shower myself on my own by Friday and the range of movement in my arm has increased also.

Have a wonderful week and hope you’re all enjoying some Australian summer sports.

Till next time…..xx

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