Happy ‘Straya Day

23 Jan

Oi, Oi, Oi

1 week down, 5 weeks to go…slowly and not-so-surely the arm is improving. My goals for last week were achieved…I can now wash myself on my own (hair washing is still Mark’s job), and the range of flexion and extension has increased which I think is largely due to the fact that the swelling has gone down a lot. Now I have bruising all down my arm, on my palm and fingers because my muscles are so tight due to the fact they aren’t being constantly used so I’m hoping people don’t start thinking I am getting bashed by my husband.

Anyway, enough about the arm. Last week we finally got some decent snowfall for a few consecutive days. We are really lucky where we are because the closest slopes are about an hours drive away. So bright and early on Saturday morning Mark got up and hit the road to get in his first snowboarding session in 3 years at Garmisch. I didn’t go as there wasn’t much point but saw the uploaded pics that he provided whilst there. From what I heard, the ratio of snowboarders to skiiers was roughly 1:100 and it seems the Germans haven’t quite caught on to this winter sport, which meant after a couple of hours there were moguls everywhere created by the skiiers which prevented Markie from getting any nice smooth runs. There were also a few sections of the mountain closed off so after 4 hours he had covered off all the runs and headed back home. It’s pretty awesome that you can drive to the snow and back, have a board/ski, sit down for a beer and be home by the early afternoon. Now he’s broken the seal I think he’s off this weekend as well with a group of people to Austria…this time an hour and a half drive so still pretty close.

Many moons ago when I was playing college tennis in the States, one of my doubles partners and room mates was a German girl. It’s taken us being here close to 4 months to see one another but on the weekend she made an improv trip down to Munich from her home town of Frankfurt to visit some friends and go to the snow. On Saturday night Mark and I met up with Verena and her friends for dinner at an Italian restaurant a few suburbs away. Everyone was really lovely and we noticed quickly that they were our kind of people. Even though not all of them were able to speak a great deal of English, we came to realise that smut is a universal language and we shared many dirty jokes and laughs over the course of the evening. After dinner we headed to a bar where Mark and I witnessed their ability to put away some serious quantities of alcohol. At 2am we called it a night and headed home extremely satisfied with our evening. It was the first dinner we’d been out for with a group of people since we’ve been here and we hope to have many more like it in the future. It was so nice to catch up with V as well and see a familiar face.

Sunday was hangover day so we just lay low and stayed home and watched some movies. This week you would all be looking forward to Australia day (and DJ’s bday) and we plan on celebrating it from afar. I know Mark had intended on having an annual leave day with his reasoning “I’ve never worked on Australia Day and I’m not going to start now!” but I think that idea may have blown up in his face as they require him to be at work. We are planning on celebrating in the evening, however, by going to a Canadian bar here where one of the owners spent time in Australia and there is going to be an Aussie Day bash serving coopers, VB and tunes streaming from the Triple J Hot 100 countdown. My friend Amber sent me a care package not long ago and included an Australian Flag which I intend on wearing…can’t wait! Hope you all have some great plans to celebrate and fingers crossed the sun in shining and it’s a beautiful day across the country.

Just let your bosses know you are going to make a 5 day weekend out of it – if they’ve got a problem, tell them to come and speak to me. I’ll sort it out.

Just to get you in the spirit, I’ll leave you with an Aussie slang alphabet:

A: Arvo – Afternoon – ‘See you this arvo
B: Barbie – Barbeque – ‘You coming to the Barbie this arvo?’
C: Chinwag – Conversation – ‘We had a good chinwag at the barbie this arvo’
D: Dinkum – True, Real, Genuine – ‘The Bloke I was having a chinwag with at the barbie this arvo was Fair Dinkum’
E:  Esky – Large insulated container for beer mostly – ‘Make sure we remember to get ice for the esky’
F: Footy – Football Aussie Rules, League, Union – ‘Let’s go to the pub and watch some footy’
G: G’day – Hello – ‘Austria?! Well then, G’day mate. Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie’
H: Hoon – Hooligan – ‘Hoon around’
I: Ice block – Water-based frozen snack – ‘It’s so hot, I want an ice block’
J: Journo – Journalist – ‘The story that journo wrote was rubbish’
K: Knickers – Underpants – ‘Don’t get your knickers in a knot’
L: Longneck – 750ml bottle of beer – ‘I’ll have a longneck’
M: Mate – friend/acquaintance/anyone really – ‘No worries mate!’
N: No worries – Expression used in place of  ‘you’re welcome’, ‘it’s okay’, ‘glad to do it’ – ‘No worries mate!’
O: Outback – Remote part of Australia – ‘ The Dingo ate my baby in the outback’
P: Pissed – Drunk – ‘I was pissed as a fart’
Q: Quid – Money – ‘Not the full quid’ (short on brains)
R: Root – Sexual Intercourse – ‘Wanna have a root?’
S: Sanger – Sandwich – ‘I think I’ll grab a steak sanger’
T: Thongs – Rubber backless sandles – ‘To say “no thongs allowed” is Unastrayan’
U: Ute – Utility Truck – ‘Just throw it in the back of the ute’
V: Vedgies – Vegetables – ‘Make sure you eat your vedgies’
W: Wanker- Tosser, Tool, Douche Bag- ‘You are such a wanker’
X: XXXX – Four-ex Queensland Beer – I apologise that this is the only X I could find – it’s really not xeptable.
Y: Youse – You (Pl) – ‘ Are youse coming, or what?!’
Z: Zonked – Exhausted – ‘I had such a long day, I am competely zonked’

Till next time…..xx

2 Responses to “Happy ‘Straya Day”

  1. Anthony January 24, 2012 at 3:55 am #

    Love your work Ali.

  2. Karen January 25, 2012 at 1:01 am #

    Chest swelling with “Aussie colcha” Thanks for reminding us Ali !!

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