Exposing Ourselves

30 Jan

No, No. No!!!! Get your filthy minds out of the gutter! The title of the blog this week is what it is because last week Mark and I completely put ourselves out there, socially speaking. We were vulnerable, exposed, naked, and I’m feel fairly confident in saying that we gained a great deal from the experience. We both feel that we are pretty outgoing people; not really shy; can carry a conversation and have a laugh, however, it is still a challenge to put yourself completely out there and just hope it’s enough. It started on Thursday, Australia Day, where I met up with a girl, I had met briefly for the first and only time on New Years Eve, at Ned Kelly’s bar in the afternoon. We did have a few messages back and forward since New Years, but you just never know once the beer goggles are off. Anyway, I went along to meet up with her and a group of people that she has known for some time. I had a good chat to everyone and after 4 hours, Mark came and joined us after he got home from work. We decided to walk home after our ears had lost hearing, our favourite songs had been murdered by karaoke, and Markie had successfully sunk 2.5 Litres of beer in 3 hours. On the subject of karaoke, here are some hilarious lyrics to Angel that were replaced- I think you’ll like it …we did! http://www.catsarse.com/karaoke_1.htm

Very cheerfully, after feeling accomplished from the evenings social introduction and to celebrate, Mark merry and pissed decided to ring the bells on all the bikes leaning against the wall along the way, and due to his intoxication had not the greatest reflexes so rang one a little too hard that it fell too the ground as he was trying to impress a passer-by. Maybe you had to be there, but it was quite amusing.

Round 2 came on Friday night when we went for dinner with a couple who we kind of met on the internet. To explain – I had been in touch with the girl from the couple via a few emails. A few weeks ago I joined up to this site called meetup.com and it is basically a website that gets people from around the world who are living in different cities a means of contact and connecting with other people in their new city. It can also be used if you just want to meet new people in the city you are from. Anyway – so you have a little profile, like a dating site, and if you are part of a group you have the ability to get in contact with one another. So, this girl got in contact with me and we organised to initially meet at the weekly Monday After Work Drinks that is put on by this group but Monday isn’t the best and easiest night to do that so it just didn’t happen. We stayed in touch and decided instead to go out on a blind double date last Friday night and meet up and just get to know each other. Along we went and within the first few minutes we knew this was going to be a good night. We had such a great time, had many laughs, and shared some stories. We stayed for 5 hours and long after we had finished dinner and were on a slight high on the way home. Markie and Ali: 2 , Social Awkwardness: 0

I’m still restricted in my activities so just went for a gorgeous walk in the snow to the English Gardens on Saturday so Markie got to do Round 3 social event on his own. There was a small group of people heading to Austria to go skiiing/snowboarding for the day, an event organised on a social Munich page on Facebook. One of the girls  who went we had also met on New Years Eve but the rest, never. Mark took off early Saturday morning and car pooled his way down there and enjoyed a full day of boarding, drinking, eating, and meeting some more randoms. He came home around 8pm, 12 hours after he left and was happy with the day. Another success. I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised – we met each other on the internet and it turned out pretty well!

Sunday was Anti-Social day. We felt we had done a good job and achieved a bit so just stayed at home.. I wouldn’t say we had a relaxing and calm day, no, I would say quite the opposite. We tuned in at 9:30am to watch the Australian Open men’s tennis final and for 6 hours we watched a great match ending in our favourite, Nadal, getting defeated. It was a fairly aerobic viewing with many chringes, fist pumps, claps, cheers, jumps out of the seat, yells of abuse, and yells of “c’mons”. As the fourth set got seriously tight and being the most inopportune time, our broadcast froze and only seemed to show the parts in between the points – so up Markie got and walked over to try and work it out and then the picture came back, and Nadal fought to win the set…so from then on Markie was standing up and doing the hot shoe shuffle around the room for 2 reasons – 1. The picture seemed to be better, and 2. He believed Nadal won the 4th set because of it so he had to continue for the rest of the match. Very funny to watch, but alas it didn’t work in the end 😦

Other news:
Quick arm update: You’ll see a picture of my cocktail breakfast at the moment which ensures I get all my vitamins, stomach protectors and painkillers in. My stitches came out on Thursday and I have a lovely 3 inch scar along the back of my elbow but I can finally get it wet. Friday I had physio and as I left the automatic sliding doors closed on my arm – minor setback. This morning had good physio session and got in the pool to do some exercises and felt good – can’t push a small bit of foam under water without it seriously hurting but managed a quarter blown up arm floaty – did a quick shop up the street afterwards and got knocked in the arm by a woman carrying a full shopping basket – so 2 steps forward, 1 step back at the moment but hey, that’s still more improvement than regression so I’m winning.

Marriage Certificate – I think you all remember me mentioning my problem with getting our marriage certificate legalised in order for me to obtain a spousal visa here. Well, just when we thought we had it sorted, I have since been told the departments in Indonesia haven’t got back to my contact over there and it has now been in their possession 2 months instead of the intended 2 weeks so I’m back where I started and 4 months of pain seem to have been pointless. Okay – re-energise, re-focus, and jump back on the wagon..the very very slow, drawn out, several emails and communications a day wagon. Argh! I’m hoping the magic blog comes through for me on this one.

Visitors – We are getting pretty damn excited for the arrival of Mr. Timbo! 2.5 weeks left before a 3 week celebration with him here. We also have another friend of mine coming to stay with us for 3 days next week so I’ve got a feeling that February and March are going to be good months.

I will leave it there for this time and hope everyone managed to pull off a long weekend because you’ve got a bit of a wait until the next one. 😉

Till next time…..xx

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