6 Feb













Although the past week wasn’t super exciting and we didn’t get up to too much, we did achieve one thing which we’ve been working towards for 4 months now – we are now officially settled in! Feet have been found; Selves have been parked; Operation München Stable!

I say this because after slowly collecting professionals for health services we now have a rock solid team which, I think, will pretty much do us. We have a dentist, a doctor, a dermatologist, a physio, a vet, and a hairdresser – this is more than I could claim as having whilst in the States for 4 years so now we are home, comfortable and, after Mark’s few appointments last week, and my slowly improving arm, healthy.

When we weren’t visiting various medical or appearance professionals the work week was filled up with Mark at work, and me occupying myself indoors as the average temperature sat at -12 for the week. The sight of my dogs excretion freezing on its way out was all the encouragement I needed to keep myself busy at home with the heating cranked.

Friday night we headed out to dinner with a group of about 10 people, of which we previously knew 2, to a restaurant a few suburbs away. Although having locked down service professionals we are still working on expanding our group of friends, so we went along to meet some more lovely locals and internationals and share a meal and some good conversation. We figure if there are 1 or 2 people that you really click with each time you go out, then that’s a big win. Everyone was really nice and it’s always interesting speaking to new people and finding out their stories and how they ended up in a foreign country and how they are settling in. We had a good night and came away with a few more facebook friend requests, so… another social success.

We lay pretty low on Saturday and just headed out to get the groceries, buy Markie some snowboarding gloves and then spent the afternoon watching some tv shows. After a sleep in there isn’t too much of the day left, especially once you’ve managed to finally finished getting dressed in all your layers to prepare yourself for the blast freezer that awaits. Sunday was another quiet day with Mark spending most of it working so I used to opportunity to clean out the pantry (best feeling once you’re done), wash the clothes, fold the clothes, vacuum and bake the most kickarse tasty sinful slice I think I’ve done yet – a home made Snickers Bar…orgasmic. Markie chipped in and took care of the mopping as my not-yet-fully-functioning arm can’t really get in there and scrub properly. We had our neighbours over for dinner as well so we began and ended the weekend on a social note with some relaxing and house chore achievements thrown in…a good weekend, albeit not an overly exciting one.

We are doing last minute odds and ends now as we get ready to turn this place into Hotel Hoggies for a few months. We have some busy times ahead which start tomorrow with an old friend of mine coming to stay with us for 3 days, then next week the long awaited and anticipated Tim will stay for a few weeks, and then Mark’s sister will be here for a couple of weeks after that. This takes us through to the Easter long weekend break where we’re heading to Paris to watch the one day professional road cycling race Paris-Roubaix and to check out the city.

The next few weeks should entail quite a bit of sightseeing, reminiscing, socialising, and memory creating – looking forward to the times ahead.

On that note, I’m going to leave you to ponder on a picture a friend of mine in New York posted this morning which I haven’t been able to get out of my head all day.

Till next time…..xx


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