3 Days Timie!!!!!

13 Feb

That was a cold, busy week but an enjoyable one. My friend from Australia, who is now living in LA came to visit for a few days from Tuesday but before we get to that I did the lady of leisure thing on Monday and caught up with a friend for an afternoon coffee which lasted 2.5 hours. Oh yeah, very proud of that effort. Mind you it was extremely cold and while walking to meet her I knew I was running a few minutes late but couldn’t bring myself to taking my hand out of my glove to send her a text. Seriously Apple and iPhone need to come up with a way to access the keyboard using gloves because it is just not possible in the European winter to take your hands out of them. All it takes is 30 seconds and it’s all over. When I did finally reach her she had a bit of a giggle as my eyelashes were frozen and had little snow flakes on them – ahhh I need to practice taking myself to a warm, happy place when in those situations.

Anyway the fun and games began on Tuesday when I went around the corner to the train station to pick up my Australian-come-American friend. I brought Rocco around with me to get him out of the house for what I thought would have been 5 minutes but turned into 50. The poor little pup was shivering so hard I had to bring him home halfway through and return on my own. Finally Harley got in and we strolled home in -15 degrees and sans a suitcase which the airline lost. We headed into the city to get some technology tools – sim card and powerpoint converter – and just as well otherwise I’m not sure our social media junkie visitor would have survived 😉 We also had a quick tour around the city and headed back to the warm apartment.

The rest of the week was more sightseeing, all the must-sees in the city, plus BMW Welt, the Hofbrauhaus (I’ll get to that in a minute), Englisch Gardens and also a trip to the solarium so he could cross Munich off his list as this is kind of his souvenir from any place he visits…a top up tan. I decided not to bother even though my body was craving some warmth because I am just so damn white that there really isn’t much point me starting as it will end up being a very expensive exercise and I kind of like blending in with the walls and being a bit invisible at times.

Markie had a hugely busy work week as he had a deadline for something he was working on so he was home late and when he worked from home because he had some appointments, he was also very focused at getting this thing done. On Thursday he was home at 11pm and then Friday he finally finished this mammoth 10,000 word spec – beer and wine opened and time to celebrate. Hopefully the crazy hours that he’s been doing for a few weeks will ease up a bit now.

So back to our guest… Wednesday night we went to the Hofbrauhaus and Markie and I in true Bavarian style devoured a Crackling covered Pork Knuckle and he 2.5 Litres of beer and I, a 1 litre Radler. Harls couldn’t bring himself to do the pork but for a non enthusiastic beer drinker he didn’t do too badly with his 1.5 litres…if he were here longer we’d have him in training to “Harden the F*** Up” (a frequent quote of his). I do have to give him full credit though for trying to tune a couple of random chicks at a table across the room. Very smoothly he slid into their bench and started chatting them up and putting the moves on. It was very amusing and impressive at the same time to see his fearlessness. That entertained us for a while before we called it a night and headed home.

On Friday we said bye to our first of four guests and had to take Rocco to get desexed. Normally you do this when they are around 6 months, not 4 years old but the only negative to our perfect dog is that like the person he was named after, Rocco Siffredi, he leaves his Bavarian creme all over every part of the floor he sits on and it finally got too much to deal with. When we picked up our drugged up, jewel-less pup he was completely out of it and looked much like I did after my surgery a month ago. After many cuddles and lots of care he now seems his normal self, but we still have to restrict the exercise until the stitches come out.

The weekend was spent catching up on some sleep from the busy week and the usual house chores but we had some friends come over for a famous Mark Hodges roast on Saturday night where we shared some great conversation, laughs, food and wine. I tried my pavlova again but no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the soft meringue in the center to stay risen during the cooling. If anyone has any tips, please let me know! It still looked and tasted good once the chocolate cream, cherries and chocolate shards were put on, to resemble a Black Forest pav, but yeah…I want to perfect it.

This week I have organised a gathering with some internationals at the Hofbrauhaus again on Wednesday, our first initiated catch up with so far 10 people coming, and then Thursday is the big day…Timie arrives bright and early so we’re getting ready for a great few weeks and are both super excited! After we let him spend a couple of jet-lagged days in Munich we’re off to Zurich for a few days and then the boys will hit up the slopes in Innsbruck, Austria while I test out the day spas.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody…sending you all lots of love!

Till next time…..xx

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