The Boys Are Back In Town

20 Feb

Quite the social week last week which was great. I think we’ve finally got a good group of people to hang out with after a bit of sifting so we’re happy with how we are continually progressing in our new home and surroundings.

The start of the week there wasn’t much happening but on Wednesday night we had organised our first gathering at the infamous Hofbrauhaus where we got put upstairs in the Festival Hall and were situated right at the front near the stage. There were live Bavarian performances from tranditional band playing, to skip-to-the-loo dancing, and some whip cracking – not quite sure how this falls into it all but it was interesting even if a little scary being so close to the action. We got about 10 other people to join us for the evening so it was a pretty good turn out. We had to call it a night around midnight as we had an early Thursday morning to collect Timie from the airport who arrived at 6am, so 3 litres of beer after we got there, Mark felt he had had enough and we went home and got roughly 4 hours sleep.

Markie went to pick up Tim in the morning very very hungover and worse for wear and the boys were back at our place by 730am so we hung out, had some chats and got the sight seeing underway. While Mark went to the dentist, I took Tim around the city centre and in to a couple of churches and then we headed to Viktualienmarkt once joined by Mark and picked up some antipasto and wine and went home to devour. Oh so good! After a not-such-a-great-idea 2 hour nap in the afternoon we dragged ourselves to our little local Bavarian restaurant for a nice warming meal.

Mark had to go to work on Friday so Tim and I jumped in the car and went with him because about 30km past his work is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle belonging to King Ludwig II. It was still early so was a bit overcast and the sun wasn’t out hitting the top of it so it wasn’t as spectacular and when Mark and I went there but it was still quite majestic. Tim and I then headed back to Mark’s work and hit the gym there for just over an hour while we waited for the Master to finish. The drive back to Munich was good – I was a sleep…it’s an instant reaction for me, as soon as the drive is longer than 5 minutes I shut down but apparently Tim was a little scared in the back while we were sitting on 180km per hour on the snow covered Autobahn. We decided to stay in that night as the weekend ahead was going to be busy one.

Saturday morning the boys had a bit of time to themselves and Mark showed Tim some sights while I stayed home and worked on my event course assignment and finalising the Ali Hodges Events website design. When the boys got back we went and did a grocery shop and hit up the wine cellar where we tested and tasted them all and of course purchased a few before coming back home and resting up for the evening. On Saturday night we had, again, arranged a little group get together at a restaurant in the city with some International-turned-Munchenites and also to take Tim and that-evening-to-arrive J.Pitch. So not only have we been lucky enough to have 1 great friend here with us, but we were blessed with a guest appearance by Jeza also for a couple of days. The reason behind his visit is that their company is presenting to a potential client in Zurich on Tuesday which Mark and Jeremy are both needed so he came by Munich before we all head over there. Saturday night entailed much drinking, and after we finished at the resturant just before midnight we went to the first proper bar Mark and I have been to since we’ve been here which is around the corner from us – Goldene Bar. At 2am we made the “Party back at our house” call and everyone came around to kick on for another couple of hours…all in all a great night and a lot of fun was had with old and new friends.

Sunday was Mark’s second hangover for the week (today was his third) and the 3 guys had a Boys Day Out where they checked out the BMW Museum and then went into the city to the Hofbrauhaus to down a lunch time litre or two of beer and some sausages and digested by taking a walk around the city to check out the Carnivale stands for the festival that is here at the moment and sip on some Gluhwein. They came back home and relaxed with more beer before we all went to the Augustiner Brau for a Pork Knuckle and 3 litres of beer for the boys – honestly it puzzles me as to how they do it but that didn’t stop me ordering the last litre for them. A hilarious drunken tram ride home where what happens to me in a long car ride, obviously happens to an inebriated Jeremy on the tram, and we had to give a hard nudge before our stop to bring the rager back to life.

This week Markie is on annual leave and we’re having a bit of a down day before we have a road trip to Zurich tomorrow for some sight-seeing and for Mark, work on Wednesday, then off to the snow in Austria for the rest of the week. We’ve still got Jeremy with us until Thursday so we can all discover Zurich together for a couple of days. It’s been unreal having old meet new and getting to share our new home and city with some dear friends.

Rocco has now had his stitches removed so castration:complete and he will join us on our road trip since all the hotels here allow dogs. I have one more week to go before I am 6 weeks post op for my arm and get my half-way recovery xray to see if the bones have hopefully connected. I can now tie my hair myself, wash my face with both hands, and no loner require the rope around the front door to get in the house – not without it feeling that a thick rubber band at the end of its stretch but getting there and I did learn that I can’t electric beat egg whites for a pavlova for 15 minutes without repercussions.

All right back to the kitchen to bake some Hot Cocoa Cookies with Marshmallow bits for the drive.

Have a great week and enjoy the last full week of the ‘official’ summer – maybe when it’s over the weather might improve. Fingers crossed.

Till next time…..xx

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