Auf Wiedersehen Tim. Wir Werden Dich Vermissen! :(

5 Mar

Today we say good-bye to Timie – our visitor for the past couple of weeks, and it has been absolutely lovely having him with us to spend time with and catch up. While he was here we fit in 4 cities in 4 different countries but still managed to have a bit of down time in the middle of it all.

This past week Mark had to work so Timie and I hit the gym, some cafe’s and he discovered a bit of Munich on his own and actually taught me a couple of things about what is around that Mark and I haven’t discovered yet. After we were away last week and weekend we kind of left Monday as a down day. I had to get a few things done at the dentist which took up a couple of hours and Tim spent some time at the Deutsche Museum not far from our place. Tuesday while I was heading back from an unsuccessful hospital trip due to a 3 hour waiting time to get an xray done, I walked home down a street I’ve not yet been and it was really cool with lots of good shops and restaurants so I was happy with my discovery. I also realised there was a church that I’d been meaning to have a look at on that same street so I located that and went in. It is called the Asamkirche which was built from 1733 to 1746 by the brothers Eqid Quirin Asam and Cosmas Damian Asam as their private church but due to resistance of the citizens, the brothers were forced to make the church accessible to the public. It is totally over the top when you see the pictures but when inside, it kind of works. It is set on the street amongst the shops and has no grand entrance so would be easy to just walk past it and not really pay attention that it is there. Anyway, that’s another thing I get to cross off my list and it just showed me that I still have quite a bit to discover here in Munich.

We also had a few wins this week. The first being that my elbow bone is mended and the bones have come together and connected AND I can get the hardware out most likely in September where normally it is meant to stay in at least a year. I am really happy with that especially after I hit it against a sliding door the other day and I felt the pins and wire stab me from the inside which hurt like hell and a few tears were shed. The other win is that last week my marriage certificate returned from Indonesia legalised and the Authority here it Munich approved it, so I am finally now a legal resident and can stay in Germany until the end of 2014 without issues. I’m so relieved that that 5 month journey has come to an end!

We had quite the culinary adventure also as we all headed out to dinner every night last week. On Tuesday I was recommended a Greek restaurant so we all went there once Mark got home and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! The restaurant was cool, the food was unreal, the crowd was good and they kept topping us up with free Ouzo with the bill coming in at 30 euro a head for 3 courses and alcohol. On Wednesday night Mark had to stay at work for a function so Timie and I went on a date to a Vietnamese restaurant where the food was also very good. The ambience wasn’t great and it was quite bright and small but the food made up for it so we were content. On Thursday night we caught up with a couple who we’re friends with and we went to an Afghan restaurant in the city – again really yummy food and not a cuisine I had tried before so it was a new experience. On Friday because we drove to Prague, CZ for the weekend we made sure we had some traditional Czech food, and we topped our tour off with Italian last night – so we have been on a culinary journey around the world the past week and also have discovered some fantastic restaurants in Munich which we will be going back to.

Early in the week we were thinking of where we could go for the weekend to spend Timie’s final few days here. We had tossed up the idea of going to Venice but then changed our minds as it seemed like too long a drive…so we looked at the map to see what was around that wasn’t too far and settled on Prague. We took off early on Friday afternoon to try and miss the majority of the traffic and ended up arriving about 5pm. The place we stayed at was massive and it was like an apartment with a lounge room and kitchen etc so it was good to have a big space to move around in. We went for an early dinner not far from our hotel to a Czech restaurant, although because it was right near Charles Bridge it turned out to be a little bit touristy but we were able to get some traditional dishes and they were good. The alcohol went down smoothly also. We decided to have a little walk around Prague at night and crossed the Charles Bridge and looked at the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock and wandered through the tourist filled streets with many a pissed Englishmen/Americans/Italians stumbling into and out of the numerous bars and clubs we passed. We headed back to our hotel after deciding that we would take on a night out the following one instead.

Saturday morning we went for a leisurely walk across the river to a place for breakfast and then went to the Old Town again for the clock to strike 12 and the little show to be put on. It was a beautiful day and not too cold with the sun out in full force and shining brightly which really made Prague the most beautiful city we’ve visited. There was this unreal jazz band playing in Old Town Square which put a massive smile on my dial as they were all old timers and looked like they were just having the best time. Even though we were in Prague in October I was mainly focused on seeing my family whom I hadn’t seen in forever so I didn’t really take it all in, but this time was a different story. It is really just so spectacular and every building is beautiful. Mark and I then left Timie in the afternoon to do some retail therapy while we caught up for a quick lunch with my family at my cousin’s restaurant a little out of the city. Then we had a bit of an afternoon snooze and woke up to go out for a Czech fine dining experience to this restaurant not far from where we were staying. There were 2 big dining rooms which were old and quite regal looking and all very posh – it was really lovely actually. After devouring 3 yummy courses each we hit a bar/club that my cousin recommended called James Dean – it was kind of like a 60’s style diner in the restaurant and bar part that played 60’s music and then downstairs was packed with people all dancing and singing in the “club” also playing 60’s music. It was one of the strangest things we had ever seen yet somehow it worked, and the fact that every single girl was smokin’ hot helped sell the boys I think. We stayed there for just over an hour and then jumped a cab back to our hotel.

We only really spent half a day there yesterday as we had to check out at midday and we kind of had seen all we wanted to so we showed Tim Prague Castle and the Cathedral there in the morning and then by the early afternoon we began our 3.5 hour journey back to Munich. Although it’s so nice getting away, when we come back we are always really happy to be back and back in the Land of the Deutsche. The language, even though we don’t really know it, is comforting to see written and hear spoken again and it feels like home. We had our final supper together last night and my new best friend is off tonight back to rainy Sydney 😦  It’s been fantastic having him come and stay and Mark’s been trying his best to convince him to come back for Oktoberfest…fingers crossed.

This coming week we’ll be sliding back into routine and will be laying off the drinking and the eating out a bit to try and shed some winter weight that has snuck upon us this past month…think it best to go cold turkey on this one. I’ll let you know if we reach success next week.

Till next time…..xx

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