Clean Living (For the Most Part)

12 Mar

With our whirlwind few weeks and European gallivanting we had a bit of a down week this past one. We spent our final night with Timie on Monday with a home cooked meal then took him to the airport where the boys did a final half litre “Prost” before we went our sad, separate ways. It was a bit lonely in the car driving back to our place and Mark’s wish came true that something would happen with Timie’s flight and he couldn’t leave, however we didn’t benefit from it at all and it only really mucked our friend around royally – almost a full day later he was on his way. What a bitch when it’s already quite a painful journey.

We stayed in each weeknight and I just made dinner and we lay really low. Since we’ve had guests we have been indulging in both alcohol and lots of naughty food so it was time to crack down since we no longer had a reason to treat ourselves so the meals were nice and clean and there was no alcohol consumed. During the week it was business as usual with Mark back at work leaving early in the morning and returning home after 8:30pm which doesn’t leave much free time anyway.

Since I broke my arm I have been ordering the groceries online and had them delivered to me at home. My Deutsch is improving because of this, however, sometimes there aren’t pictures paired with the description. There have been a few interesting items delivered because of my lack of understanding, or their poor choice of words describing the item. One of these items was a mini pineapple I ordered, thinking it was one of the smaller ones – here’s what I got. Image

It’s still in the fridge and I’m not sure whether to even bother cutting it, as really, let’s be honest, there’s not going to be a whole lot to eat but it’s kind of just turned into a novelty now and in there for decoration and reminder. So, I’m getting there with the food but there are still some misunderstandings I need to work through.

I had a bit of a domestic day on Tuesday as it had been a little while since I had attacked the floors with the vacuum and mop and washed the dog so I just go stuck into all those boring bits and pieces that have to get done. I also got back to my 3 weekly physio sessions and made some pretty good progress with the arm. It’s closer to being straight, probably about 10 degrees off, and still about 30 degrees before it’s completely bent but because the bits of bones are mended my physios are going to town and had me in tears 3 out of 3 visits. They show so much joy when they have me in pain, but I can’t blame them as I’d probably be the same.

That’s about it for week day activities – yes boring I know, and the weekend wasn’t a whole lot more interesting. We tried to source some more of a wardrobe for Markie on Saturday and rode the bikes, that’s right, rode the bikes into the city. It took me an hour to stop psyching myself out before I finally got on and rode there because I am just so shit scared that I will do the same thing again but I knew I had to get back on the horse to get past this mental torture I’ve been putting myself through…and success, I stayed on and made it there and home in one piece + some metal guests that joined since the last time.

We intend to do our bike ride in June and at this stage I am going to give it my best shot and start training hopefully soon, probably in April as I think I will wait until the 12 weeks post surgery mark that was recommended by the doctor before hooning down hills and needing full force on the brakes. Sunday, however, we drove around a possible 100km bike route that we can train on and get back into the swing of things and build up our strength and endurance to tackle the French Pyrenees in 3 months. Dear God that’s close!

So this week, again a pretty low key one, staying in, continuing our healthy living and more planning on my part to get ready for our MarchFest party we are hosting at the end of the month. I’m going Dirndle shopping with a couple of girl friends on Friday in preparation and Rocco has already got his Lederhosen as he couldn’t wait. What do you think??


Have a great week and hope you all get langered on St Patrick’s Day.

Till next time…..xx

One Response to “Clean Living (For the Most Part)”

  1. Nealie March 12, 2012 at 11:29 pm #

    that little outfit is so creepy…’s creepy on a human let alone a widdle doggie!!! love the pineapple – that’s class!!! glad to hear you enjoyed timbo while he was there….must be hard to say goodbye to the people you love…..still, you’re on an adventure!!!!! love you guys heaps, thought about you both alot last week & this…missing you & would really love to drink some pints & just hang out!!! xxx

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