Spring has Sprung

19 Mar

What a sensational week of weather we have just had. Every day outdid the one before it and provided many opportunities to get outside and soak up some much missed vitamin D. Rocco and I got in a few nice long leisurely walks through the English Gardens which was buzzing with loads of people having picnics on the grass, playing ball games, music and some even playing their own instruments. The vibe was just so cool and it provided a taste of what Summer is going to be like. Now, when I say it was warm and sunny, I’m talking 15 degrees which if we were back in Aus we would be wrapped up in a number of layers still,but because we have in the last month had lows of -22 and the highs of about 7, it made 15 a scorcher calling for singlets and sandals.

Markie finally got back on his bike at the end of last week after not doing it during his first 6 months of Bavarian living. He decided on Friday to drive 3/4 of the way to work and then cycle the remaining 33km. This little trip done by August-2011-Mark would have breezed through in less than an hour but German-Beer-Drinking-Pretzel-Eating-February-2012-Markie called me when he got to work about 20 minutes later having doubts he may even be able to get back to his car at home time, however, he made it and realised that he has a bit of work to do if he is going to be ready in June. On Saturday he backed it up and went out in the morning for a 60km bike ride and on the way home a massive energy bonk required a Maccas desperation “ride through” and refuel in order to make it the whole way. He’s got to start somewhere and to do about 130km in less than 24 hours is not a bad effort after having such a long time off. The intention is now to do the part drive, part ride to work a couple of days per week and long rides on the weekend.

While Markie was spinning his little legs round and round on Friday, I went shopping with Noemi, a friend of mine here, to buy a dirndle…the traditional beer wench outfit here for those of you that aren’t familiar with the term. We went to a couple of shops and it was actually fun. I’m not one to enjoy shopping – the flipping through the racks, the picking out, the getting unchanged, rechanged, unchanged again whilst in this small little area that you have to move around in…hate it…however this was pretty fun. You have to buy the pieces seperately so you have to try on different midriff white blouses and see which you like and which gives you the best cleavage as that’s really all that’s on show in these things, and then you have to pick the dress and the apron. Cleavage for me is not my strong point even with assistance but I was recommended a dirndle bra from Noemi and by the end of the day, I got the girls up around my chin with a cute blouse and dress to match….mission accomplished in an hour and a half. Can’t wait to wear it!

On Saturday we were going to go and get Markie some Lederhosen but after his ride and then later going to the Gardens to lay in the sun with a picnic of antipasto goodies, we were too sleepy and lethargic to go anywhere so that has been put off to next weekend but it is a must because it’s the last chance before our Oktoberfest party in a couple of weekends.

So after our relaxing sun drenched park picnic we spent the rest of Saturday watching some re-runs of How I Met Your Mother as the sun started going down and then grabbed a kip before we headed out to go ten pin bowling with a group of friends. We were bowling for almost 3 hours and it was a lot of fun – Markie started getting the hang of the spin bowl and I was improving with each game my left handed bowling score. I think at the end I got up to 60 points for the entire game which really is a piss poor score but I wasn’t completely uncoordinated. I’m not the greatest loser either at anything sports (if bowling classifies) related so my losing-by-a-long-shot effort didn’t go without a few swear words throughout. After bowling we headed to Paros, the great Greek restaurant we went to while Tim was here, and it was absolutely packed to the brim. It seemed like more of a nightlcub than a restaurant and depsite our 10:30pm booking we still had to wait for 30 minutes to get seated…lucky they presented us with 2 bottles of Prosecco while we waited. Don’t mind if I do, thank you very much. Once we did get seated the service was flawless as was the food and the entire restaurant was privy to a show by a female stripper who had come as surprise entertainment to a bucks party that was there. After dinner was over we kicked on to this 60’s themed bar around the corner, not dissimilar to the one we went to in Prague, so it seems this in fashion over here.

Now I’m not sure if I’ve shared with you all yet that we live around the corner from a church. It’s beautiful to look at, but looks can be deceiving as this thing is pure evil! Every Saturday morning just when we think the early mornings have come to an end and we can get a sleep in…wrong…DONG, DONG, DONG, DONG, DONG…you get my drift. This occurs at 7:45am and continues for 15 minutes at a steady, constant pace. There’s no tune, no melody, just DONG, DONG, DONG, DONG…. Then in case it hasn’t rang enough it ends with the 4 on the hour dongs, followed by another 8 for the time. Normally on Saturday we are ready for it and although you can’t get back to sleep after it because it well and truly wakes you up after 15 minutes it doesn’t seem so bad as 8am is still a sleep in for us. However, when you have a headache from your previous nights inebriated state and 3am bed time the Sunday 15 minutes of madness at 8:45am is just mean – so we woke up not feeling great from the combination of Beer, Prosecco, Ouzo and Gin and Tonic and started the day off poorly rested and very slowly.

The rest of Sunday remained pretty lazy and we just jumped online and watched some tv etc – stayed home even though it was once again a really lovely day. We also caught the sun hitting the bed for an hour in the afternoon and took the opportunity to catch up on some church related lost sleep which was just divine. Due to the state we were in on Saturday night, we left the car at the restaurant so had to jump on a train to go and get it in the evening. After we picked it up we went and got a much anticipated and long awaited gelato (haven’t had one in almost 6 months because it’s been too cold and we don’t have a freezer so can’t have ice cream at home) and sat in the sun outside licking away. It was then time for me to learn to drive a stick so we located an empty car park and Markie taught me. We only got as far as stopping and starting, changing from 1st to 2nd gear as the car park wasn’t big enough to go any further, and a bit of reversing. So there’s still a way to go but at least it’s a start. We stayed in for dinner and had a relatively early night in preparation for the week ahead.

We have Mark’s sister Lauren and her friend Mitch arriving on Friday after 30 hours in transit (yuck!) and they will be staying in Munich for a week and a half so we’ve got some more guests and visitors from Aus to show around and hang out with for a little while before we head to Paris for the Easter long weekend. Also on at the moment is the Starkbierfest which isn’t quite as big as Oktoberfest but it’s still a beer festival with all the beers served having 7.5% alcohol so they’re a bit stronger – we might have to head there for the last days of it next weekend with Loz and Mitch to show them how it’s done here.The next few weeks coming up should be some goodies and with the weather warming up a bit, even better.

I’ll leave it there and wish you all a great week ahead.

Till next time…..xx

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