6 Months in Europe

26 Mar

After a slow start to the week it kicked up about 10 notches on Friday when Lauren and Mitch arrived…oh to be young again, not that I’m old but geez I feel it next to them.

Full of energy and adamant not to fall victim to jet lag we stayed around at home chatting and catching up/getting to know each other whilst Markie worked from home and finished what he needed to get done.

Just as Mark was finishing up our guests seemed to be winding down and approaching the brick wall so we got them up and out the door to begin their sightseeing journey. We took them to the English Gardens with Rocco where he found a friend who seemed quite magnetised to his backside and walked/thrusted with us for 10 mins barking at “the authority” until Mark booted him about 2 feet into the air and he finally scurried away.

The park was at its best with the beautiful blue sky, warm weather and people picnicking but we left there after a short tour and beer and pretzel stop to head towards the city via the usual suspects of the Hofgarten and Theatinerkirche.

It was decided that we’d go to the famous Hofbrauhaus for dinner as it was getting quite late. In we marched and found ourselves some seats and tables and continued Mitch and Lauren’s initiation to Munchen. Lauren was taking it easy as the jet lag had creeped up on her but Mitch was ripped and raring to go. Of course I love encouraging everyone new here and take advantage of their eagerness to slip straight into the Bavarian ways so I told Mitch he had to down just over 3 litres of beer in his first day to surpass the most a visitor has done yet. And he smashed it! Of course no initiation is complete without a Schweineshaxe (pork knuckle) so we all gobbled those between drinks.

As we left, well 2 of us left, one sauntered and one totally stumbled out of the beer hall we began the journey back home but it wasn’t an ordinary stroll (?) as on the way our 3.5 litred guest joined a medieval night tour that was going on, climbed over some outdoor cafe tables, picked up and shifted shop renovation lights, tried to give 60 year olds high fives and then we arrived at the Lion. Markie at the beginning of our show and tell afternoon had suggested he and Mitch ride the lion at Odeonsplatz so it was to be done on the very drunken trip home. With serious fear from Lauren and I that these 2 boys were possibly going to kill or badly injure themselves, they jumped on and rode the beast. They were very happy with their accomplishment and I was just happy that no one got hurt and we could continue trying to make it home without too many more interruptions.

We got back before 10pm and set the bed up for the kids and then we headed to ours…early night but I wasn’t complaining.

Saturday we had to get Markie his Lederhosen for our party that’s on this comingweekend and we were successful. He looks very dapper in his outfit and it didn’t take too long to have it all picked out and paid for. We had planned a bit of a picnic lunch so I went to the markets to get some food while the 3 others went up St Peters for a view over Munich. We met up again and went home for some lunch. In the evening Lauren and Mitch moved in to the neighbours flat, we went and did a small grocery shop and then we had dinner all together at home before another wall was hit and bed time arrived.

Mark hasn’t been able to get any time off work while have our visitors so he made the most of seeing them on the weekend and took them to the Olympic Stadium and BMW Welt. I got struck with a 24 hour gastro bug which left me literally shitting myself so I stayed home to take care of business whilst they all cavorted about. Markie and I went to our favourite little place for a romantic dinner whilst L&M researched online some things they could do this week.

So the week has once again begun at Monday and Loz and Mitch are off to Prague tomorrow for a couple of days which we highly recommended to them. I’ve got a bit to do for the party and need to make some more progress on AHE and getting my site together as well as the never ending physio sessions which have seen little improvement gained the past couple of weeks depressingly. I’ve got 4 more sessions left and even though after each session there seems to have been some greater range achieved, within a couple of hours the blasted thing has just snapped back to the position prior. I’ve got a feeling this may keep happening until I can have the hardware taken out in September.

Next week I should definitely have some good photos and stories for you with more from our guests and our shared journeys as well as our Oktoberfest party. We’ve got 30 people dressed in their traditional outfits or blue and white (for Bavaria’s national colours), 100 Litres of beer and a German Feast coming for the night. I’m looking forward to it…should be lots of fun.

Last week of March approaching – is it just me or does each year go quicker? I can’t believe Mark and I have now been in Europe already 6 months…crazy!

Till next time…..xx

2 Responses to “6 Months in Europe”

  1. Keeping Up With The Holsbys March 26, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    Liederhosen and 100L of beer? Looking forward to those photos!!!
    Will Rocco be dressed also? I know he has his outfit already…. Family shot, please. Won’t send it to the RSPCA, promise 😉

    • Ali Hodges March 27, 2012 at 6:24 am #

      You know it! Rocco will be rocking the Lederhosen. Maybe next years Christmas card?

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