MärzFest a Success

2 Apr

Well, well, well…The Hodges Märzfest party was a cracking, packed to the walls, fun, drink and food filled night. Our belated housewarming (we had to wait until we actually knew some people) slash Rocco’s birthday party started off a little slow with Mark, Florian (a colleague of Mark’s) and I sitting around twiddling our thumbs but once the door bell first buzzed it kept going all night. Rocco got to practice singing Happy Birthday to himself each time it rang just to let everyone know he was the door bitch. Dog really but the first one sounds better.

There was food and drink a plenty and even though I thought we would have a plethora of bread, meat and cakes leftover…most of it got eaten or packed away for a rainy day. We managed to squeeze 29 people in to our place which was a pretty good turnout. We did have 35 people say they would come and Mark and I were stressing a little as we weren’t sure everyone would fit but the number we ended up with was perfect. Out of the 100 litres of beer that we ordered, roughly 70 of that was consumed. Our guest, Mitch, managed to beat last week’s 3.5 litre effort by double. Yes, you read correctly, he put away seven litres.

A 3 pack CD set of Oktoberfest songs was played from the start until roughly 2:30am when the fat beats dance music came out and since there were no complaints from guests, nor neighbours we now feel encouraged to have a bigger, louder one next time.

We have a few different groups that we know people from and all seemed to mix and mingle nicely with a few phone number exchanges and Facebook additions so overall, a fairly successful party. We started at 7pm, well 7:30 was when our first guest arrived and Mark ended up having to throw everyone out just before 4am as I think people may have happily settled in until the sunrise had he not made the last drinks call. Everyone dressed up in the traditional outfit or, as the invitation stated, blue and white if they didn’t have it. It was great to see all our friends make such an effort and those that massively contributed by bringing food, even more of one.

We forced ourselves, with a huge help from Florian who stayed the night, to get cleaning straight away and start washing up and packing down so the sight of it all the next morning, or the same morning just a few hours later, wasn’t so overwhelming. I ended up getting to bed just before 5am where I felt like I was lying on a cloud. It felt so good to be horizontal. The clean up on Sunday comprised just of vacuuming and mopping and bringing our living room furniture back into it’s place as we shifted it all out for the party since I hired beer tables and benches for an as-authentic-as-we-could-get biergarten feel. Mark and I were both pretty buggered afterwards and didn’t manage to walk more than 5 paces out the door for the rest of the day which was only to let Rocco do his business.

Last week for me really comprised of getting all the remaining elements of the party sorted and working out a schedule (I am the schedule Queen) as to how everything would get done and when it would get done in the lead up and on the day. I also did a lot of work on my website content and completed one of my event course assignments so a fairly productive week I think.

Today I just completed my 3 months of 3-times-a-week physiotherapy for my elbow. It’s not perfect. It’s still not quite straight, and can not quite bend all the way but it’s as good as it’s going to get until I go under the knife once again in September to have the foreign bodies removed. All I hope for is that once they’re out it does get full range back again. If not maybe I’ll break the other one so they’re both a little crooked.

Lauren and Mitch are still here but fly to London tomorrow to continue their European adventure and spent last week getting further acquainted with Munich when they were here and the two days they spent in Prague, they loved. They managed to drive 100km further to a church with an interior completely made of human bones, even the chandeliers and chairs were all bones….shudder…before going to the city and looking around there. Tonight we are going out to our favourite Greek restaurant just a train station away for the last supper but as part of their Contiki tour they will be back in Munich mid-April so we might get to see them again briefly in a few weeks.

This one is a short week due to the Easter long weekend…yippee…who am I kidding, I’m always on a break, but yippee for Mark! We are flying to Paris at 7am on Friday morning and making the most of 4 days there. What better place to spend Easter than the city of lights packed with pastry and chocolate…oink oink! The main reason we are going there is to actually watch the Paris-Roubaix, a one-day professional bicycle road race that starts about 60km north-east of Paris centre and ends in Roubaix. It’s famous for its rough terrain and cobblestoned sections which have participants calling on special bikes with unique frames and wheels due to the many vibrations and bouncy road conditions. The race is on Sunday so we’ve got a couple of days in Paris and then spending the Sunday night in Bruges, Belgium before flying out late Easter Monday. It’s been a few months since we got on the plane and I’m really looking forward to seeing Paris with the husband 🙂 I also want to see if I beep when I make my way through security at the airport as I haven’t tested that out yet.

Right well I’m off to get ready for my Greek feast. Have a wonderful short week and Happy Easter to you all. Get hunting for those choccies…or just go buy them at the shop, it’s probably easier and much much quicker.

Till next time…..xx

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