Bitter Sweet Sydney

16 Apr

Yes, the rumours are true – well, hang on, maybe you know some others I don’t so I’ll clarify…I am back in Sydney. Not for a long time, but for a good time. I had left this little bit of information off the past blogs since I had been planning a visit primarily to see two beautiful friends of mine get married this weekend just gone, but the visit was kept a secret from my mum and since she is probably the only person that reads this, I had to keep from mentioning it. Hi Mum!!!

So as you know from my last blog, Markie and I spent Easter weekend in Paris and Brugge and got back late on Monday night. Tuesday morning first thing I posted my blog and then packed another bag and headed to the airport to begin my 24 hour journey back to the land of Aus. Prior to going away for Easter though I was stinking out our entire apartment with different spices and aromas as I was trying to make sure Markie was well fed for the time I was away so that is why I didn’t have much else to report besides our trip away. So yes, reading between the lines…I flew back solo to Sydney as Markie is in a peak time for the project he’s working on and unfortunately couldn’t make it. This is the Bitter to the Bitter Sweet Sydney as I am missing him immensely and wish my beautiful husband and Partner in Crime were here to see everyone and be by my side. Distance makes the heart grow fonder so they say, but I’m not sure this is possible. All right I’ll get you all that bucket that you’re searching for now.

I landed just after 10pm on Wednesday night and was lucky to get through customs and get my bags fairly quickly as I was trying to meet mum at her restaurant before she packed up and went home, even though I’d put some wheels in motion that her staff try and keep her there. So I got in my $52 cab which took me from the airport to Potts Point and almost threw up as I was exchanging the money at what a bloody RIPOFF this city is (after being exposed to the other side) but managed to keep my Emirates poached egg down. I arrived at the bistro while everyone was standing around just about ready to close up and casually said hi. I don’t think it really registered right away as to what was happening, so I repeated it and added “mum” to which she reached out one arm and gobsmacked covered her face with the other (literally covered as her hands are about as big as mine) and pulled me in for a hug. She was so happy, so I was quite chuffed I had pulled off the surprise despite a few people having known about my trip for a number of weeks.

I spent Thursday with Mum just being rather leisurely and going for a walk with her dogs in the morning and whilst she was busy later in the day I hit up two of my most missed shops…Chargrill Charlie’s in Woollahra for their scrumptious lemongrass chicken salad, and then to Pasta Pantry for their delectable coffee. Mmmmm…yum! Yep, I was back! Friday I caught up with some friends and it was so nice to be able to shoot the sh*t and snap back to where we’d left off and see their beautiful faces which I’ve very much missed.

The main event and reason for my being here was on Saturday for Kate and Myles’ wedding. I started the afternoon over at Lauren and Paul’s for some Mango Daiquiris and to get ready and head on over to the superb wedding location of Bronte House. There I got to see almost all our friends from a few different groups and it was just such a fantastic day witnessing these two gorgeous people getting married and also catching up and partying with our nearest and dearest. Very much worth coming back for and the best part is I’m here for another couple of weeks so I will have the chance to see everyone again hopefully.

Sunday the head was ok, but the tummy wasn’t too impressed. I tried to sleep it off, run it off, caffeine it off but I think with the mix of alcohol and potentially the jet lag (the sleep hasn’t been fantastic since I got here), the pain was resisting my fighting attempts. No time for that though as I had people to do and things to see. I caught up with Timie & Dave for a lovely breakfast and headed to Manly after to pick up a car which my friend, Sara, has so kindly leant me whilst I’m here. I caught up again with Lauren and Paul in the evening and we hit up NBI for a delicious early dinner.

So far my trip is thoroughly enjoyable and I am loving seeing all our gorgeous friends. I have a lot more activities lined up for this week and many more catch ups. The weather has been kind up until now also so fingers are crossed that it remains despite the forecast presenting a week of torrential rain. I’ve been able to speak to my better half quite a few times as well and Rocco has made a couple of cameos on Skype. I miss my boys so much and wish they were here but I’m doing what I can to represent the Hoggies – yes Loz, pronounced like the pigs 😉 (and the way our Balinese celebrant pronounced our surname so now you all know where it originated).

All right, have a wonderful week and I hope to see all of you who are in Sydney while I’m here – I’m back on my old number so if you want a chat or to set something up, give me a bell.

Till next time…..xx

2 Responses to “Bitter Sweet Sydney”

  1. Keeping Up With The Holsbys April 16, 2012 at 9:52 am #

    I never knew that’s where Hoggies comes from- hilarious! And fortuitous, imagine how long it may have taken you to come up with a name!
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon xxx

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