There Were 4 In The Bed …

23 Apr

Week 0.5-1.5 of my trip to Sydney has been another full one and involved many more wonderful catch ups with missed friends and family. I’ve been in very close proximity to my family (mum and her 2 dogs, as we all sleep together so there’s not much leftover space…hence the title).

One of the activities on my agenda whilst I’m here is to obtain Apostille’s for Mark and my Australian documents in order for me to be able to progress with my Czech citizenship so on Monday I headed into the city to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs for that, and also fix up a few details for a couple of banks. I did it in the wrong order though as I ended up arriving at the DoFA at 1:45pm and for some reason they are only open 9am-1pm Monday to Friday, of course, cos that makes no sense whatsoever. So I missed the boat on that one and got home earlier than expected.

My Aunty had arranged to come to Sydney for a few days to catch up with my mum and also see the opera La Traviata as well as check out the Art Gallery. Her trip began last Sunday so as added bonus of my being here was that I got to see and spend some time with her which was great. Monday night we all headed to the delicious Macleay St. Bistro for my first feed there since arriving and what a wonderfully yummy dinner! I miss it!

As predicted in my last blog, we got several days of torrential rain making me housebound, well, almost. I did get to knock a few things off my list of to-do’s that I have whilst here such as checking on our storage unit to check Mark and Tim’s stacking capabilities were up to scratch and nothing had toppled over (check); and also do some work for Ali Hodges Events and try and lock down my business card design, so I had a meeting to progress with that.

I went out with a couple of gorgeous girls on Wednesday night and braved the pouring rain and floods to do so, and it was well worth it. During the day however, I sat my arse down on the couch and read the Aussie rags and watched channel E on Fox all day! Oh yeah, I got up to speed with all the trash, because I could – I had the time, and I was able to understand it all (ah English).

Thursday night I was able to make a guest appearance at KGV basketball courts to watch Mark’s old team play (which I used to dedicate ever Thursday night to when we lived here) and then sticking to the standard procedure we crossed the road to have some food and drinks at The Australian.

Our good friends K&F had the most beautiful little twins in November last year and we were already living in Munich so hadn’t had the chance to see them. On Friday I drove up the Central Coast to spend some time with our wonderful friends, and also spend some time with the two oh-so-cute and cheeky boys. So adorable! I made my way back down to Sydney for Thai take out dinner with D&M at their place, stopping on the way to visit one of Mark’s grandmothers.

There have been quite a number of new restaurants opening since we’ve been away and we still hear about them, all the way over in Germany. We had been told that a new Greek one in Potts Point was fantastic so before I even came back, I arranged with a big group of friends to all get there for a catch up and give this new place a whirl and see if it was as good as the reviews. The food was fantastic, but the company was even better and it really made me realise from all this weeks and the previous weeks catchups that we really have got a fantastic group of friends here in Sydney and we are so lucky. Just to top it off, I got spend Sunday evening with a gorgeous girl I’ve known since my tennis days and spent many a drunken night with so it was hilarious reminiscing, and getting drunk again for old times sake.

Markie and I have kept up the communication and had a few more skype sessions and whatsapp text conversations. He is working bloody hard as it was crunch time last week for his team so he wasn’t getting much time at home, awake time anyway. From all reports he had a good weekend cycling and partying with some friends we have over there. I’ve got 9 more days here in Sydney before I fly back to my home and husband and I have quite a lot of things to still do here so it’s going to be a fairly hectic 9 days with a few more meals out and get-togethers. I’ve eaten out so much since I’ve been home, I’m not sure I’ll remember how to cook. I have a feeling Mark will let me practise as much as possible though so I get back into the groove- but I don’t need to think about that yet.

I don’t have many photos – I seem to be very good at remembering to bring my camera everywhere I go, but not so good at taking it out of my bag and actually using it. Maybe that can be my mid-year resolution.

I’ll have more stories from Sydney next week summing up my last week here until we come back again at Christmas (not set it stone but that’s the hopeful plan). We’ve got ANZAC day this week so I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday off work and make the most of the festivities.

Till next time…..xx

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