Back In The Land of The Munchkins

7 May

Here I am, back in Munich, back home and back to routine. I didn’t write last week as I was just a bit bloody lazy to be honest…oh yeah and I had a lot to pack in to my last few days in Sydney…and I had hardly any photos because, as I mentioned last post, I’m hopeless at getting it out of my bag.

My last week and a half in Sydney was wonderful and cramped, but mostly wonderful. I managed to see all my past colleagues in a couple of visits to the city, and I also spent some time with Mark’s other grandmother so it was nice to do some representation on behalf of the Head Hog. I managed,with some seriously irritating and frustrating processes, to get all my papers legalised, and notarised for my Czech citizenship application which I’m glad I started when I did so that I had the couple of weeks I needed to fart-arse around with the office and train hopping. I got to catch up with some friends I hadn’t yet had a chance to, and also got to sneak in a 2nd catchup for others and visit Messina 3 times in 2 days. Yum!

Mum’s birthday was yesterday and I wasn’t able to be there on the day so we went out for a sly pre-birthday dinner last Monday to celebrate. I took her to Aria, which I had never been to before, so I was super excited, and we had the tasting menu which comprised of seven delicious mini meals that all tasted so good. We also had about seven waiters that night, although we didn’t get to taste them. Not too upset though.

I was so blessed to be lent a car from my lovely friend Sara whilst I was in Sydney so the day before I left which was a beautiful sunny day, I drove it to Manly and then got the ferry across to Circular Quay. What a way to travel. It’s hardly public transport if you sit outside in the sun, and close your eyes. Bliss! I had a final send off early dinner with Timie and Dave at the fabulous Macleay St. Bistro and then headed home to stuff a little more in my suitcase and do the sit-down-zip-up. My flight back was at 6am, which meant a 4:15am airport arrival, and a 3:30am house departure, so a 2:45am wake up. Thank God I had literally nothing to do for 24 hours otherwise I wouldn’t have coped on my 3 hours of sleep. The flights were all fine and running on time. A few cheeky aids were devoured to assist me with a solid sleep, although I only got a total of 6 hours in so they didn’t help too much.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Mark used his new found freedom in the few weeks I was gone to really get the most out of the social network we have built up here and tried some new restaurants, hit up a few nightclubs, went to his first football (soccer) game at the Allianz Stadium, conquered a few climbs on the bike, and worked…a lot! Enough about him – JK.

I was waiting in line at customs at Franz Joseph Airport in Munich when I saw my much-missed hunk and live-teddy-on-a-leash through the glass. I missed my little family so much whilst I was away and even though it was fabulous seeing everyone, I did feel a part of me was missing so I’m looking forward to getting back for the next visit with husband in tow.

Due to Mark’s Raid on the Pyrenees road cycling challenge in June he is/has to spend a lot of time on the bike training at the moment so whilst he was out this weekend I decided to bake. This is going to get dangerous over the next 6 weeks since his being gone for hours is the perfect time for me to whip up a few creations. Thing is, he is out burning calories and then refuelling, where as I am just standing in the kitchen licking bowls full of calories and then consuming more when I shove in the end result. This weekend I got a bit carried away and made 4 dishes. On Saturday I got stuck into making Chocolate Brownie and Peanut Butter Frosting Cookie Sandwiches. Holy Shit! Can I just say…sorry just stuffing my face with one so can’t say much at the moment….Amazeballs! I also baked some coconut bread and used a couple of recipes from my gorgeous friends blog who shares pondered thoughts, and fantastic recipes – you should check it out…it’s a good read. Keeping Up With The Holsbys. The recipes I made from Dan’s collection was the No Knead Sourdough Bread (which came out of the oven this morning looking pretty bloody good if I do say so myself), and the Irresistible Apple and Bircher Muesli which will be our yummy breakfast for the week. I am really loving being in the kitchen at the moment and baking up these creations. I ordered an ice cream machine online last week also and that’s arrived along with the The Perfect Scoop (a book by David Lebovitz FILLED WITH ice cream recipes and much more). I intend to hopefully whip up a batch this week and pop my ice cream cherry (now that I’ve popped the bread making one – geez I get around).

Mark and I did get in some catch up time this weekend though and it was nice to just hang out and watch some movies with each other. I also got back into the social scene here and we had dinner at a cool Italian restaurant called La Baracca with a couple of friends. The unique feature that this place has is that as you enter you are handed a leather cased card that you take to your table. Once you’re seated you use the iPad, which remains charged in a slot in the middle of the table, and you lay your card on the groove on the iPad contraption. You are then free to browse the menu of food and beverages on the iPad and order from it. The kitchen receives your order, the data is saved on to your card along with a tally of your bill, and then you wait for your meal to come out. If you wish to get the attention of a waiter, you can call one over using the iPad also. It’s pretty cool and whilst it’s fun to experience, the novelty wore off by the end when you kind of feel cheated for not having the normal service that comes along with dining out – which is part of the fun of eating out anyway.

Besides a long weekend to Barcelona for the MotoGP in Catalunya we are staying put for the next couple of months due to the training regime and requirements for Markie’s cycling torture, sorry challenge. To keep you interested I will make sure to dazzle you with my kitchen creations, and keep you posted as to Mark’s ever-progressing lean physique and my bulging one..

This week is Business As Usual but since I’ve returned, the weather is warming up so I may get in some more sunbaking at the English Gardens, less the extra visual goodies, like I did last Friday 🙂

Have a good week everyone.

Till next time…..xx

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