Is It The Frank, Or The Beans?

21 May

Oh I have some top blog material this week, however I have been forbidden to use it – so disappointing…for everyone really. All right, i’ll give you a hint. If you can match the title of this blog post to the line from a relating movie you will have a pretty good idea of what happened. Nup, sorry, that’s all I can give you. Think of it as a little treasure hunt!

Last week was a short week which I didn’t know going into it. There was a public holiday on Thursday for Ascension Day, however, because a lot of Mark’s colleagues are from all over the shop they allowed everyone to work from home on Friday as well. I should have been able to spend more time with Markie but I was kept pretty busy and he used the free time to go for some looooong bike rides. Then came the regular weekend where there were more looooong bike rides. Markie’s little legs managed 130km on Saturday, 60km on Friday, and 90km on Thursday so he definitely deserved to be rewarded with the goodies I got to making last week.

So that ice cream I had on my list of things to do…it got done, and demolished. Chocolate Hazelnut Stracciatella…yep, that happened. Oh so good. We had a couple of friends over for dinner on Friday night so we put it to the test along with a chocolate ganache tart that I whipped up. Holy Chocolate Heaven! I also tried another sourdough loaf last week with figs and walnuts as well as the usual seedy goodness. Again, a winner if I do say so myself.

For me last week was a bit of a social one, I was able to catch up with a girl for lunch midweek and then went and had cake and tea with another friend one afternoon. Friday night, as I mentioned, we had a couple of friends come around for a small dinner party and then Saturday, well Saturday was the kicker…quite literally. The Champions League final was one where Bayern (our local team) was playing Chelsea for the title. Thing is this final was also held in Munich and it has never (I could be wrong with that but at the very least it’s almost never) happened that the final has been held in the city from where a team playing in the final is from. As you could imagine the Munchkins were going crazy all Saturday getting ready to watch the anticipated Bayern easy win. Mark and I went with a group of friends to a huge bar and restaurant with multiple big screens all showing the game that night. It was such a great atmosphere and you should have heard the crowd going wild for 5 minutes after Bayern scored the first goal at the 84 minute mark (out of 90) only for Chelsea to make one 4 minutes later. So we were into the over time where there was no result gained, meaning a penalty shoot out was to be the decider. The outcome wasn’t in our favour and you could have heard a pin drop in the venue when Chelsea made the final goal. It was as though everyone had gone to sleep. It was not the best end to the day and the hype and Markie was really quite agro and upset on the way home about it all.

We used our lack of plans on Sunday to sleep in, and hang out around the area in which we live. We hit up the local Italian restaurant for some lunch in the sun, and just used the opportunity for some R&R. This weekend we are heading to Bormio in Italy to watch the Giro D’Italia where we will watch stage 20, the legendary Stelvio pass, a day the riders pedal for 218km. We’ll take our bikes with us and try and get a few climbs in whilst we’re there as well. Bormio is about a 4 hour drive from Munich so we’ll have a bit of a road trip.

Ah, this reminds me. Mark and I were talking about his big challenge coming up and saying that it is a bloody tough pursuit and perhaps we should see if people would be so kind to donate some money to a charity to accomplish two things – encourage Mark’s arse to make it up the climbs and be victorious while giving money to a great cause. We decided to go with Shake It Up Australia Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2011 to promote and focus on Parkinson’s Disease research in Australia and reaching their goals of delivering better treatments, prevention strategies and ultimately finding a cure in the very near future. Parkinsons was the disease that got my father so it is a charity that I strongly care about and would love to see get support. If you are willing to donate to these 2 great causes, please click here. It would mean a lot to us Hoggies.

While I’ve got you on the path of doing things for us, I’ll throw in another little favour I’ve got to ask you. I have just opened my imaginary doors for business to my new company Ali Hodges Events…a boutique wedding and event planning company. I have been nominated to be in the running to win a small business grant from Suncorp, but I need your help. It’s probably easiest to do as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning so you don’t forget throughout the day…yes, every day until June 8th would be greatly appreciated 🙂 No…just whenever you can get around to it…lunch time every day is fine too. To get to my page to vote please click here. All right, I’ve got you all working. You can’t expect to get entertained for free these days!

The Ali Hodges Events website is not quite up and running yet – it was due to go live in the next week or so but I have busted my web designers balls and changed my mind so it will be a few more weeks. If you need a good, thorough and very accommodating (but don’t push him) web and graphic designer Webslinger in your man! His site is coming soon, cos I keep making him change mine, but he is very much in business.

Well for most of you, you are in the last week and a bit of Autumn so I hope that the weather is nice for it and is kind to you before the dreaded awful “W” season begins…brrrr. Just remember, it could be worse, like -20 degrees.

Have a wonderful week, don’t forget to donate and vote…whatever you can and whenever you can would be a great help 🙂

Till next time…..xx

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