I’ve Got An Announcement To Make…

11 Jun

Now kids, in the Summer of 2012, your Aunt Ali…no, no, that’s not it…gotcha!
But geez I do hope they release some new episodes of How I Met Your Mother as Mark’s watched the reruns from season 1 episode 1right through to not quite the end but we’ll be there by the end of this week and I don’t want him to start them all over again for Round 3.

I do have an announcement however, and that is that my  business,
Ali Hodges Events now has its website live and it is legen…wait for it…dary! It’s been months in the making, fine tuning, mind changing, last minute requesting but now it’s up and out there for the world to see. Please check it out if you get a chance:
www.alihodgesevents.com (and turn ur sound on, there is some sweet beats to browse to).

Besides that…Well this is going to be quite the let down compared to last weeks post of activities so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

It was mostly a stay at home, eat at home week with Mark continuing to get home at 9:30pm. Although Mark had yet another long weekend with Friday off even though the actual holiday was Thursday, his work switched the days for the employees to take off…which meant when Mark cycled to work on Thursday the change rooms were closed and he had to attend his meeting in his cycling gear. Hawt!

Friday night, however, we did paint the town red and after a group dinner for a friends 40th birthday at a lovely restaurant we hit up “Drella,” a club in town. This was the first time I had been proper out in the 8 months of being here and now I know where they’ve been hiding the better looking guys. The hot chicks are everywhere so Mark’s been fine, but I was really restricted for eye candy, besides of course what I am blessed with at home. The club was packed but it was fun to be out for a change and mix it up however we were home and in bed by 3am so us old ragers, well, just seem to be old.

The entire weekend we shared Sydney’s weather – dark, cloudy, raining, miserable which restricted Marks cycling training a bit but he still managed to get a couple of rides in. Meanwhile I met up with a girl for lunch on Saturday who has just moved here from Sydney and is a friend of several friends actually so it’s nice to be able to add someone else to our social peeps list.

I did also get some baking in waiting for Markie to get home each night and whipped up another loaf of scrumptious sourdough and some creamy chocolate ice cream which is a winner!

We have been getting some generous donations from our nearest and dearest for Mark’s Raid on the Pyrenees, which begins now in less than 14 days. We are just over half way to our goal contribution figure and sitting at $810…our aim is to get $1500. Just in case you lost the link and wish to sponsor him, here it is again: http://www.everydayhero.com.au/mark_hodges

All accommodation is now booked, again, after discovering some hotels I initially had lined up didn’t take dogs, I had to search for ones that did. Yep, Rocco is coming because I need my mate whilst I’m driving a van, and cooking up lunch for the guys on the gas stove top I bought and basically following them as their support crew for hopefully not longer than 8 hours a day. It’s a bit more comforting to have my buddy there when I talk to myself as I can pass it off as though I’m talking to him. No really, I’m sane!

My mate

This week is the first in 4 that Markie will not have a long weekend so hopefully he will still be standing on Friday evening with the hours he’ll be working. Next weekend is the final cycling heavy training weekend he’s got up his sleeve so I’ll be looking forward to actually spending some more time with him when the Raid is over. We’ve still not got any trips lined up as internal European flights are really not that cheap if you want to fly for weekends so I’ve got some more work to do sifting through all the airlines and deals before we actually can book something.

I’ll end this by saying Nadal, what a bloody legend! 7 French Open titles…. I was so pumped to see him win today, what a champion.

Enjoy your week, and if you don’t mind please stop pushing the Sydney weather to Munich, it’s meant to be summer here and we don’t want the same one you just had if we can help it 🙂

Till next time…..xx

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