Bits and Pieces

18 Jun

You would have all heard of GroupOn…well they’ve got it here too and a few months ago I purchased a couple of things from it. 2 x 60 minute massages for 30 Euro for the both of them, and a Skydiving experience for Mark and I. After our wedding last year I sat down and put together a goals list -what I wanted to achieve in 1 yr, 5 yrs, and 10 yrs and well, skydiving was somewhere on that list so when I saw this deal on GroupOn I had to get it because it was on my bucket list and there’s no time like the present. We have until October 31st to use it and I hadn’t yet booked a time, so I kicked off last week by booking it first thing Monday morning. Now, it’s not happening until August, but I’ve booked it and I’m pumped. The company is called Sky-Dive Nuggets and I fear that might be exactly what is falling out of Mark and I whilst we do it.

The weather was pretty miserable for the most part making everything difficult to do as it’s just a pain. In late February I went to the hospital for a check up and xray on my elbow to see how it was healing with the pins and wire and all seemed good. The doctor told me to make an appointment in June for another check up and then hopefully we could schedule my next operation for removal of the hardware in September. I called up last week to make that appointment only to be faced with telephone receptionists who couldn’t speak English, so I went in. The doctor wasn’t there and I was told to call him and make an appointment directly, so I did. But, I got hold of another woman on the other end of the line who couldn’t speak English so spelt out his email address to me so I could email him and tell him what I want, so I did….and I’ve not heard back. I have a feeling I might be repeating this process this week and it is really frustrating…not because they don’t speak English so much, but because I don’t speak German and everything takes about 10 times as long as it should to do which is quite draining and exhausting. Right….that’s my bitch and I will look at the bright side and be happy I get to have a couple of walks to the hospital. I might get google translate to assist me so I can actually schedule this crap to get out of my arm because not a day goes by where I don’t notice it. Something as small as combing a knot out of my hair whilst it has conditioner in it is very demanding and requires the support of the left hand.

We have been getting more and more ready for the Raid Pyrenean which we leave for this Friday and have ordered more cycling clothes for Markie, a massive Esky that turns into a table (very cool), camping chairs, a gas camping stove (which I mentioned last week), Walkie Talkies, extra gearing so Mark will be able to spin and spin up the hill like Fred Flinstone and barely move but slow and steady…, and a bunch of other things so it’s felt a bit like Christmas around here with deliveries left, right and centre. We have a few more packages to arrive and then we should be ready to go. I’m really looking forward to it although I don’t have to do any work besides drive and cook so I got a pretty good deal out of it. There will be a lot of alone time so I’ve bought the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey to read whilst on the trip although I’ve been told they’re a bit raunchy (who am I kidding, that’s exactly why I bought them) so I’ll have to cool off with the buckets of ice we’ll have in the van as to not get too toey. Overshare?!

Friday the sun came out for the weekend so I took advantage of it and went and lay in the park for a little while and work on my tan. The park takes 3 minutes to walk to so it’s great to just pop over for an hour or so and be home without a massive chunk being taken out of the day. Then Saturday it was stinking hot and because Mark had arranged a 150km bike ride with Tunza which should have taken 8 hours, including the drive to the starting point (although took 13 hours but I’ll get to that), I arranged to meet up with a couple of girls at the Seehaus Beergarden in the English Gardens for some lunch and some bevies. Just sitting there I was dripping down my legs and back and I felt like an animal roasting, it was quite disgusting and I can only imagine the aroma I was generating but it wouldn’t have been picked up on through everyone elses so it was AOK. However, it was great to have a bit of a chat and enjoy the sunshine since we’ve been a bit deprived lately.

Whilst marinating, I got a call from Markie who was in bad shape and had to stop on his ride, 2.5 hours behind schedule with severe leg cramps and nothing he did would work. There was a lot of mountains and elevation planned on this ride and he was stuck at the first one. He got off and stretched and tried again, each time the distance shortening before the next round of cramps kicked in. So…he ended up only completing 125km (not too shabby) and got picked up by Tunza in the car who did get to complete the day without injury and they made their way back to Munich. We have some serious vitamins and minerals on our shopping list for this week so I can ply Markie with them before the Raid starts next Monday. That and some big time carb loading will be going on this week…my favourite, especially since I won’t be participating. I’m going to be getting all the goodness and use the energy to read my books and drive a van.

Saturday night we went over to a friend’s place for dinner, it was supposed to be early but we were an hour late since the training session didn’t go as planned. Oh it was soooo yummy! Thanks Anita and Nik. Delicious and always so nice to hang out with them and share some laughs and good times.

Then to end the week off we had a lazy Sunday morning sleep in and start to the day, woken up by the church bells of course but also to a mass service being performed along the street with the priest and his helpers (or is that Santa…sorry even though I went to a catholic school for my entire education, I completely switched off so I don’t know the names of them) and the parishioners (Boo-ya!) walking around the block reciting the lyrics (?) in a megaphone. Mark made a statement of “how cool, it is in traditional latin” until we realised it was actually German, which was quite fitting since we are in Germany. One forgets sometimes.

With no desire to be defeated on the bike as his last big ride in preparation for the Raid, Mark decided to cycle a nice easy 70km in the afternoon so I joined him as I was procrastinating doing my assignment and if I didn’t then we wouldn’t have spent hardly any time together over the weekend. Since weekdays are a complete write-off in terms of quality time because of his work hours I have to get it where I can. It was so much fun and really nice to get out and be a bit active in the warmth on the weekend. The evening was topped off with some delicious Vietnamese food from a restaurant called Monsoon around the corner from us, and seeing Germany progress through to the Euro Cup quarter finals against Greece. Finally, a team we can support that wins! Sorry folks, harsh but true.

Right this week is a short one hopefully with us taking off for our drive to France and stopping the night in Grenoble on Friday so I’ve got some snack making and baking to do and I really need to get some more assignments done for my course as I’ve been sitting on this one now for a week and I want it over with already. The sun should be out a few days as well so I’ll try and sneak in some more tanning sessions.

Wish us (Markie) luck for the Raid and I’ll be in touch on Day One in my free time…they’re only doing 190km that first day so it should be a breeze… not!

Till next time…..xx

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