Hoggies Celebrate 1 Year

25 Jun

We made it! Last week Markie and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. I know it’s not much, but you’ve got to start somewhere. It made us both seriously think back to last year when we had all our family and friends together on holiday for a week in the sun and it was magical. We have such fond memories and there is nothing about the day that we wish we could have changed. For those of you who don’t know, the first year anniversary has a gift of paper. Lame! I’d been thinking about what I could get him – a voucher, a concert ticket, hand made card, or simply just give this stupid material what it deserves and pull a piece of paper from the printer as a gift.

I had been thinking about it for a while and came up with the idea of making a year book, kind of like those from school but hardcover and, well, just about us. So I put together this book and started filling it in December with all our blogs and photos, month by month. I also decided to design a coat of arms for us and had it as the cover… I think it’s pretty cool as its based on our star signs, our chinese zodiac animals and then some little bits and pieces that mean something to us. Markie, however, swapped with me this unreal and tear jerking home made card and a print out of flight tickets to Mykonos in October. Can. Not. Wait.

The day/night was topped off with dinner at a Michelin star restaurant down the road from our house and 5 courses with matching wines which resulted in us getting quite pissed and having a few good laughs. Since the much anticipated Raid Pyrenean started today and we had to leave on Friday to drive to our pit stop of Grenoble before driving further the following day to Hendaye, we didn’t have too late a night.

All of our deliveries for the bike ride arrived, apart from one. The one containing all the nutrition and diet supplements which really is quite crucial. We waited around until as late as we possibly could on Friday and when the DHL guy came without a package for us we had to take off as it was already going to be a late arrival at our hotel. So we picked up Markie’s cycling team mate on the way out of Munich and hit the road for 8 hours of fun, boredom, entertainment…quite a myriad of moods really. It wasn’t a long stay in Grenoble as we woke up for breakfast and took off mid morning for another 8 hours and a complete and utter wallet rapeage with the tolls on the French roads. 70 euro it cost just to travel through France for a few hours vs. 33 euro for the 1 year pass that you can get for Switzerland. Seriously, where do they get off. The croissants aren’t that bloody good to be worth it!

Anyway, Sunday was a day of bike fiddling, tuning, prepping, psyching up – you name it, they did it. This was of course after our 2 hour long mission to find a place open for breakfast and then driving around at 0km range with petrol as we rolled our way to a petrol station just in the nick of time. One of the guys who flew over from Australia especially for the ride had his bike get lost in transit. It got to his London stopover, then for some reason went to Toulouse instead of Paris. He had to get down to Hendaye via train so took his ride down whilst the incompetent BA staff fiddled and farted around with it – misplacing it for 48 hours and it went on a number of different flights around France. It wasn’t just the bike, but the bike bag which contained all his other clothes and shoes etc etc…not really fun times. So one thing that had to be done on Sunday was fit him on my bike which we luckily brought down. I ride a men’s bike and we’re roughly the same height so it worked for today (Monday) but comfort levels weren’t ideal. Luckily when we arrived at our hotel a few hours ago the bike was here ready and waiting. Relief because 190km down and 530km left it’s better he has his own and is familiar with a bike for the next few days.

So yes, the boys have completed day one – a 190km, hot, sunny, dry, long, hilly day. I will wait until next week to give you a blow by blow and Raid debrief. Everyone is sporting the handbands I had made (similar to the yellow Livestrong ones) that are black and white with a quote from long time professional cyclist Jens Voight “Shut Up Legs” and it’s exactly what they have needed to do so far.

Meanwhile I am in my VW people mover driving on the right side of the road for the first time with the pup and all the gear, blasting out some tunes and meeting the guys at checkpoints along the way for either a restaurant meal or getting out the camper stove and whipping up some pasta. I’ve had an obsession with John Mayer lately and had his albums virtually on repeat for 3 weeks so I’m doing the best I can not to put him on but I have a feeling I might submit to the hold he has over me. I don’t know why this is the case all of a sudden as I never really was all that into his music but now I can’t stop.

All right, I’m off to get some sleep so we can wake up and do it all again tomorrow. I will join the guys in the morning for the first col and then ride back to the hotel, shower and drive to meet at the lunch spot. Tomorrow is the Col D’Aubisque and the Col de Tourmalet – 2 big bitches of climbs so in terms of riding distance it’s only 100km but the time will likely be as long as it took the guys today – 6hr 45m in the saddle.

All right folks…enjoy your week and I’ll let you know how this story ends next week. There is still time to sponsor Markie and donate to Shake It Up Australia for this challenge if you wish to do so. http://www.everydayhero.com.au/mark_hodges

Till next time…..xx

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