Bit of Down Time

10 Jul

After the hectic week last week driving through 5 countries and 4000+km we used last week to have a bit of down time..which meant I put my entire exercise regime on hold. This is a big deal for me and not something that comes easily as guilt settles in and I have a constant battle in my head. You don’t have to tell me, I know it’s obsessive and ridiculous but it’s part of the reason I forced myself to do it…to let myself know that it is ok to skip a week.

I did have my beautiful friend Sara come to visit for a couple of days which was heaven to hang out with her and just catch up. The poor thing arrived the same time we did from our week away but Mark couldn’t have been a better husband and took to unpacking and cleaning everything himself to leave me time to sit down and chill out with Sara. So lovely Markie..don’t think it went unnoticed.

Monday night I had arranged for a group of friends to go out to our favourite Greek restaurant here, Paros, so that I could introduce Sara to some of the wonderful people we’ve met here and also to catch up with everyone as they’ve kind of been pushed to the side a bit with the training and what not for the raid. It was such a fun night with a few drinks, much meat and good times shared by all. Definintely something that we need to arrange more often.

Tuesday Markie was back in the office so I took Sara around Munich to check out the sites — we did the usual Hofgarten, Odeonsplatz, Theatinerkirche, Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt, St Peters, Asamkirhce and stopped for a lunch and beer at the Glockenspiel Cafe in the centre. We then wandered home for a little break before taking Rocco for a walk around to the English Gardens and the stationary wave where we were presented with Patrick- a bit of all right surfer. I think Sara was quite taken by him 😉

Tuesday night we went with Mark to the Hofbrauhaus (pronounced Hof-Broi-house) to show Sara Bavaria’s famous and finest giant Pretzels, Schweinshaxe and litre beers. There is always something going on there and despite being a Tuesday night there was an hour wait on the food, but our beers and Radler for me kept us occupied until it arrived and we were already full, but that didn’t stop me putting away the meal. We had some other Aussies sitting next to us on our table so we chatted with them a bit and enquired about their travels as they were just passing through Munich for a couple of days. We didn’t have too late a night otherwise it ruins Markie for the rest of the week since he’s up at sparrows fart.

Sara and I had a pretty lazy Wednesday morning just sleeping in (I went back to to bed after seeing Mark off) and then lazing about the house for a little. We went around the corner to a great little restaurant for lunch and sat outside in the sunshine until it was time for Sara to leave. It was so nice having her visit, even if just for a couple of days, and I was sad to see her go. The rest of Wednesday I spent online doing some AHE research and catching up on the news which I’d been devoid of for over a week.

Oh yeah, on Friday I had my hair cut by a mechanic turned apprentice hairdresser – so that happened! It didn’t turn out too badly actually and he was lovely and very meticulous. The salon isn’t far from us and it’s run by a pretty hip Canadian guy. I think it may have been only one of a few times he’s cut a woman’s hair and it seemed my thick curls threw him a bit especially when it came time to straighten it. The owner offered I come in once a week for a free straightening so he can practice…I can do that!

That’s pretty much it in terms of things that happened during the week, just low key, resting and relaxing. The weekend didn’t demand much more of us and we used the bad weather on Saturday to stay indoors for the most part and watch the Tour De France and the Moto GP qualifying. Sunday was the same – TDF, GP and the Wimbledon Men’s Final…Federer, you’re awesome! So great to see him win his 7th Wimbledon title after a few years having not. I bet it was pretty hard for Murray being in his home country, having all the support behind him and being up a set, but that is what makes Fed a legend.

So we’re officially back into routine this week. Early mornings, late-ish nights, staying in, and the exercise regime has again commenced. I attempted a Zwod workout yesterday that is posted on You Tube, I couldn’t move after it and I’m afraid this morning I am stoked that my fingers are still able to type as they are really all that isn’t sore on my body.

Right that’s it for the past week, a small visit from a lovely friend, and some much needed down time and recovery.

Till next time…..xx

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