Not Worth the Web Page it’s Posted To

16 Jul

Hi everyone – really really disappointing week I’m afraid. Nothing to report. Business as usual, or in this case it might be unusual that I’ve not got any stories. Whichever way you look at it it was boring.

The week was the usual with Mark working and the weekend he also had to go in both days for full days. I was feeling pretty lazy so just lay low and got to cleaning, baking, exercising, watching some tv, reading my book…that’s it really. I had 2 outings with some friends for coffee and lunch catch ups but that was the extent of my social activity.

One good outcome was that I finally was able to get an appointment with the surgeon for a check up on my elbow next week. Hopefully from there we can schedule the next op for metal removal. I have my German friend to thank for calling up and making an appointment for me 😉

I’ll try and have something better for you next week.

I hear The Shire kicked off tonight and from all the Facebook posts it seems you are all in for a well produced and interesting series. Nice one – Enjoy!

Till next time…..xx

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