A Social Extravaganza

23 Jul

Last Monday evening we had our friend, Noemi, come around and drop off some turps so Mark could clean his bike parts and it was then that Markie made the statement that he was feeling out of the loop since all the cycling shenanigans and needed to “spread his social butterfly wings”… and that’s exactly what we did last week.

On Tuesday night we went to dinner with a gorgeous new friend who moved here from Sydney recently and had a great night- conversation quickly turned personal as a free flowing conversation should. During the day I was doing my usual bits and pieces and watching the Tour de France and saw Cadel Evans make an attack which lasted about 2 minutes unfortunately and then he was back in the Peloton. I thought we were going to see some action but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Wednesday Mark had an appointment so worked from home and we were able to get to a friend’s house for a little to watch the TDF and the Queen Stage with him on his TV. The picture we get at home is really ordinary so this was great. Yet again our Aussie hero was unsuccessful in making up any time and in fact lost more due to a stomach illness we later found out. It was on this day that it was confirmed that Bradley Wiggins would be the eventual Victor of this prestigious event for 2012. Once the stage was over we came back home only for Mark to turn around back out the door to go to his hour long massage I booked him in for. Since he did his own TDF he hasn’t had a proper massage and after working 12 days straight it was important he get one just to de-stress a little.

We had a friend’s birthday dinner that night so once Mark returned all sleepy and lethargic we had to go out the door once again. This is extremely unusual that we go out on school nights because we are so old and busted that it affects the rest of the week and it’s a spirally slope down to zombie Friday if we do…but can’t be all work and no play. We had a nice meal at a Greek restaurant, not our usual favourite but a new one and it has to be said that our normal one still wins…but it’s always good to try new places. Even though we’re coming up to 10 months of being here we still have so many cafe’s and restaurants to try in different areas. So that was Work-from-home Wednesday.

The rest of the week days were quiet with our Friday evening plans being cancelled since our friends went on an impromptu trip out of town for the weekend so we just stayed in and watched some episodes of Revenge. I did take up my hairdressers offer from a couple of weeks ago to come in for a free hair straightening appointment so that was a nice treat.

It was time to get back on the bikes for the first time since the Raid came to an end. The weather was pretty crap over the weekend, really it’s been pretty crap for the last 2 weeks even though it’s supposedly Summer, but Mark wanted to get out for a ride mainly because he ordered some new wheels for his bike last week which arrived so he could see how much more awesome they made him. I was sceptical since how could he possibly be any more aweomse?! We didn’t go for long, just 60km and I really wasn’t feeling in tip top shape struggling to get up the tiniest of climbs, if you can even call them that, but I made it and at least felt satisfied that we had done something with our day. Saturday night again we stayed in and were couch potatoes.

Sunday was again a bit of a down day. I got to baking some bread and making these Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownies (sinful and outrageously good) and a loaf of Sourdough to give a friend whom I saw today. Markie attacked my bike instead this time and changed my group set, so we were both in our happy place for another overcast miserable Sunday. We did however get out for another dinner last night with a couple who we were introduced to through Mark’s sister. We have been trying to schedule a time to get together since we arrived…I know, 10 months, how pathetic but last night was finally the night and we went to a Tapas restaurant for a bit of a double date which was nice.

I think we can safely say Mark went from being a caterpillar to a butterfly last week and is satisfied that he is back in the social swing of things. This week Ive got a social outing planned each day and Mark is expected to be at work again all weekend coming up so I’ll probably keep it rolling with some catchups and get-togethers by myself. I did have my doctors appointment at the hospital today for my checkup…well no, that’s a lie. I did go to the hospital and wait for close to 3 hours today for my appointment and then had to leave because I had a delivery at 5pm so that was a productive afternoon and 3 hours of my life which I will never get back. I did use the time however to rip through some Sudoku puzzles in all the magazines in the waiting room so if anyone else has the desire they are sh*t out of luck. I think I will attack making another appointment in a couple of weeks as I’m a bit over it all for the time being. The good news is that once I have it and we check that all is as it should be, I can have my operation the following week so I no longer have to wait until September.

Right well, I wasn’t in the most humorous of moods this evening so I apologise if this was a little bland. I promise I will be on my A game next week and enlighten you with some sarcasm and suggestive comments.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you all are gearing up and getting in the spirit to start supporting your home grown heroes in the Olympics starting on Friday.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie !!!


Till next time…..xx

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