30 Jul

Fantastisch was the word of the week…it means “Fantastic” in English but it just sounds so much more fruity the way the Germans say it. So as you can probably imagine Mark and I took it to the extreme and everything this week was “fantastisch” even if it wasn’t.

Speaking of the German language, Mark has been taking these online courses and he’s nailing it. I have to say that I have kind of mastered it now too. I was up for a bit of a challenge last week and I’ve found these really cool language courses online, so I decided to take on Korean with this being my first lesson: – Mark approves of my new learnt phrases as well.

So besides extending myself mentally, I also had quite a few social outings on the agenda last week. First off starting with breakfast (we rarely go out for breakfast here so that was a real treat) with my lovely friend Anita whom I offloaded some of the sinful chocolate peanut butter cheesecake brownies I made to. Despite having eggs on the menus here as a breakfast option, which is great, no one seems to do them poached…how can they not do poached eggs?! They are the bomb! Anyway…I settled for fried, at least there’s still a runny oozing yolk.

Finally Tuesday we saw some sun which has been hiding for quite a while now. I took little Rocco to the park and he was running around like crazy rolling in the grass but I had to call him over because he got quite close to the naked sunbakers and I was afraid he was going to…if you know me, you would know where I was going just then, so I’ll refrain from actually going ahead and doing it. Let’s just say there were more cocks there than there are in my first Korean lesson. I had intended on joining the masses on Tuesday, keeping my gear on, but I ended up getting a bit behind on my daily tasks and Wednesday’s forecast was much the same so I thought I’d get out for a bit then instead.

So Wednesday it pissed down raining the whole day, which was not as it was predicted. Markie was back on his bike and cycled half way to his work in the morning and intended on doing the same on the return trip in the evening. The rain had a say in that not happening so he got home pretty late trying to wait for it to clear up which it never did and ended up having to get the train to where he parked his car in the morning. I had a catchup and walk around with a friend in the afternoon who recently had an emergency operation on his back due to herniated discs and probable permanent nerve damage. I could feel his pain with how bored he would be at home having to rest so we caught up for a short outing.

That was pretty much it as far as the week days go. Friday evening was the big London Olympics Opening Ceremony and we had a friend’s birthday on that night who had an Olympics themed bash. It was such a lovely warm evening and they have this rooftop deck so everyone was up there getting their drink on and we smashed some sushi platters. Mark and I have had sushi here only once I think because it just isn’t the same quality as Sydney but it’s still expensive so we were elated to have it again. I also had made a pavlova to bring for dessert and it. was. really. good. if I do say so myself. I think the Germans were a little hesitant to try it – probably because it didn’t have bread or pastry in it, but that just meant more for the Aussies who were there so we weren’t complaining.

We all came inside to watch the opening ceremony on tv and I don’t know about you, but I found it pretty boring for the most part. There were some good skits with Mr. Bean and the one with the Queen and James Bond was fab, but the rest of it was a bit tedious. Markie and I were upset our prediction of a duet with Elton John and George Michael didn’t eventuate but instead we got a song by Sir Paul nananananananananananana. I did think it was really cool how they lit the cauldron…that was wicked with it being made up of a flame from each country to create the end result so there were good bits between the boring ones. Lucky I watched the entire thing from beginning to end else I might have missed them. The party wound down around 2am and we headed home to crawl into bed.

The weather again wasn’t optimal on Saturday so we didn’t spend too much time in the great outdoors. I bought a Groupon voucher a few weeks ago to this Brazilian Churrasco restaurant so we went there on Saturday night for a meatfest. Everything that came out was so tasty. Yum! I had been craving a good hearty meal like that for a while. The down side was that it was all you can eat and they only brought the meat out every 15 minutes giving you one or two bits at a time so by round 3 you were kind of stuffed but wanting to try what else they were offering. Luckily we rode our bikes the 4km there so we got in a bit of digestion action on the trip home. I had a pretty restless sleep and woke up feeling like I had turned into one, or a combination, of the animals overnight.

Markie had to work on Sunday so he was up and out the door pretty early while I got to sleep in. Again it was pouring so I was a hermit until the afternoon when I had lunch with a gorgeous friend which took me to the evening. I just ended up baking our weekly loaf of sourdough (never fail recipe from the Holsbys) and getting dinner ready for Mark when he got home.

I think I mentioned it in one of the past blogs…that Mark’s company won a project that is based out of Zurich. Anyway Mark is wanted as a resource on that project so he starts this week working from Zurich one day a week, which means he will be gone for 2 nights for definitely all of August and we just have to wait and see if he can get away with his current project for the months following, since they are doing the implementation soon in Munich. It looks as though Munich is going to stick with a September go-live meaning we can come home for a visit around Christmas and New Years…so I’m hoping most of you will be around for some catch-ups. We will just be playing it by ear until the start of November as to what that means for us in terms of where we will be based. Ideally we would like to continue living in Munich if we can swing it somehow with his work but we can’t make any predictions on that just yet.

The other thing we have on this week is the much anticipated Sky Diving on Friday. I can’t wait, but I think Markie is shitting himself just a little bit. Hopefully we can get some good photos of us jumping out of a plane and free falling to post next week.

Until then, enjoy the Olympics, if they do end up showing anything other than swimming, and have a great week.

Till next time…..xx

One Response to “Fantastisch!!!”

  1. Keeping Up With The Holsbys July 30, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    Nude sunbathing in a public park?
    Where the hell have you moved to? Freaky Germans…..

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