Summer Picnic

13 Aug

It was a BIG week for the Becka/Havel Family last week with my cousin winning a bronze medal at the Olympics for kayaking in the K4 (4 person) 1000m. What a legend! So proud of him. The following day Daniel turned 21 and I couldn’t think of a better present he could have given to himself. I’d say he’s got a few more Olympics left in him yet.

Markie worked from home on Wednesday and we headed into the city early evening to buy him some much needed jeans and have a walk around. He was on dinner duty as well so I got to put my feet up which was heaven and he really didn’t have to do that but hugely appreciated it. Why does everything always taste better when someone else makes it, cuts it, scoops it, pours hot water in it….?

The rest of the week was BAU around the house and I was able to fit in a couple of afternoon catch ups with some girl friends.

Once again we had a cracker of a weekend. Mark went for a 75km bike ride after work on Friday and then headed out again with a friend on Saturday morning for just over 100km. He was home by 11am so we still had plenty of time to spend together. I had a lovely Saturday morning on Skype with my beautiful friend Lauren from Sydney for a couple of hours. In the afternoon Markie and I got on our crappy bikes and went to Viktualienmarkt to pick up some antipasto in preparation of our planned Sunday and then rode around Munich to some water fountains and statues that we’ve not yet had a good look at. In the evening we headed out to this great Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from us for dinner and had a relatively early night. Asian food here isn’t cheap like it is in Aus so it’s really quite a treat to go out for it, but sometimes you just don’t feel like a pork knuckle.

Yesterday (our Sunday) we drove down to Lake Starnberg with Rocco in tow which was the same place we rode our bikes to last weekend. There are a few little attractions there so we decided to knock those out of the way first before going and sunning ourselves. First up was the death place of Ludwig II who was the king of Bavaria from 1864 until shortly before his death in 1888. He was also known as “Mad Kind Ludwig” because he was rather eccentric and was overthrown from the throne because of mental incapacity which was very controversial since he was never officially diagnosed medically. Adding to this controversy was the way that he was found dead which was in Lake Starnberg in waist high water when he was known as a strong swimmer and his assigned doctor was found also with unexplained injuries to his head and shoulders. Behind the Cross that marked the place of death in the water there was a Chapel on the hill that we also had a look at. We walked a bit longer to find Castle Berg which is where Ludwig II was held captive but we weren’t able to see it from the street. We called off the search and headed back to the car to find a spot for our picnic.

As soon as we sat down we busted out the food and wine immediately and munched down some goodies before baking ourselves in the glorious sun. I went in for a swim and took Rocco with me. He’s never really been a swimmer in the past but he took like a duck to water and loved it. He is pretty fast too for his size. So swimming, eating and baking filled our afternoon and just before we left I noticed an interesting occurrence about 5 metres away from where we were sitting. There was a couple spooning with a blanket over them but what caught my eye was her arm moving up and down and up and down…hang on a minute! I told Mark and of course it was too good not to keep an eye on to see the logistics of it all playing out. It soon moved to full fledged body rocking .. No worries just out there in the park, kids playing, dogs running around, me staring dumbfounded. I got eye contact with the guy and almost gave him a thumbs up, but I just took a picture instead. Anyway the show was soon over so we packed up and headed back home. We got way more in those 4 hours than our 3 euro parking ticket paid for. We just stayed in for dinner after an hour and half evening nap when we got home and took it easy for the few remaining hours of the weekend.
Markie is in town again this week so no trip to Zurich due to August being the Europeans top holiday time so no one is there working at the moment. We’re off for a 4.5 hour road trip to Venice this weekend. I can’t believe we’ve not done it yet being so close and this will be the first time going there for both of us. Pretty pumped!

I hope you all enjoyed the closing ceremony of the Olympics and will be able to find some show to replace it from the past two weeks, maybe something like the reinvented Big Brother…anyone actually think that’s going to be any good?! Guess we’ll find out.

Till next time…..xx

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