The Rains are Out!

27 Aug

The week started off nicely but come the weekend it just bucketed down the entire two days making it difficult to go out and do anything and also get motivated to do anything.

I don’t have too much to report. Mark spent Tuesday night in Zurich last week driving straight from his work in Munich (+100km) and then worked the day in Switzerland on Wednesday. The drive is about 3.5 hours from his office there to our place in Munich so he left work at a reasonable hour and got home for a late dinner so it was only one night of singledom. Tuesday night I went out to the English cinema with 3 girl friends to see Magic Mike. Now that’s some good viewing right there! I highly recommend it. There were many dropped jaws throughout the duration and a pant or two around the cinema including the row that we were seated in. It was a pretty warm night so even walking to dinner didn’t do the job of cooling us off but we walked a few minutes up the road to a gourmet burger joint called Hans im Glueck and had some dinner, less one girl who had to get home as she had family visiting. The evening was nice and even though it was late once we got done I walked home the half hour home in the warm temperature.

Wednesday and Thursday…blah blah! Friday afternoon was great though as I had booked Mark and I in for a couples massage at the place we had been to once each before. The salon/parlour (?) was having a special for August so we took them up on the offer and we both walked out of there like zombies and very relaxed. We didn’t have much time to muck around after before we had to go to our favourite Indian restaurant, Goa, to meet a friend whom we hadn’t seem in quite a few weeks and catch up. A big congratulations to him as he just got engaged as well so it was a bit of a celebratory evening. After dinner we walked around the corner to this ice cream shop that has about 30 flavours and got some dessert. I always want to go to the place with the most flavours, however, when I’m there I just wish there weren’t so darn many because I find it difficult to decide…how large my problems are!

Saturday we were meant to go out on a friend’s boat and get in some jet skiing/wake boarding action in as well as sunbaking. There are restricted times here in which you are permitted to do it and it is allowed between the hours of 9am-12pm and then 5pm-7pm. We had dinner with friends planned for Saturday night so we had to go out early. We had decided to head to the lake at 9:30am but when we woke at 8:30 and it was pouring and had been all night we made the call that it wasn’t going to be the day to go and do that so our plans for Saturday were erased and we had nothing on. We used to opportunity to sleep in and then hung around the house and watched a couple of shows we had backed up and an afternoon nap. LOVE sleeping!

In the evening we met up with our go-to couple, Anita and Nic, to try a Greek restaurant called Molos. I’ve mentioned in a number of past posts about our favourite Greek place here called Paros, well Molos is it’s sister, or brother, whatever flips your skirt. It was really good and as soon as we arrived the Ouzo shots were coming out in full force and they continued bringing them throughout the night. At 11pm all the windows have to close out of respect (or not wanting complaints) for the residents and inside was packed and stinking hot so we decided to move on to another bar around the corner. Nic and Anita live in the area and had said they always walk past this one bar but have never been in and it looks dodgy but let’s give it a go. So we did, and by God it was dodgy…when Anita asked for a Weisweinschorle which is White Wine with Soda/Mineral Water the barman said he wasn’t sure if he had the ingredients…um really? What the hell do you have back there. So Raki Bar was not shiny or glamorous but it was interesting and good to know we don’t need to ever go back.

Mark and I had talked about going for a bike ride on Sunday morning before our organised Segway tour set for 4pm but the weather was awful so we decided to hang at home and get on the bike trainer instead and do some other bits and pieces of workouts indoors. We rode our bikes to the meeting spot for the Segway and were ripped new arseholes by the guy there for coming 3 minutes late because everyone had been waiting for us and apparently we were eating in to their riding time. Simmer down big guy it’s going to be ok. We spent the first half hour practising riding these things around and getting used to turning, controlling, stopping, going faster, going over bumps (where unfortunately one girl on the tour completely ate it – but she was fine, just a little shocked and shit scared to get back on the rest of the tour) and coming to emergency stops (which we actually had to use once because we had some daydreamers with us as well). Mark and I have almost been here 11 months now so we pretty much know all the sites but we still learnt quite a bit about the history behind the buildings, or statues, or different coloured bricks in the footpath etc as well as the reason why buildings were painted certain colours and the meaning of the direction in which statues were looking so it was really informative. The only down side was that it was raining and even though it was on and off the entire four hours, when it was on it absolutely collapsed down on us. We were lucky enough to be scooting past the English Gardens to the wave that is right around the corner from our place so Markie and I went rogue for 5 minutes and went home and got changed into some warmer clothes…ah bliss. Everyone was a little envious but hey, our gain your loss, sorry kids.

Once the tour finished it was about 8:30pm so we came home and had a nice warm shower and since it was quite late I made the call to go down the road for our 3rd dinner out in a row since we would have eaten really late if I’d cooked. It was an early bed time since Mark had to be at work at 6am this morning which meant a 4am rise and shine, and there’s a repeat performance of that tomorrow. Poor guy. It’s go-live week though so this is the big one for the project and after this week it should be mainly support for the following 6 weeks so hopefully a little more cruisy.

I’m off to Prague this week to put in my Czech citizenship application after a year in the making AND go to the wedding of my Olympic Bronze medalled cousin which is on Friday. I’m going solo unfortunately as Mark has to be on standby in case Scheiße hits the fan this week. I’ve got a nice cosy bus seat for the 5.5 hour ride up and back which should be fun…at least it’s got Wifi…hello Facebook.

All right everyone well enjoy the warm weather your having at the moment…its warmer than our summer here most days so I don’t want to hear when it’s 17 degrees that “it’s freeeezing” cos y’all aint know what freezing is like.

Till next time…..xx

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