Straight to the Point!

11 Sep

There was only one good event that happened last week and that was that we had the lovely Malin over for dinner on Tuesday night for some laughs and good conversation…besides that the weather was crap, the days were crap, it was all just a big pile of poo. So I’m really glad it’s over and we’re on to a new one.

I was only speaking for the week though…the weekend, however, was a different story entirely. We were blessed with two glorious sunshiny days in a row (which to occur on the weekend is extremely rare around these parts of late). Saturday we had a sleep in – and you all know how much I like those, and then we were up and at em getting a quick breakfast in before we packed our bags and made some lunch for the day on the water that lay ahead. We were meant to go out on our friend’s, Noemi, boat a couple of weekends ago but because of the rain that didn’t eventuate but this time it was a picture perfect day without a cloud in the sky. After picking Noemi up we drove to Ammersee where her family keeps their little boat and then we were off chasing and jumping waves made by the big boats. When we were going so fast it was quite chilly but once we stopped it was divine. We were out there for a good 7 hours in the end so we all got some colour and a sun hit. The water on the other hand was bloody freezing and by the evening our teeth were chattering away and the thought of getting back to land was quite exciting.

Getting back to land was an adventure in itself. At 5pm Mark got on the ski and played around for about 30 minutes. It”s been a while since he’s been on one but he did really well and was up first go. His second he stayed on forever and I thought he’d hang on until the 7pm cutoff time but he got a bit tired so had a breather before his next go. Since Noemi and her family were taking the boat off the water the following day this was her last chance to get a ski in as well so she began teaching Mark to drive the boat. As soon as Mark took over for some practice goes the engine completely shat itself and shut down. Somehow the rope had fallen off the back and got sucked up the impeller and killed the boat. Bugger! We had to call the Wasserwacht who are the German lifeguard/boat rescue service so they could come and tow us back to shore. The problem was, however, that because it was in impeller we couldnt go fast otherwise it could have completely ruined the boat for good, so we were reduced to travelling at snails pace as the sun went down and it was getting a bit nipply to say the least. The trip back wasn’t all bad as we started playing games with the guys on the rescue boat – at first a little dance party, and then we started throwing fruit from our boat to theirs with one of them obviously being starving as he dove in the water the get the apple that didn’t quite make it to their boat.

Once we got back we jumped in the warm car and got changed and then went to dinner at this cute little Italian restaurant right near where we parked. We had a bit of wine to warm up, except for Markie who was a couple of litres of beer down already from the boat and he was driving but us girls indulged a little. The food was good, we were warm and starting to feel more human again so we headed back to Munich for the evenings wrap up.

Sleep in #2 was on Sunday…holy moly 2 sleep ins in a row, bliss! When we finally got the courage to get out of bed we looked outside and yet again clear blue sky and a temperature of about 26 degrees. We had intended on driving down to bake at a lake about 40 minutes away but instead stayed in the city and went to the Isar River to lie in the sun there and we took Rocco with us this time too. Mark and I both got a little red on our chests the day before so it was backs to the sun but there are rocks and pebbles which you lie on at the River which is really not so comfy when on your front. After I was agro for 15 minutes or so throwing rocks at people to remove them from under my more sensitive areas I finally found a comfortable position which was a little jagged but it worked and I fell asleep for a couple of hours. Markie did as well but he got up to go in the water which he said was about 5 times colder than the lake the day before – he was definitely on his own then. The thing is the water is only knee high so you kind of can’t just plunge in but splash yourself in preparation before you sit down to immerse yourself.

Once we left we went and grabbed a bite to eat and some very yummy ice cream and walked home where we stayed in for the night and took it easy – because we’d evidently taken in extremely hard the last 48 hours. What a great weekend, but the forecast shows rain for most of this week and temperature drops to highs of 12 for a couple of days…brrr winter is a comin and a little too quickly.

This week…big news! I’ve finally got my operation to remove the wire in my elbow – woo hoo! I’m so looking forward to walking without a slight bend, riding my bike and not leaning to the right, doing a push up that feels normal, cutting my lunch without pain shooting up it and brushing my hair without trouble. Simple things but I will no longer take them for granted. So that’s on Thursday but I have to go in for an xray and prep on Wednesday so most of this week is out. We were meant to travel to Salzburg this weekend coming but Mark will likely have to work again so that may or may not happen. It’s only just over an hours drive away so we can decide last minute.

All right that’s all from me. Have a wonderful week all.

Till next time…..xx

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