Mozart’s City

18 Sep

Another weekend, another great city visited but ill get to that in a second.

Since January, I have been walking around with a fair bit of metal in me elbow after I broke it after slipping on wet tram tracks and falling of my bike on the the cobblestones and breaking it (only me, really, could do this). It was finally time to get this surgery and have it taken out and after I went through pain (non elbow, more emotional) to get an appointment for a check up a couple of months ago with the wait taking too long that nothing actually eventuated, I sent the surgeon a quick email the week before last and he got back to me and scheduled it in for a week’s time. So much easier. So in I went last Thursday and all went well and they were able to get all the metal out which apparently isn’t always the case as sometimes bits snap of and it’s too much hassle to go in and find it.  I’m now on recovery day 4 and so far so good. I get my stitches out in 10 days and then it’s another 5.5 weeks before I can put full weight on it again but then I should have my arm back. It most likely won’t be straight but I will have to constantly work on that to try and improve it.

Another Groupon voucher was used last Friday night which I purchased in early June. It was for a 5 course meal for 2 ppl for €42 total at an Austrian restaurant. No better way to get ready for Salzburg then to have an Austrian dinner before we go there. We decided to pay for matching wines so it cost a little extra but it was still a really good deal. The only down side was they had one time available which was 6pm and that meant we were done by 8:15pm so our inner grandparents came out and stopped us meeting friends for drinks at 10:30pm because we had hit the wall 2 hours prior so it was a pretty early Friday night for us.

This weekend just gone Mark and I headed down to Salzburg since he didn’t have to work. It’s only an hour and a half drive so we left mid morning on Saturday and were down there for lunch. The weather was horrible and we were too early for check in so we walked just a little and sat down at a restaurant eventually. I say eventually as Mark and I have this problem that we’re so indecisive when it comes to choosing a restaurant. I think on so many occasions we’ve found a better one as soon as we have already eaten at one so now we live in hesitation that the next one will better so the search seems to go on forever. Anyway the food at this place was mediocre but it was somewhere to warm up before we could check in to our hotel and drop off Rocco while we went exploring.

After a quick rest we were up once again and headed to the old town for a look around. We past the Mozart Wohnhaus (where he lived) and his Gebursthaus (where he was born) but didn’t bother going in. We saw Mozartplatz, took a photo of the Mozart statue, had a Mozartkugeln (famous overrated chocolate ball), saw loaves of bread made of out instruments Mozart played proficiently, listened to Mozart being played from the public buses…the list goes on. They have really capitalised on the whole Mozart thing there, I’m actually surprised they haven’t just changed the name from Salzburg to Mozart. We also saw the Dom Cathedral which was beautiful, St Peters church also gorgeous and my new favourite, we walked through the Petersfriedhof Cemetery and up to the Stieglkeller and stopped in for a beer (well Markie anyway) then more sights before stumbling upon a restaurant I had on my list – St Peters Stiftskeller which is the oldest restaurant in Europe being around since 803AD so I made a reservation there for dinner a bit later and we slowly made our way back to the hotel for a recharge.

Dinner was fantastic! The food was delicious with a couple of surprise dishes on the menu where you put your trust in the chefs and the kitchen. I got a surprise entree of Austrian delicacies which was really tasty- smoked salmon, duck slices, goose pate, blue cheese cream cheese and a few different sauces and dips. All the dishes we both had we’re great. Although stuffed, Markie agreed to share a dessert with me of my choice so whilst he was off having a sticky beak around the place I selected the surprise dessert for two which had a 20 minute wait , perfect to digest a little. But … Then.. Out it came and by God it was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. It was virtually 2 full servings of each dessert they had on their menu. Considering my main was still in my esophagus the thought of getting this down was too much to take and I couldn’t stop laughing. Always up for a challenge I gave it a red hot go but this time I was defeated. The walk from the hotel was about 20 minutes so partially drunk off alcohol, partially sugar I was running in circles, skipping, jumping, kicking most of the way back and whilst Mark was taking night photos in an attempt to burn off some of the future cellulite before it had a chance to situate itself on my arse.

We got our much loved sleep in on Sunday and grabbed a very light verging on non-existent breakfast in the hotel before checking out. We had the pup with us for the day and it was a much nicer one- warm, sunny, mmmm- so we went for a walk through the Mirabellgarten which is so beautiful. We had a little sit in the sun and then carried on for the steep hike to the Festung Hohensalzburg Fortress but when we got there there was a sign saying no dogs allowed so I let Markie go in and investigate as he was more interested in it than me and Rocco and I did some exploring. We struck gold and came upon a lookout that was just breathtaking. I had organised to meet Mark at the cafe at the Museum der Moderne so waited there in the sun and grabbed a coffee. For lunch we went to a bier garten and met an Australian couple who had lived in Salzburg for 20 years so we had a good chat to them. The afternoon comprised of a bit more walking around  and grabbing a famous Sacher Torte from the Hotel Sacher for later consumption.

The drive back wasn’t too bad, just a bit if traffic but we were home by 7pm in time for a decent wind down. This week Mark is working night shifts so sleep ins every day…yippee… but he will probably have to go to Zurich one day this week. I’ve got some more apartment inspections…we are looking for an unfurnished apartment that is a little bigger since it looks like we might be here a while, no matter where the next project is, and we’ve decided we want to stay in Munchen so I’ve had a few of those lately and they are like hotcakes…if you don’t sign on the spot they disappear and fast! And Then – this weekend is the kick off to Oktoberfest where we’ve got a table reserved in one of the tents with a group of friends for the opening day. Our meeting time is 10:45am so we’re starting early…can’t wait. Not quite sure I’ll fit into my Dirndle as I’ve put on a couple of kgs in the past few months but I’m sure it’s nothing that a truckload of glad wrap won’t fix.

Next week should be a good post with lots of festive images and possibly some unattractive ones as the day progresses.

Take care all and have a good one.

Till next time…..xx

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