34 Years Young

1 Oct

Last week Mark and I didn’t get to see a whole lot of each other with him working nights and finishing up late then coming home to me already drooling on the pillow. I caught up with a couple of friends throughout the week but it was mainly just business (or not as the case may be) as usual for me last week.

Mark had his 34th birthday on Thursday but since he had to spend the entire day at work we didn’t really do anything to celebrate. He had a quick chat in the morning with a few friends and family before he took off and I gave him his present but that was the extent of it. We picked it up on Friday night though and it ran through until Sunday early morning when his birthday party ended.

We had been meaning to try a restaurant in Munich that is claimed to be the best here which is called Tantris and has 2 Michelin Stars. We haven’t had many fine dining experiences since we’ve been over here so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to go and try this one out. I had visited the website and thought it looked pretty funky and even though they didn’t have their menu on their website the images I’d seen looked good. I have to say, though, that I love being able to have a bit of a look at the menu, or a sample menu, of what is being served at the restaurant I am going to. Not so spontaneous I know but I am a little bit of a control freak…I like to know what I’m getting myself in for no matter what it is.

We arrived and it was really funky and was decorated as though it was set in the 70’s. The orange lamps, the curtains in the bathroom, the big flower power style writing of the logo…but it was cool. We hoped that might be what they were going for but the music didn’t match and neither did the food so I think it’s a little confused. There’s also something about restaurants in Europe that Mark and I have noticed and that is the lighting of most places. It is usually so bright in there and it does nothing for the ambience – Tantris was no different. I suppose I would rather see my food than not so I’d prefer too light than too dark where I’m falling asleep so I’ll just get off my soap box now.

Right, well, we decided the go with the 5 course degustation rather than a la carte because all the dishes as part of the degustation sounded great and it was probably more cost effective than going rogue. We decided though this time to skip the matching wines and just order a bottle to share throughout the evening, which apparently I sunk most of according to my dearest husband. About time I command the bottle for once! Each dish that came out was presented beautifully and they were all delicious and the service was impeccable – slight criticism is that we had about 6 waiters serving us so it got a little confusing but they were out in unison bringing the plates out and placing them and then removing them so that was really very well done. We finished up around midnight and then just headed home feeling very satisfied.

On Saturday the weather was miserable, what’s new? (gee I’m really having a whinge today, I apologise!) so we just had a bit of a lazy morning and then headed into the city to do some winter clothes shopping for Markie. I had to take off mid afternoon to collect the cake I had ordered for his birthday dinner as a surprise and then drop it off at the restaurant. When I got to the restaurant though I was told they were expecting our party of 16 people the previous night and that there was no room for us there that night. It was about 4:30pm and the dinner party was to start at 7:30pm so I immediately got into damage control to see what we could do. I really didn’t want to piss everyone around and change the venue and luckily the guys said they could seat us in the bar area of the place. It was going to be cramped but whatever, let’s just do it. Change of plan ideas aborted and thankfully it was just a small heart attack thrown into the afternoon to keep me on my toes.

Since it wasn’t a big birthday for Mark but we wanted to have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to celebrate we decided to have it at a pizza place and keep things fairly casual. As I mentioned above we had 16 people join for dinner and to help celebrate Markie’s birthday. After his efforts last weekend at Oktoberfest and the radishes not quite doing their magic trick for his hangover, I requested all the guests bring a bunch for him as a gift as a gag joke. It was great because everyone put them in gift bags so he thought he had hit the jackpot despite telling everyone not to bring any gifts…until he opened the bags. It was quite funny…for me at least. I had pre-ordered a bunch of food to share so everyone could just sit and drink and focus on chatting rather than ordering. The food was fantastic as was the service that night and earlier in the day when they sorted out the miscommunication with the booking so I will recommend Riva Tal to anyone who is looking for a casual place to go and eat or to have a group dinner.

Just before we moved on to greener pastures, aka Cohi Bar for some dancing and drinking continues, I had the cake I bought for Markie brought out. It was really cool – I ordered a Bier Mass cake and when I sent the images I thought it would be lying down and we would just see the front of the bier mass with the writing on it, but no, this thing was a full on stand up mug with a handle and it was enormous – really really cool cake. Mark loved it and it not only looked good but tasted scrumptious as well.

It was then time to move on to the next venue which we needed recommendations for since Mark and I don’t really frequent bars and clubs here.. cos we’re old and busted. We said goodbye to a few of our guests who were calling it a night and took a decent sized group with us to the next venue. It was packed in Cohi bar and it was really hot in there but the music was unreal and it was nice to have a bit of a boogy for a couple of hours. I haven’t had a dance in ages so it was nice to just let loose. Our mate, Horebag, danced like the true champion he is making everyone around just a little uncomfortable and unsure as to what his intentions were, meanwhile everyone in our group was cracking up laughing and enjoying the show. The last of us left around 2:45am after a great night.

Half of Sunday was spent sleeping, the other half on the computer or in front of the TV…us ragers…but have to say I loved it.

This week we have a couple of invitations to go back to Oktoberfest, which finishes up this coming Sunday, so we’ll probably make the most of it while we can and that’s really about it. We have a public holiday here on Wednesday but I think Mark is working so he won’t get to enjoy it. I hope for all of you that had a long weekend just gone, you enjoyed it and had some nice weather present itself to you.

Oh yeah…How good are the Swannies!!!

Enjoy your short week – or your normal one!

Till next time…..xx

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