Skipped a Beat

15 Oct

All right all, I know I didn’t write last week and that’s because my week was boring as batshit and I really had nothing to report so I thought I’d spare you the data usage. As much as I’d like to tell you this past week was better, it really wasn’t but I reckon I can pull a post together from the past two weeks goings-on for you to see where we are up to.

So Sunday, a week and two days ago, Mark and I had on our schedule to go to Oktoberfest to be there for the closing day of the 15 day yearly festival. I hadn’t been feeling all that fantastic all week and Sunday was no different. Mark was called in to work the previous day, Saturday, so this was really the only thing on our weekend agenda. Having already paid for a place at the table there on the final day I offered my spot to a colleague of Mark’s who also had to work the Saturday and hadn’t yet been. He happily took up the offer.

So off the boys went mid morning to the Wiesn (the nickname here for O’fest since it is held at the park at Theresienwiese) and I got back into my PJs and veg’d out on the couch with my furry mate and watched about 8 episodes of Private Practice. I got a few updates throughout the day from the husband but his hands were completely full with the beer masses the majority of the day, and I’m hoping that is all. It would be pretty easy to slip there and grab some melons or fall into a motorboat.

The last time we went to Oktoberfest I told you that Markie was extremely worse for wear and was renegotiating the digestion of his daily intake, a battle which he lost… well this time he came home a bit later than the last and was in a rather jolly state but no where near as inebriated as two weeks prior so that was good. Good for him, really a bit of a let down for me as I was hoping for some entertainment but thems the breaks.

So there went Oktoberfest for 2012 and hopefully many of the tourists with it so we can get our city and parking back. Since Mark worked the Saturday he took the Monday off and we stayed home as the weather was miserable, which was the norm for last week, and we’d slept half the day away anyway. So yeah, it rained I think 5 out of the 7 days last week and so far we are off to the same start for this one. Not only is it raining but it is also damn cold with temperatures of around 1 degree at 9am. When we arrived last year we had beautiful weather until mid December when we saw the first drop of rain – it was cold but it just hadn’t rained yet but this year that is absolutely not the case. Obviously Munich was trying to impress us and now it seems we are over the honeymoon phase.

This weekend just gone also was a bit of an anti-climax. We had intended on going for a hike which didn’t eventuate because I was sick and it was bloody freezing; and we also had a booking at the Austernkeller (Oyster restaurant) for dinner but neither of us could be bothered going out so I cancelled it. Yep we are both as hopeless as each other when it comes motivating ourselves to battle the cold. Sunday we stayed in and did some German course because although we know the basics we still suck at it, and I made some Snickers Bars…OMG they are the shiz!

So this week Mark is back in Zurich for a couple of days and as of November he is there full time so it’s going to get a little lonely at home. Hopefully he will be able to organise to work from home one day a week, if not more, so that we can spend a little time together besides the weekends. My aim this week is to get rid of my cold which has returned, as it seems as though I didn’t shake it properly, before we head to Mykonos this weekend.

Yep, girls and boys, we are off to Greece for 8 days. Neither of us have ever been and despite the city most likely being fairly quiet, especially at night since the tourist season is over, the hotel we are staying in has a couple of great restaurants and bars, a gym, a spa, a huge pool and deck chairs so I’m hoping we shouldn’t really need much more to relax and enjoy a bit of time together. The forecast is for an average of 23 degrees over the week which isn’t scorching but it’s warm enough for us newly-converted Europeans where this could possibly be one of the warmest weeks we’ve come across since we left Aus.

Did everyone watch Felix Baumgartner last night (for us) skydive from 39km and break a number of records whilst doing it? How cool was that! I was pooping my pants just watching him, I can only imagine how he must have felt. Makes Mark and my 3.7km jump a couple of months ago seem like a leap off the pavement.. Wusses! We spoke about it last night and decided we are going to go up even further than Felix and do a tandem jump…yep watch out Guinness World Records…first ever couple to wear diapers whilst skydiving and generate our own meteors.

All right enough crap talk. Enjoy your beautiful week ahead I’ll be in touch from the Land of the Gods.

Till next time….xx

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