Long Weekend in Vienna

5 Nov

So another city to cross off our list, and the final one for 2012. It’s been a good year, a fair bit of travelling has been done and we’ve been pretty darn lucky to have seen everything we have. Vienna is a great city and I believe it’s pushed some other cities out of the top 3 and has a place in it now.

Last Thursday was All Saints Day here in Bavaria, actually a lot of Europe celebrated it, so all was closed and most places took the Friday off as well, Mark’s work included, so we got a nice long weekend to take advantage of. We decided to drive down to Vienna since it is only about a 4 hour drive depending on traffic and because we have the car we might as well use it instead of paying for train tickets. We took our time getting our stuff together on Thursday to beat the morning rush of people heading out of town and left about 1pm to get there in time for a shower and freshen up and then to head out to dinner to this restaurant our friend in Munich had recommended. Love me some Austrian food… actually love me any cuisine that prides itself on meat. I’m down with that!

After dinner we had a little wander around before heading back to the hotel for the night which was appropriately placed in the Red Light district. I have a knack for that. I did the same thing in Zurich – obviously I have some subconscious desire to surround myself with strip bars and hookers. The hotel we found out the next day used to be a brothel – lovely – I was wondering why the tiles were a little sticky. The hotel room was really basic and we got that particular one as they allowed dogs, which is a necessity for our four legged family member, and it was right near a train station and relatively close to where our friends were staying who were also down there from Munich for the weekend.

Friday morning we were up and out of bed ready for a terrible hotel breakfast before being greeted by Anita and Nik who were eager to show us around their beloved city despite Anita being sick as a dog and better off in bed but she’s a little trooper. Nik is from Vienna so knows it like the back of his hand and Anita lived there for 10 years so they are seasoned professionals. It was pretty cold and we were all rugged up going from one site to another and checking out the most beautiful architecture that any city we’ve been to has to offer. It’s hard to explain what other city it’s like, because it’s not, it’s just like Vienna. It is fairly spacious with wide roads and old gorgeous buildings and inside some of them have modern fit outs, and some still retro. It’s a great mix.

Vienna is Europe’s cafe culture city…they love their coffee and cake and there are that many lovely cafe’s around. We went to a pretty famous one, we were told, but I can’t remember the name and the furniture was old but still in good knick and from what we found out, they hadn’t changed the decor since it opened so it was all original. It was  nice and warm inside which was a nice break and they served a decent cappuccino. On we moved then to walk around some more and check out the Museum Quarter before we hunted down a place for lunch. You have to get a schnitzel when you are there so we did and the thing was bloody enormous…biggest schnitzel I’ve ever seen. Apparently it was 300g of meat but there was an additional 600g of crumbs fried all over it. It was delicious as was the potato salad that went with it. Full to the brim we did our best to pick up our feet and keep moving with a bit of role reversal going on with clothes shopping. The boys were in the shops trying on different items and giving us girls a bit of a fashion parade while we found a nice comfy couch to sit on and twiddle our thumbs.

Last stop for the day was the PalmHaus…or something like that…which was a restaurant and bar indoor this glass building that was effectively a green house. It was very cool and we sat down for some wine/coffee/cake since we were still full from our ginormous lunch.

We welcomed in Saturday the same as Friday and headed to the food markets in town. We were introduced at 11am to this type of wine called Sturm which is essentially wine as soon as it’s been squeezed and is not fermented in the slightest, okay, maybe the slightest, like 5 minutes or so. It was kind of like fizzy raspberry sherbet lemonade which is the Austrian’s supposed drink of choice at this time of year. Normally it gets cold a little later than it has this year so it’s a bit refreshing for them. Can’t say we would have it again but it was good to try a new experience. We then moved through the markets to stop at a cafe for a coffee, then another place to get Gluhwein (mulled wine) which was more suited to that particular freezing day we were experiencing, and then jumped a train and headed to Schonbrun Castle. We had a look around the grounds and the beautiful gardens and saw the inside just by peering through the glass. They had some hedge mazes there so we all turned the clock back 25 years like little kids and bought tickets to go in and get lost for a little while.

Time for some more food so it was back to the markets to this Asian restaurant with all their dishes being absolutely delicious and just what we needed to defrost and warm up again ready for some more walking and discovering. We went right into town and had a look at all the shops and the boys once again went for some retail therapy but it was a much shorter and unsuccessful session this go round. Oh look at that…coffee and cake time again so we walked in circles trying to find a good place to feed our faces just a bit more before locating a bar for some wine to wash it down with.

Saturday was quite a long day as we stayed out from about 10am until 12am with all the eating, walking, searching, and discovering etc. It was great and our tour guides were fabulous. Camelcalski… Anita this is your new name if you are reading…should go in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who can hold their bladder the longest. This chick can drink throughout the entire day and eat and not go to the bathroom once. On Saturday we had to encourage her to go at around 6:30pm after she had been gone from 10am and had numerous teas, coffees, wines, you name it without having made a pit stop. It’s bloody insanity!

Mark and I were left to our own devices on Sunday and we went back in to the city to get some more photos and walk around a little more on our own as some times we found ourselves being deep in conversation with our lovely friends that we didn’t look around as much as we should have so it was good to go back in and appreciate everything again. We decided to hit the road about 2pm for our traffic ridden drive back to Munich. It wasn’t too bad but the trip took 5 hours instead of 4 like the way down there.

Home sweet home now for a while…well for me anyway. Mark is now travelling to Zurich every Monday early morning only to come home late Thursday nights so he just gets to unpack and repack for the rest of his life. Actually where Mark is is a town called Zug, just out of Zurich and I think I will head down there next week to check it out and see what it has to offer and be able to report to you all so you can be the most up to date with his movements. Apparently though he will only be there until the end of November and then the project is picking up and moving to Amsterdam so it will be a change of scenery but no less demanding.

6 weeks until Summer again…that’s what I’m thinking to get me through this shitty cold rainy stuff that’s happening here at the moment. Oh it’s going to be bliss and of course we can’t wait to see all you folks again.

Have a good week and enjoy Melbourne Cup Day. Good luck on your bets!!!

Till next time….xx

One Response to “Long Weekend in Vienna”

  1. Anita November 12, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    I just say Camelcalski – love that name! we had a great time too!!!

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