Home Sweet Home

12 Nov


—-some of these photos are from Vienna the week before last which I didn’t post and think you should see.

Ahhhhhhh, finally we were back to routine last week, for the most part, and enjoyed a weekend of not having to travel anywhere or pack anything or do really much at all which was absolute bliss. The last few weeks we have had a fair bit of travel on, for leisure mostly and I’m not complaining but it’s nice to open your wardrobe to pick your outfit instead of opening a suitcase and rummaging through, or open the fridge or pantry and select what you want to eat and slop around at home for a bit instead of having to go out constantly.

Mark was in Zug (Switzerland, 30 mins from Zurich) most of last week – from Monday to late Thursday night so his travelling continued, and will keep doing so until we head back to Sydney at least. He was busy with workshops the whole time and since he is staying in a hotel and doesn’t have anything much else to do there besides work, he spends a lot of time doing just that and working long hours. The benefit of his being away for 3 nights is the fact that then he works from home every Friday and we get 3 full days together which is really nice.

I kept myself occupied with exercise mostly, and one of the nights I went out with my girl friend Malin who is a cack-and-a-half and I just love our time together. It’s been about 5 weeks since we caught up last so it was a good 3.5 hour dinner just out at a Lebanese restaurant a few km’s from my place. Anything in Munich is really only a few km’s from anywhere or anything. If you have to travel longer than 15 minutes to get somewhere it is considered far.

On Friday Mark got his work done in the morning and then jumped on his bike and rode roughly 60km. This is maybe the 3rd time since he did his crazy ride across the French Pyrenees close to 5 months ago that he has gotten on his bike and I believe he was in a little bit of pain and slightly off the mark in terms of the shape he was in when he did ride those 720km in 4.5 days in June. Ah well….you gotta start somewhere. It’s pretty cold here at the moment too now so he was dressed in a number of layers to keep himself warm. I’m actually really impressed he went out and did it because I was not going out in that…no thanks, I will just jump on the bike trainer inside our heated apartment.

We had a friend’s 30th birthday dinner on Friday night at an Italian restaurant so we went there to celebrate with quite a large group of people. We knew about 5 of the let’s say 30 odd so we met a few nice people and had some good conversations. After the dinner wrapped up we decided to go to a bar nearby. Some bloke took the lead and we ended up walking for about 20 minutes and passed dozens of bars which all looked good enough until we arrived at “the one.” I’m so glad that it took that long and that we went to this particular bar as now I have been privy to the absolute biggest dive of a bar in Munich so I will know where to never go back to. The floors were tiled and were soaking wet. I actually asked Mark if the place was legal because it was tiny and as you walked in you were presented straight away with a bar which looked like it was in place of an old living room from a house and then the DJ was spinning behind the bar in this shoebox of a kitchen. The bathrooms were revolting and had toilet paper rolls unrolled along the wet ground. I couldn’t quite put my finger on whether they just hadn’t been cleaned or this was actually the look that they were going for to match the rest of the place. Mark and I just took off and went home instead of spending the money on overpriced drinks in that dump.

We didn’t end up getting to bed until 2:30am so we had a nice long sleep in on Saturday and then spent the day buying me a new much needed Winter wardrobe. It was fantastic and Mark was the model husband, actually the model person, as I just stayed in the change rooms and he walked around picking out clothes for me to try and changing sizes etc. I absolutely trust him with selecting items of clothing for me after Saturday even though I was a little tentative before but I actually hate shopping and get really nervous around all the people and clothes and argh I’m getting on edge just thinking about it. Anyway, we did a really good job and got home in time to freshen up and get ready to head out to dinner.

I once again booked the Austernkeller (Oyster Cellar restaurant) which we had a reservation at a few weeks ago and had cancelled because we were too lazy to leave the house. This time we went and it was unreal. The restaurant had a kind of under the sea rustic feel to it…if you can imagine that and well we were in need of some Oysters as it’s been a while. We ordered 1.5 dozen to start with, 2 different types and they were no Sydney Rock but they were pretty darn good. I even got sprinkles in one of mine of crushed shell through it so that was fun, but really, they were delicious. The rest of the meal was just as good and we had fun people watching. There was a couple next to us who spent their entire meal on their phones playing games and barely spoke to each other and then another couple of an old man and a young Russian looking girl…we spent part of the night trying to gauge what the deal was there and came to the conclusion she was an escort. Love a good assumption!.

Sunday was a lazy day and we got ready and relaxed for this week where we are both in Zug. I decided to come along for the drive and have a change of scenery and see where Mark worked and what’s going on in this town before he has to change and work in Amsterdam starting in December. I think I packed up every piece of gym equipment in the house so I can continue to keep myself occupied while I’m here… Bike, Bike Trainer, Kettlebell, Skipping Rope, Yoga Mats, the Dog…yep I’m not normal, I know this already. We also packed up most of our appliances so we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in our hotel room since the cost of living it outrageous with a Medium Big Mac meal round these parts costing 14 Swiss Francs…which is about 1:1 with the Aussie dollar so you can imagine how much everything else costs if that’s McDonald’s.

I had a walk around today and Zug is absolutely beautiful. Cute little town with little cobblestone alleys and goregous houses. It also has a large lake and there is about 80km worth of hiking trails around it. It was raining today and really overcast so I saw the lake but didn’t get to really appreciate the beauty of it. I think it is meant to clear up from tomorrow so I will get to see it better then.

So that’s about it from us. Oh yeah, for those not on Facebook – I received my Czech Citizenship certificate in the mail on Friday! I did it…finally it came through. I have to say I am really quite proud of myself for toughing it out because there were a couple of occasions over the past year and a half of trying to sort this out that I wanted to throw in the towel. Now I just have to wait for my passport and then I’m good as gold. Phew! That’s a relief to have that over and done with.

Will love you and leave you all…

Till next time…..xx

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