Change of Scenery

19 Nov

Last week for me was mostly the same activity wise but I travelled with Markie to Zug, Switzerland where he works for the week and hung out there to mix things up a bit of to get to see a bit more of my husband than I have of late. The town is just so beautiful and quaint and despite it being overcast the entire time I was there I still got to see how adorable it all was.

All that aside this little tax haven is damn expensive. I mean we had a pretty ordinary dinner out the one night I didn’t make us a salad in the limited space in the hotel room and it was mediocre yet still cost us about 65 Swiss Francs….it was a Mongolian BBQ so it wasn’t like it was anything special. Good thing I was able to take care of breakfasts and lunches and 2 of 3 dinners otherwise it could have really hurt the wallet.

We drove down first thing Monday morning and it takes about 3.5 hours to get there. I checked in to the hotel whilst Mark rushed to work to start his week. Since I was going to be pretty much in or around the hotel for a good portion of the 4 days we were there it was imperative that the internet work. In our first room it didn’t, and after going down multiple times to the reception to try and correct this there was still no connection so I had to change rooms. We didn’t travel light…hang on I’ll change that – I didn’t travel light because I packed our home gym so when I changed rooms I had to lug everything in this 1metre wide by 1m long elevator to get things moved and it took roughly 7 trips but once I was done we ended up having a better room anyway with functioning internet. Win!

The rest of Monday, the little that there was, I had a walk around Zug and took a few photos and just chilled out in the hotel waiting for Mark to get back. Nothing too exciting happened for the rest of the week to be honest and for him it was business as usual. Me, I got to investigate a new town, learn to get accustomed to cooking/preparing food in a half a metre wide kitchen of which most of that was taken up by a sink that didn’t deliver hot water so washing the dishes was done in the bathroom. I tell you it makes cooking at home here in Munich seem luxurious now.

We headed back home on Thursday evening and got in around 11pm so stayed up a little while and unpacked and then went to bed. It’s great that Mark gets to work from home on Fridays as it gives us 3 solid days together so we feel like we’ve had a good weekend and get to have some nice long sleep ins. Friday night we had a dinner to go to but it was close to where we live so battling the cold night wasn’t really a factor thank goodness.

We did go out of the house on Saturday because despite it being 3 degrees and bloody freezing the sun was shining so we thought we better catch it while we can. We headed around the corner to the English Garden with our bikes and rode to the end of the first section, probably about 3km, to the Seehaus Beer Garden and grabbed some lunch and sat outside, yes outside, around the lake to eat. Having the sun on our backs was beautiful and we really couldn’t feel the cold too much then but as soon as we were in the shade, well, brrrrr!

Saturday night we stayed in and Sunday really didn’t amount to much either. Mark got the time at home he was desperately craving so I think he felt content with this weekend despite us not really doing a whole lot.

He is back in Zug now again until late Thursday night and I am hanging out on my lonesome in Munich although I’ve got a couple of catch ups with friends on the agenda so it should go by pretty quickly. We should be starting to see some constant minus degree temperatures coming in the next few weeks and I’m just praying it doesn’t go too low before we head out of here to Sydney for a few weeks. Sydney better turn it on for us or there will be trouble.

Getting pumped for our visit and to see most of you kids!

Well, that’s it from me. Have a good week all.

Till next time…..xx

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