One Week Down, 3 Weeks To Go

26 Nov

It feels a little warmer here today…and you know what, it is! It was 8 degrees this morning…I can’t believe that is something I get excited about now. How sad. I got to go out without my puffy jacket on for the dog walk and I was quite warm on my return. God knows how I will be in Sydney in a few weeks when it’s 28 or higher, just look like a hot mess probably but I can’t wait since it means bikini season woot woot!

Right so last week was a lonely one again but I seem to be getting better at them and filling the days with more stuff so when Thursday evening rolls around I don’t feel as though it’s taken forever.

I went out for dinner at this cool place on Tuesday night with my friend Malin. The restaurant is called Nektar and during the summer there was a “Beach Club” – yes there is no beach, I don’t get it either – that was called Nektar and it was right by my place. When I made the booking at this restaurant I thought this is where it was going to be. Well after walking up and down and around the street it was on which I had remembered I couldn’t find it and was completely losing the plot. I asked numerous people and every single one sent me in a different direction to the one before. Googlemaps on my phone wasn’t working and I was freezing cold and it was dark so I couldn’t see anything…I was losing my shit. I phoned the restaurant and they guided me there from where I was…not even close to where I was thinking, another 10 mins and in a completely different area. Anyway I arrived about 30 minutes late but once I did get there I was happy to see that it was a really cool venue. Not Bavarian like at all but a nice, modern, funky underground place.

I had bought the coupon from Groupon for it so we both got a 4 course meal which was already covered and then just got a few drinks on top of that. The food was delicious as was the presentation. We hung out there for a few hours chatting away and then it was time to go our separate ways since it was a school night and getting quite late.

Markie got taken out to dinner by one of his colleagues during the week so that mixed it up a bit for him but it was just 12 hour work days for him most days and then seeing his hotel room. Next week he is in Amsterdam from Monday to Friday so no work from home day for him. It should be good but the office space the company has rented is actually part of the airport so he likely won’t get to see a whole lot which sucks.

So as of Thursday night things were all as they should have been when Mark got back from his drive and the hot water that had been gone for 4 days was turned back on, cos that was fun! On Saturday Mark went out for a 2.5 hour bike ride with one of his friends in 4 degree weather…yuck! Neither of them had done much training of late so I think they were struggling a little. Mark told me in a section uphill where he used to ride at 22km/hr he was content sitting at 12km/hr so the poor thing was having it a little rough. But, there is only one way to improve and that’s to keep going. The bike is coming back with us to Aus so he can get some slightly warmer weather riding in so keep that in mind if you have a bike and want to go riding over xmas and new years and he will be up for it. Whilst he was gone, I baked white chocolate blondies so he could instantly replace the calories he burnt while out.

Saturday night I had booked a Greek restaurant called Cavos which I have heard so many fantastic things about. When I booked, the latest booking I could get was at 7pm so I took it. We had a group of 9 people so I thought that wasn’t too bad, we could just take our time and chat. Not the case…when we got there we were told that the 7 o’clock sitting had to be out by 8:45pm because the next lot came in at 9pm. Are you kidding?! We have an hour and 45 mins to gorge down our dinner and try and talk and drink etc etc and contrary to popular belief that Germans are on time, they are most definitely not so we didn’t have our whole group even at the table until about 7:40pm. Anyway the food was good but I kind of felt like I was on the clock, which I suppose we were, but once we were kicked out we went to a new bar not too far from the restaurant and took our time there instead. It wasn’t too late a night but a fairly good stint for starting at 7pm.

Sunday we just relaxed and watched a movie and I did all the cooking for Mark to take to work this week and he spent the day on YouTube primarily. He starts with one video and then gets into this vortex and the next thing you know half the day is lost without even realising it.

So that was us this past week. The Christmas markets are now open but we haven’t been yet…probably next Friday when he’s home in the hope of there being slightly less people than on the weekend. That’s about all the news from us.

Enjoy the last week of Spring everyone…hope Summer is a goodie.

Till next time…..xx

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