It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

3 Dec

It’s officially the Christmas countdown now with all the Munich markets open and buzzing; Gluhwein being sold and drank left, right, and centre; Chocolate coated covered fruit skewers; Wurstsemmels; Christmas decorations are out everywhere; it’s snowing frequently; and there are about a zillion people packed into the smallest spaces making getting to the city centre a bloody nightmare but the Christmas spirit has hit and it’s awesome!!! I haven’t spent Christmas or the lead up to in any other countries besides Australia and the US (New York which was pretty cool as well) but I am going to guess Germany is one of the best places to be for the perfect atmosphere for this time of year.

I avoided going into the city centre on the weekdays last week as I knew it would be an absolute madhouse and I didn’t want to battle it alone so I waited for Markie and we went on Saturday, the worst, and best day possible. We went through two markets and despite the freezing temperatures, everything is so pretty and so lively and as long as you dawdle with the rest of the crowd and don’t try to actually get anywhere fast the jungle of people is bearable. Another reason I’m glad I didn’t go there on my own last week is that there are so many stalls with the yummiest, naughtiest food that I may have just gained 5 kgs in one trip so at least when the husband is there with me I have some self control. We spent about 3 hours walking around on Saturday and when we left the house and were rugged up it was cold but we were tough…not so by the end of the it with us both complaining we were freezing and we couldn’t get back home fast enough. I think I am really going to have to bring the proper winter boots out now.

So last week it was Mark’s last week in Zug, Switzerland for work for the moment and we still got our 3 day weekend…as in 3 days together with him still having to work from home on Friday. I went and saw the newish James Bond movie Skyfall on Wednesday night which I loved! It’s been quite  few months since I’ve been to the movies and it was so nice to just go and chill out and stuff my face with some popcorn with a friend. I also went and tried this bar/restaurant that another friend had heard good things about one afternoon so again I filled up two evenings which I like to do when I’m alone for 3 so it keeps the time passing nice and fast.

On Saturday night we had a friend’s 40th Bavarian themed birthday. He is Austrian and his girlfriend is half German and half Greek – I’ve told you about this couple before – Anita and Nik. They had decided to have the party at their place and have it catered for. The food was delicious with all the deli meats, cheeses, pretzels, Pickles as a buffet starter and then an enormous amount of suckling pig and two types of knodels (dumplings) which were semmelknodel (bread dumpling) and kartoffelknodel (potato dumpling). These dumplings I just can’t get into no matter how much I try but from those who actually enjoy these ox-testicle looking treats said they were great, and well the suckling pig was scrumptious. There was a bit of a smaller dessert which I’m not quite sure what the name of it was but it was kind of like a creamcheese/cream/sour cream type mixture with a strawberry sauce which was really yummy and then the grand finale of the most enormous chocolate cake I have ever seen that tasted like heaven. The drinks were flowing the entire night and we got to meet a large group of people who had come over from Austria and Switzerland and other countries to celebrate their good friend’s birthday most of whom had spent some time in Australia at one point in their lives. It was a really nice party and a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

Sunday once again we stayed inside as we had a sleep in and then Rocco had a photo shoot at our place so we just had that to do. One of our friends is taking 3D photgraphs of people and animals as a little project and he wants to try and get to the Munich zoo and take some of the animals there so wants to be able to send them some of his work. He is going around to his friends’ places to photograph their pets to build up his portfolio. The end result is pretty cool and Rocco was a great model and stayed still when he need to. I’m going to look into some dog modelling opportunities over here I think and see if we can’t get him to start earning his keep – he’s had a free ride for long enough I reckon so time to put the fur-child to work!

This week Mark is working in Amsterdam and we no longer get our 3 day weekend together – Booooo! 😦 His flight this morning left at 7am so he was out of the house by 5:30am only to end up having to wait in the aircraft for an hour for them to defreeze the plane before they took off. His project building is adjoining the airport so he doesn’t need to go outside once he’s landed – just simply shimmy through to the new office digs. So once again I’m on my own and just as the real cold is hitting I don’t have my snuggle partner…good thing Rocco enjoys sleeping in the bed and is happy being the little spoon. He sucks at the big spoon so I’ve just got to work with what I’ve got.

I think we might head to the snow this weekend as it’s meant to dump down towards the end of this week. Markie will be stoked to get in his first snowboarding session of the season. Besides that this week I’ve got a dinner out, a coffee catchup and maybe a lunch date…yippee!

Till next time…..xx

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