Change of Plans

10 Dec

We have had a slight change of plans for the Christmas and New Year period it appears. As you would have seen I had been counting down the days, hours and minutes for the time to come that Mark and I would head back to Sydney and Summer for the holidays for a few weeks. This has now been changed and is no longer the case. We kind of caught wind towards the end of the week before last that Mark may have to stay to work but had to wait until this week just gone for it to be confirmed or the idea tossed to the side. Well it was confirmed so we have had to change our travel plans and postpone the awesome trip we had organised. Although it is sad we have had a chance to come to terms with it and have since made some pretty kickass plans over Christmas and New Years so we are pumped about our new ones as well.

For Christmas and the few days before we ring in 2013 we are heading to the Swiss Alps and staying with some friends in their chalet for 5 days. We’ll get to go out on the snow and do some skiing, and boarding then come inside and sit by the fire with some wine, spirits, and have some yummy food to go with it. Sounds pretty darn good to me. Then for New Years we briefly contemplated throwing a party at our place but have decided against it and will go to a house party that our friends are throwing to celebrate the end of 2012 and the year of the broken olecranon and hope 2013 has some more travel and good times in store for us.

So Mark was in Amsterdam last week and gave me the best surprise ever by coming home on Thursday night instead of Friday like he was supposed to because there were severe weather warnings for Friday. Anyone flying on Friday was able to change their flights for free so that’s what he did. A lot of his colleagues didn’t bother and regretted it when they were reduced to having to catch multiple trains and spending many hours to get back to their home city and country.

We were meant to get a huge dump of snow on Friday and were thinking we would hit the slopes on Saturday but that didn’t end up happening and is instead meant to hit tonight or tomorrow so that was a bit of a shame. We were going to go ten pin bowling on Saturday but then were invited over to some friends place (the same people who we are spending Christmas and New Years with) for dinner which included some perfectly 6-hour-slow-cooked lamb shanks. Yum! We made a night of it and started at 5pm and ended around 11pm.

Sunday was freezing and pretty windy so we didn’t venture out of our apartment except to take Rocco out to do his business. I opened the door and told him to take himself out but it didn’t work. I’ll have to work on that this week I think so we can leave him to his own devices when it’s -17 which apparently it is forecast for on Thursday. Yep, won’t be going out that day.

Last week I went and saw another movie…Cloud Atlas with Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving, and Susan Sarandon just to name a few. You would think with such a great cast that this movie would be incredible. This is how it’s plot reads on IMDb:

“An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.”

Sounds good, no?! Oh my God it was the biggest heap of 3-hour-shit I have ever put myself through in my entire life. I was so confused the whole time and just could not wrap my head around it. The same actors played different characters in about 6 different stories set at different times and I don’t know what the connection between all of the stories was but it certainly wasn’t clear. So, I guess what I am trying to say is don’t go and see it. Terrible!

Going to the movies and out for dinner was my only adventure really last week as my other two dates cancelled on me so I watched a lot of Private Practice episodes!!!

This week again Mark is in Amsterdam for the full 5 days and then we have his work Christmas Party on Friday night which should be fun. That is all we have planned for the next weekend since we were actually meant to fly home so I’ll have to work on that this week. As for me I had a nice long breakfast with a friend this morning and then will do a dinner with another girl on Wednesday night. Think we’ll go Thai this time as I’m craving it.

I didn’t get too many pictures either last week, sorry about that. I will try and do better this week.

Till next time…..xx

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