Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

7 Jan

Gee it’s been a while! Not sure I remember how to do this. Oh yeah just type random thoughts about past 3 weeks events…that should do it.

Well when I left off on December 18, 2012 (holy hell that’s a long time ago) I was waiting for Mark to finish up work that week and then we were heading to Bellwald in the Swiss Alps to spend Christmas at a friends chalet with her and her family, and another couple & their two kids. The trip down was so picturesque…just beautiful. I, up to my usual tricks, was asleep for about 1/3 of the way (a 5.5 hour drive) but what I did see was glorious. We left Munich around 9:30am on Saturday 21st and when we stopped at the border to Austria to buy our Vignette (road toll pass) for Austria and Swtizerland it appeared many people were heading out of town at the same time as we had a one hour wait in heavy traffic…partly because there were so many vehicles, partly because a lane in the two lane tunnel was shut which had already been reduced from 4 lanes due to roadworks…good timing, Christmas break, well done!

We arrived at our destination at 4:30pm after stopping for lunch on the way down and waiting a little while to get on the car train which took us through the mountains in Switzerland for half an hour. We were greeted by our house mates for the next 5 days and then organised to have our shopping and bags taken to the chalet where we were staying by a little ski-doo thingy. We thought perhaps it unnecessary but as we walked to our accommodation we realised it was absolutely vital because the snow was deep, the paths were steep and we were walking through the ski fields to get to the place. The location was absolutely beautiful and we were so lucky to have been able to spend some time there.

We got situated and got some drinks in our hand and then got started on the eating which continued the entire time we were there. Good food and lots of it. Everyone hit the slopes at least 3 of the days that they stayed and the kids with limitless amounts of energy went to ski school for 3 hours every single day to then follow it up in the afternoon with more skiing with their parents or taking part in some crazy sledding. The boys took off on their own the first day we got there to a different resort to try some other runs and they had a good time. I think Mark felt a bit inept compared to the others who had already gotten their ski legs as they were there a few days before us, but he got back in the swing of things after a few hours and really enjoyed himself.

Christmas over here is celebrated on Christmas Eve…that’s when everyone gives their gifts to one another and there is the feast. Christmas day is just for gifts to the kids from Santa but compared to what we’re used to it’s such a downer because Christmas day just feels like any other regular day and there isn’t anything special about it. I guess that’s the European way but I think I like our tradition better I have to say.

My 30th was on December 26th and I woke up and made my way to the kitchen to have my morning cuppa only to be presented a few short minutes later with an enormous creamy Black Forest birthday cake for breakfast. Yum! It was quite the surprise especially as I still felt half asleep and was not expecting it. We made sure we gobbled it up before the kids got to burn it off at ski school and it was delicious. I got a lovely gift from the group we were staying with of a pampering session at a hotel spa here in Munich and from Markie my beautiful Baume et Mercier Capeland watch…hot! I keep catching him contemplating carving my wrist off so he can steal it. We all had lunch at a restaurant on the slopes where I continued my run of poor nutrition with an enormous burger and fries…hell it’s my birthday and I heard all the calories are removed of everything you eat on your birthday. I had a good day all in all.

We left to go home in the evening of the 27th but not before a session on the slopes in the morning to get our fill. There had been so much snow the night before and it was continuously coming down that day. The forecast was to be even more that night and the next day but I had done my dash and was ready to get back to Munich. We took off on the extremely snow covered roads but once we hit the highway we were right as rain. We got home around 11pm and unpacked  and unwound before going to bed. I should have taken a photo of the dirty clothes basket, I could have cried at what I was faced with for the coming days.

During the days before New Years we stayed home and took it easy, went ten pin bowling, went and played pool, had a couple of dinners out and then cooked up a storm that was to be served as part of our dinner on New Years Eve. Oh how can I forget… I bought Mark (and I…who am I trying to kid) a mini table tennis table for Christmas so we had quite a few hours spent on that as well. Good purchase!

New Years Eve was lovely. We were at a friends house (the same ones that have the chalet where we spent Christmas) for the night and there were 13 adults and maybe around 7 kids although the kids were kept entertained in a¬†separate¬†room despite trying to sneak in frequently and steal our food. We had a 5 course¬†dinner, just about, with finger food to start so a very civilised night indeed. Each couple cooked about 2 dishes for the night for everyone to have for our Asian themed night. All the dishes were delicious and I’d say everyone was suitably stuffed come¬†midnight¬† and afterwards.

In Munich it is legal to let off your own fireworks. I don’t believe there are any Government organised ones, just ones from the public going nuts all night letting them off however and wherever without a restriction to the amount. Just before 12am we headed upstairs to their rooftop deck where the guys had already lined up the rockets to be lit and go off and we watched the city around us all lit up with different colours. It sounded like a war zone although last year it felt we were in one too as we were on the ground, so this year was much better. I only feared for my life on one occasion when the firework was defected and shot outwards instead of up scaring the living shit out of everyone there.¬†The fireworks went on, and on, and on for about 20-30 mins when everyone retired back downstairs for more dessert, cheese and wine. The night was wrapped up by about 3:30am which is late enough for me.

New Years Day Mark and I did what we do best and slept until midday…ah bliss. We stuffed around at home for a couple of hours and then went and saw The Hobbit at the movies in 3D. Markie wanted to see it, I was happy to go with him as long as I got popcorn. That took me about 30 minutes to eat and then I passed out for an hour and a half and woke up with an hour left of the movie…perfect. Mark said it was good though. I am not a hobbit, lord of the rings, harry potter, random-make-believe-BS kind of person so I just can’t get into them but popcorn…I can get into.

There were some more table tennis filled days when coupled with our sleep ins brought us to dinner time. Then we went and ran some errands and did some shopping…honestly I don’t know where the time goes. We had a friend’s birthday drinks on Thursday night so there’s one missing piece of the holiday period puzzle. On¬†Saturday¬†just gone Mark went to the snow again with his friend and colleague, Felix, and another friend, Noemi. They went to Austria to a ski resort about 2 hours drive away which apparently had really fresh powder. I was happy staying home and staying warm so I let them go without me. It was a full day with them arriving back around 8pm but Mark said it was the best time he’s had at the snow in years so it seems it was a successful trip.

We also decided it was time to host another party so we’re having an Australia Day party at our place on Jan 26th and it’s dress up…can’t wait to see what everyone is going to wear. We’re also bringing in some of Mark’s favourite beer from Aus – Little Creatures as well as some culinary delicacies..think Sausage Rolls..for the party. Can’t wait, it should be fun.

Mark flew to Amsterdam this morning to commence a proper work week rather than just days here and there working from home so it seems we are back to routine. I’ve got a catchup with a friend on Wednesday and am going to go and get more popcorn..oh and see Silver Linings Playbook at the movies one of the nights. We have dinner with a friend this weekend whom we haven’t seen in months and Sunday night we are off to watch the Russian State Ballet perform Swan Lake. How cultured of us!!! I’m actually really excited to see it.

So that’s about all in the life of the Hoggies for now. I know this is a long post but darn it, I hadn’t written for 3 weeks and once I get started the verbal¬†diarrhoea¬†doesn’t stop.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and going back to work is not too painful…start slow and ease into it. You don’t want to injure yourselves.

May 2013 be a year full of laughs, good times, great food, even better company, happiness, success and health!

Till next time…..xx

2 Responses to “Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013”

  1. nealie January 7, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

    so cute to hear of all your coming and goings…sounds like a wonderful xmas & ny break..looks spectacular….love ya xxx

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